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Dream About Ghosts: Meaning and Interpretation

All the ghost stories we have heard since childhood have either scared us for life or made us believe they do not exist. Still, half the population or more fear ghosts and prefer not to experience any haunted or paranormal scenes.

But what about those ghost dreams that haunt us during the night? Honestly, they are not pleasant dreams to have at all. When we know these dreams are inescapable, why not try to decipher their meaning to understand what they are conveying?

Dream about Ghosts Meaning and Interpretation

In this article, we will discuss dreams about the meanings, symbols, and dream scenarios to help you interpret your dreams. Stay with us through the article to know more!

Dream About Ghosts: Meaning and Symbols

People often dream about ghosts, but few try to decode their meaning. Ghosts dream has a lot of symbolic meanings behind them; you just have to look for them.

To make it easier for you, we have stated a few symbols and meanings the ghost dreams hold!

1. Past Trauma

Past Trauma

Sometimes, we are trapped in the cycle of our past traumas that continue to haunt us. When your past emotions still affect you, and it becomes difficult to let go of them, these overwhelming feelings can result in dreams related to ghosts, reminding us to overcome them. So, yes, your past traumas can be why you dream about ghosts.

2. Disease

Dreams about ghosts can also indicate disease. Whether you are aware of the disease or not, the dream is an indication for you to be cautious.

If you are aware of your disease, then it is your fear that is causing the dream, but if you are unaware, you should go for a medical check-up. The dream is a warning signal to pay attention to your health and adopt healthy habits.

3. Regret


Regret is another reason why you can dream about ghosts. You might deeply regret doing something in the past and can’t get past that feeling. Regret or guilt is a strong emotion that can hold back the person, and the dream is a signal for you to understand how much it is affecting you. It’s time to let it go and make peace with yourself.

4. Fear

Are you afraid of something, and is it not allowing you to rest, even at night? Then this fear can cause the ghost dreams you are continuously having. Sometimes fear can evoke these dreams and signal us to overcome them immediately.

Fear of death can be one of the reasons for this dream, but you do well to remember that death is inevitable. The truth is that everyone will grow old and die some day so it’s better to accept it.

5. Hatred


It’s common to come across people who hate or have ill feelings toward us. Dreams about ghosts can indicate that someone hates you and wishes for your misfortune. But if you are able to recognize that person, try to break all ties with them.

The dream is advising you to stay on the right path and keep your distance from people who are a bad influence on you.

6. Bad Omen

Keeping yourself safe from evil spirits must be your priority. So when you dream about ghosts, it can be a bad omen for you. It can be a warning that some unpleasant or unfortunate events can occur or obstacles are coming your way, so you better be prepared and try to be safe.

To most, the fact that evil spirits might bring harm would seem unbelievable, but evil spirits trying to harm you can be another reason for the dream. So, prioritize your security if you have a bad feeling about this dream.

7. Envy


Envy can take a person toward the darkest hole and break them badly from the inside. If you are dreaming about a ghost, it can indicate that someone is envious of you or you are jealous of someone. They might be your friends or family.

But do not accuse someone directly; rather, try to stay away or avoid people who you think are envious of you. If it is you who is jealous, try to get rid of the feeling in the best way you can.

8. Hardships

In life, every person out there has to face hardships. They are a part of our life and also unavoidable.

Dreaming about ghosts also denotes that you are about to experience some severe hardships, and it will definitely not be easy. So, brace yourself for the difficulties coming your way and face them bravely. Remember, a courageous person never fears obstacles and knows how to overcome them.

9. Closure

Have you lost a person who was very close to you, or you had some unfinished business with them? If yes, this can be a reason why you are dreaming about ghosts.

The reason for seeing them in your dreams might be that you are missing them badly, or you are looking for some kind of closure to the unfinished business you had with them.

There also might be resentment, guilt, and anger causing those dreams. If you let go of your emotions and desires, you can break free from these dreams.

10. Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis is when a person in their conscious mind can’t move or speak, feeling paralyzed. When this happens, people feel that someone is present next to them or pressing their chest hard. It can also happen after a dream about a ghost. But honestly, it’s better to treat this problem medically if it occurs often.

Dream Scenarios and Their Meanings About Ghosts

The dream scenario tells a lot about what it specifically signifies and helps you align the meaning with your current state. We have provided some scenarios of dreams about ghosts, have a look to decipher your dream.

1. Being Choked by the Ghost

Being Choked by the Ghost

It’s indeed scary to see a ghost choking you in your dreams. It feels like the air is being blocked out, and you feel the fear of death from within. But let us assure you; it won’t happen in real life.

This dream suggests that some obstacles are on your way, so be prepared to face them. It can also denote your cowardice and dishonesty, so work on these aspects.

2. Chased by the Ghost

Imagine a ghost chasing you, and you are running to save your life. It is less concerning if you saw it happening in a dream. But what does this dream mean? What is it suggesting?

Well, this dream means you are overwhelmed with emotions such as grieving over a loss, angry about something, etc., due to which you have to face a lot of troubles.

3. Ghost Trying to Attack You

Ghost Trying to Attack You

Being attacked is a horrible feeling, whether in real life or in a dream. If you see a ghost trying to attack you in a dream, it surely holds some meaning.

It might denote resentment, vulnerability, and anger toward something or someone. It might also be giving you a sign to be alert and prepared for any unforeseen situation.

4. Being Possessed by a Ghost

At times, we feel that we are less of ourselves and more of a puppet, following others’ orders. Now, what if, in your dreams, you saw yourself being possessed by a ghost? Now, this is scary, isn’t it?

The dream might be giving you a message to have control over your life. Rather than being a puppet, you must have some authority and control.

5. Fighting with a Ghost

Fighting with a Ghost

Everybody wants to win when it comes to fighting, right? But what if the fight is against ghosts? Is it possible to win? Well, in your dream, you can.

However, if you had a dream where you were fighting with a ghost, that means your mind is not at peace. Either it is in a conflict or is building up negative emotions.

6. Seeing a kind Ghost

Whether we meet kind people or ghosts, it doesn’t matter because they always make us feel good. Seeing a kind ghost in your dream is a sign of good luck. It means that better things are coming your way, or you will get help from someone that will benefit you somehow.

7. Seeing an Evil Ghost

Seeing an Evil Ghost

In contrast with the above one, if you saw an evil ghost in your dream, it might be a warning signal for you. It’s better to pay attention to your surroundings and be safe because you never know when something bad will strike you, and there will be no time to act. Be aware of the evils lurking around you.

Types of Ghosts and Their Meanings

Dreaming about ghosts is common, but when interpreting your dream, it is necessary to know the type of ghost that appeared in your dream. You might be wondering, can you really dream about different types of ghosts?

Yes, you can dream about different types of ghosts, and to decipher the meaning , you should look at the lists we have provided below.

1. Friendly Ghost

Friendly Ghost

Dreaming of a friendly ghost is a sign that you will meet someone special very soon. Or it can also indicate that your feelings towards a particular person need to be expressed because there is a high chance that the feelings are mutual.

Another reason could be that your friendliness might give bear fruitful results, so be ready!

2. Lost Ghost

Lost ghosts can denote your inner feelings. When you dream about one, it may mean that you are somewhat lost and looking for help or attention.

Your feeling of loneliness can be the result of a dream where your subconscious mind is reflecting your inner emotions. Talk to your friends and family about the problems you are facing and share with them your wish and desire that has remained unfulfilled.

3. Evil Ghost

Evil Ghost

Evil ghosts are scary and hold the power to kill you with their brutality. Dreaming about an evil ghost can indicate that someone close to you has evil intentions for you, and you must be careful.

Another reason can be the dream represents your inner evil side which you have been suppressing for a long time. Work on yourself to eliminate this feeling from within.

4. Naughty Ghost

If a naughty ghost appears in your dream, it’s an indication for the inner child in you to come out in the open for a while.

It might also indicate that you need to talk about your childhood hardships, if you had any, to free your mind from overwhelming emotions.

5. Ghost Roaming Due to Unfinished Business

Ghost Roaming Due to Unfinished Business

Many souls roam around and fail to find peace because they died with unfinished business. If you dreamt of a similar ghost, your unconscious mind might be reminding you of the tasks, relationships, etc., you have left unfinished.


In my dream, I saw myself becoming a ghost. What does it mean?

It means that you are anxious, afraid, or guilty about something. You want to run away from all your worries. Your subconscious mind is showing you your inner fears and emotions.

I saw in my dream that I had befriended a ghost. Is it a bad sign?

If you saw that you befriended a ghost in your dream, then it means something positive is coming into your life. Your obstacles will be gone soon, and you will have a good time.

I was getting dragged by a ghost in the dream. Should I be worried?

This dream indicates that you are worried about various events in your life. It is telling you to overcome all the stress and be free.


Don’t be afraid when you dream about ghosts; rather, try to decipher the meaning of those dreams. Interpreting the dream will help your anxious mind relax, and you will also be able to be prepared for whatever is coming your way.

We hope this article has helped you to decode the meaning of dreams about ghosts!

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