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What Does it Mean When You Dream About Fighting Someone?

Most of us do like fighting, but as long as the fight takes place in a Bruce Lee starring blockbuster, like Enter The Dragon (1973) or in video games like Street Fighter and Tekken. As human beings, we are not particularly fond of engaging in fighting ourselves, are we?

But what if you recently dreamt of fighting someone? Why did you even dream about fighting in the first place? Was your opponent known or unknown to you? While we have a recurrent tendency to often overlook dreams as insignificant, let us tell you that your dream has hidden meaning. This meaning is totally related to your personal life, and we strongly advise that you should try to find out more about your dream.

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Fighting Someone

Now, if your grey cells are dying to find out more about your dream, we are here to help you. Read through this blog, and be amazed as you find yourself.

Dreaming About Fighting: What do They Actually Mean?

What are the first images that come to your mind when we talk about fighting? Well, it should be punching, kicking, slapping, and in worse cases, stabbing, and murdering, right? But in dreams, these actions carry no literal meaning. In fact, all these actions are connected to your personal life and essentially indicate that you are facing some crisis in your personal life, and you need to take certain steps and decisions that will change your reality.

Let’s have a detailed look at the various kinds of fighting-related dreams and what they stand for.

1. Dream About Being in a Fight

Dream About Being in a Fight

Were you just fighting with many random people in your dream? Well, the most interesting part is that the people with whom you were fighting or quarrelling are not human beings. They are the issues that you are struggling with in your life.

Anyways, your dream indicates that not only are you still doubtful about certain things in your life but also a lack of balance among your emotions. There is no internal peace in your life as well. Besides, if you were quarrelling in your dream, this implies that you find it difficult to find solutions to your problems.

Is there any solution? Yes, try to take some time off from your daily busy schedule and think about the crucial decisions that you need to need in your life. Also, look out if the fight was violent in your dream, as it serves as a clear warning. You are expected to be more careful while seeking solutions to your issues.

2. Fighting With Your Own Partner in Your Dream

Fighting With Your Own Partner in Your Dream

Fighting with your partner or lover reveals the issues you have with them. As a result, it should serve you as a warning. The responsibility does not only lie with you, and both of you need to take the time out and put effort into working out your concerns as a pair.

Also, both of you should prepare to deal with other related issues in your relationship. Please remember that this dream is the result of a painful circumstance. So, the two of you should try to communicate your feelings more openly with one another and discuss these concerns.

Unfortunately, this dream also indicates that if you and your partner are finally unable to resolve your concerns and issues, you should look for other solutions, like ending the partnership. Otherwise, you will notice that the dream of you battling together keeps returning. So it would be beneficial if you two start looking for someone else with whom you will be able to adjust better.

3. Dreaming About Fighting With Your Family Members

Dreaming About Fighting With Your Family Members

Any kind of dream which involves fighting about your family members has a negative connotation. It may be that in your dream, you are fighting your family members, or they may be fighting among themselves.

In the dream, if you were fighting your mother, it reflects you and your emotions. Unfortunately, this is an indication that you don’t have any patience, and you have anger issues as well. Needless to say that you need to work on yourself.

Besides, if you were the one to begin the fight with your mother, it means that by nature, you are unfriendly. In this case, you should be rather careful about hurting people whom you love. Even if you have hurt them, it’s never too late to start over, and you can show your efforts from now onwards.

Instead of your mother, if you were fighting with your father, that indicates that it is rather difficult for you to reach your goals, as the father figure in your dream is actually your life’s goal. Hitting your father in your dream is actually you asking for his permission. But if you dream your father is beating you, it indicates that there is no connection between you two, and you will have to focus more on yourself. The silver lining of this dream is if you were able to finish the fight or quarrel with your father, that means that the path to your goals will be clear.

Furthermore, fighting with your siblings in a dream indicates that you suffer from emotional instability, mostly because siblings can easily become your best friends. Last, if your family was fighting in your dream, it simply means that you have family problems, and you should be prepared for harder times because things are not fine with you.

4. Witnessing Others Fighting in Your Dream

Witnessing Others Fighting in Your Dream

Although this dream is less scary as you were not involved in the fight yourself, the hidden meaning is not that pleasant. Unfortunately, the conflict in your life, as reflected in your dream, is rather close to you, and you need to act on this specific aspect. For instance, as reflected by this dream, you may have witnessed something wrong being committed, yet you did nothing about it.

Even if you feel that it is too late to act now in real life, don’t repeat this mistake the next time. Be ethical and take a moral stand against any kind of wrongdoing.

Also, if others are fighting while you are just witnessing the fight, this is a gentle reminder that you should listen to others but try to avoid being engaged in conflicts yourself. It should come naturally to you to do the right thing (like supporting the victim in your real life) and should not be forced upon you by some external agent.

5. You Were Dream-Fighting a Woman or a Child

You Were Dream-Fighting a Woman or a Child

Both women and children in your dream denote humbleness. So, if you dreamt that you were fighting a woman or a child, chances are that this will leave you with self-doubt, repentance, and regrets. Besides, in your dream, if you were an adult fighting a child, it indicates that you don’t have any consciousness.

The best way is to think about your actions and try to calculate the harm and damage you have caused. This action might be quite recent, or you might have done something really unpardonable some time back, and the only respite is to change yourself for the future.

Similarly, fighting a woman in your dream is equally negative. It generally means that you blame people around you for being too harsh on you. So, this is an indication that you should be focusing more on your own life.

6. Dreaming of a Known or Unknown Couple Fighting

Dreaming of a Known or Unknown Couple Fighting

If you have dreamt of a couple that was fighting in your dream, whether known or unknown, it means the relationship between them needs to be healed. They are living a monotonous life and should be looking forward to inducting excitement and livelihood into their marriage.

Does their relationship concern you? You have to be rather careful about the same. It is an indication that you should try to solve the problem between them and yet, ensure that you are not intruding into their privacy. Besides, you also have to ensure that you only interfere when you are asked to do so by the couple.

7. Fighting With Your Best Bud in a Dream

Fighting With Your Best Bud in a Dream

To begin with, a dream where you dream about your best pal has multiple interpretations, but it is essentially a sad indication for you. Primarily, this dream implies that you are going to lose something or somebody from your life whom you really love. This person can be not only your best friend but also a member of your family.

What can you do? Try treating everyone with love and respect. Be assured that they will do the same for you. If you feel that they do not reciprocate your feelings and emotions, chances are these people won’t be a part of your life for long.

Alternatively, this dream also signifies that you are injured. In this case, you need to seek what has caused you this injury. Once you know the source, work accordingly and be relieved!

8. Dreaming About You Killing People While Fighting

Dreaming About You Killing People While Fighting

Although the dream is scary, the interpretation is not. It is rather hopeful and implies that you are doing good in life. You have worked hard and have almost toppled the problems that have been haunting you for quite some time now. Interestingly, you should be at peace, knowing that you tasted victory after killing someone while fighting.

Is that all? Well, no. We strongly advise remembering as much as you can about the dream. If you remember that there was a lot of blood during the fight, it indicates that you blindly trust people, which is causing you problems, as the same people can scheme against your good nature and hurt you.

Last, this kind of dream also indicates that you have been holding your grudge and anger over someone for a long time now. It would be best that instead of holding a grudge, you should open up to that person, and this will bring you some peace.

9. Someone Dying in your Dream

Although you must be horrified after waking up from such a dream, and needless to say that you will be assuming that the worst is about to happen; fortunately, this is not a bad indication. According to dream theories, this actually means that you are just entering an unknown phase of your life. This phase can have certain life-changing events which can create fear and anxiety about the unknown.

This dream actually implies that you have an inherent desire to stop something, but not a human being, from your life, such as an over-burdening job or toxic relationships. We recommend that you try to remember if you have some deep-rooted issue with someone. If you find an answer, go and solve the issues in your real life.

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10. Losing Someone in Your Dream

Losing Someone in Your Dream

This is different from the above-mentioned dream. This type of dream can be highly disturbing, and you wake up fearing that you won’t find the person again. According to experts, the significance and meaning of this dream change depending on the person who is getting lost.

For instance, if you dreamt of losing your child, then it is indicative of ignoring the child-like qualities in yourself. If it is your spouse who is lost, it indicates that you need to address your masculine or feminine energy. In both these cases, you must have noticed that they signify that you have lost a part of yourself.

Resources to Interpret These Dreams

Resources to Interpret These Dreams

Please remember that dreams are open to multiple interpretations and are highly subjective. There are no definitive resources that can help you in a better interpretation of dreams. The meaning that you feel is closest to your real-life situation is what matters in the end.

Yet, you can always try to maintain a journal to keep a record of your dreams. After waking up from a dream, you can always jot as quickly as possible, allowing you to identify the themes later. Also, if you need the help of a therapist later, this record will greatly help diagnose your case.

Additionally, there is no harm in learning about dreams and symbolism, as this will enable you to understand better what the dream images actually mean. Last, there are ample online books on dream interpretation, and you can always fall back on them for a better understanding of your dream.

Concluding Remarks

Fighting with someone in your dreams clearly indicates that things in your personal life are not in great shape. You are probably failing with your personal as well as professional relationships, and hence these dreams indicate that you need to work on yourself, your relationships, and your emotions to have better control over the future course of actions.

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