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Dream About Being Kidnapped – Meaning And Interpretation

You surely have watched action-packed movies or read about equally entertaining crime fiction involving kidnapping and the following rescue operations. While the course of the event of a kidnapping keeps you glued to your laptop screen or to a book, you would agree that you don’t want to go through the horrible experience of kidnapping in your life.

Dream About Being Kidnapped - Meaning And Interpretation

But what if you wake up only to find that it was just a dream? A big relief, right? After all, being kidnapped is one of our worst nightmares. Yet, won’t you like to think about why you were dreaming of being kidnapped? Does this imply anything? Let’s find out more.

Kidnapped in a Dream: What Does This Mean?

Let’s begin with a basic question – does dreaming about being kidnapped have any hidden meaning? In a dream, this is an indication that in your personal life, you are dealing with a number of issues. These issues can be a reflection of being anxious, insecure, scared, or trapped.

To begin with, if this dream is recurring, it is a signal that you are trying hard to suppress your emotions. Dreaming about being kidnapped means that while you are afraid of being manipulated, you feel helpless and that you don’t have any control over various aspects of life. This leads to a feeling of insecurity and low self-confidence in life. Besides, this dream can also imply that you are seeking help and you want someone to help you.

Dreaming about being kidnapped does not always mean that it has a negative implication. On the contrary, it can also be a good omen which can mean that some big change is coming your way, which you should be welcomed whole-heartedly.

Kidnapped in Dreams: Major Interpretations

Before we venture further into the dream world, always remember that dreams are subjective, and there is no absolute or definite interpretation of dreams. The more you remember the little details about your dream, the better it will be for you while analysing your dream.

So, you should always take into consideration factors like past traumatic experiences, which may be impacting your dreams. Our emotional baggage mostly triggers dreams, and it is an inherent pain that shapes your dreams.

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1. Dreaming About Being Kidnapped Yourself

Dreaming About Being Kidnapped Yourself

A kidnapping dream indicates that your sense of security has been severely shaken. You have a feeling of being helpless in your life, or every action of yours faces some issue or the other. You are quite vulnerable right now, you are confused about the future, possibly unsure how you will survive, and you don’t know how or if you’ll conquer it. Besides, being kidnapped in a dream can also imply that you are struggling with your finances. For instance, you have less money than you were expecting, and that is worrying you.

This can also reflect your distrust among people. Chances are that someone you know has committed some mistake or had some malicious intentions, which has landed you in a horrible situation. Now, you are emotionally damaged and unsure if you should forgive them or not. This dream can also mean that you are unsure of your choices. You are now worried that others will manipulate you, and you are absolutely confused about how to deal with it.

2. Dreaming When Your Partner Has Kidnapped You

Dreaming When Your Partner Has Kidnapped You

Interestingly, this dream is more common than you think. Unfortunately, this dream is not a positive one. But what does this dream mean? If you are dreaming about your partner kidnapping you, this means that you feel stifled or trapped in your relationship. There can be a lot of reasons behind that. For instance, your partner is probably making all the decisions for you that you do not like, and yet you can’t express your feelings, or your partner is constantly dictating how you can live your life. This dream is actually a warning for you to change.

In addition, this dream may also indicate that you don’t feel the same feeling or the same connection with your partner. But please remember that every relationship can be properly balanced. Both you and your partner should be able to get fulfilment and love from your relationship.

3. Dreaming About Being Kidnapped by Someone You Know

Dreaming About Being Kidnapped by Someone You Know

If, in your dream, you are kidnapped by someone you know, it implies that you have some problems with this person. This might be an indication that their behaviour has made you question if you can trust them. It can also be that their recent actions have broken your trust. You thought that they were kind, but they were awful towards others, which has made you sceptical of them.

On the other hand, you may have dream of being kidnapped by someone whom you do not know. In that case, it is not who the kidnapper is but what qualities they represent. Mostly, we associate or recognize people by their qualities or, even better, what they represent. This dream is regarded as a warning not to get caught up with these qualities, as represented by these people.

4. Dreaming That Your Partner is Kidnapped

Dreaming That Your Partner is Kidnapped

Unfortunately, this dream is not a positive one. If you dream that your partner had been kidnapped, that implies you are taking your partner for granted. Although you may be getting a lot of satisfaction and meaning from your relationship, you are expecting that you will always be treated the same way. Things might be fine right now, but you should be prepared that something may go wrong in the future.

Dreaming about your partner’s kidnapping may also imply that you have been focusing on the negative aspects of your relationship. You may also have begun to question your relationship, or maybe, your partner is too dependent on you to make important decisions. And this is pressurizing you. This can also mean that your partner may have a lot of bad habits, which is frustrating, but it is high time that you start communicating better with your partner. The importance of this dream is that you need to focus more on the positive aspects.

5. Dreaming About a Baby Being Kidnapped

Dreaming About a Baby Being Kidnapped

What does a baby being kidnapped mean in a dream? It is widely believed that it is a representation of your innermost self, which is the most vulnerable part of yourself that you hide from others, as we don’t like our innermost self to be exposed in front of others, do we? Well, here, there is some external agent which is threatening your sense of security.

Scary, isn’t it? On the positive side, this also represents that a long-term project can change the course of your life. This change can be both positive and negative, and you are not in that stage in your life where you can freely deal with this phase. So, you are quite reluctant to get involved in anything that can change the course of your life.

6. Dreaming About a Kidnapped Child

Dreaming About a Kidnapped Child

If you dream about a stolen child, this can also have multiple interpretations. One is that you are a parent in real life, and you are concerned about something bad happening to your children. This inherent fear about the well-being of your children is the reason behind this dream. You, like any other parent, want the best for your child, and you hope that they will have a nice life.

So, is there any other interpretation? Yes, if you are dreaming about a child who has been kidnapped, but you don’t have any kid in real life implies that you want to help someone in real life, but you have no idea how to. You’re scared about upsetting them or doing more harm than good.

7. Dreaming About Escaping After Being Kidnapped

Dreaming About Escaping After Being Kidnapped

If you have dreamt that you have been kidnapped and yet somehow, you were able to escape, needless to say, this is a good sign. This dream means that whatever you are dealing with right now will soon be over. This dream is also an indication that you have the ability to deal with these unexpected and stressful situations.

Unfortunately, dreaming about escaping also has a negative connotation. This dream is also a sign that in your life, you are looking forward to running away from the problems. Instead of facing them boldly, you are just looking out for an opportunity to escape from them. This dream also symbolizes that even if you are feeling that the problems in your life are becoming too much for you to deal with, you don’t want to engage further to change things yourself.

8. Dreaming of Being a Kidnapper Yourself

Dreaming of Being a Kidnapper Yourself

If you dreamt that you were a kidnapper yourself and were keeping someone captive for ransom, this implies that you are dealing with a significant power imbalance in your life.

You eventually feel as if you have no control over your life, and things only seem to grow worse with time. But let’s not be disheartened. This dream simply stresses the fact that it is high time for you to take charge, starting with the smallest decisions and gradually working your way up to the larger ones.

Perhaps it’s time that you address those people who are exercising a lot of influence and power over you. Tell them that you do not wish to be controlled by them. Let them know that you are totally aware of their good intentions; you need your own space and pace to work your way around things. Continuing in the same vein, dreaming about being a kidnapper also means that you wish others to respect your decisions and choices, even if they find your decisions unagreeable.

9. Dreaming About a Ransom Note

Dreaming About a Ransom Note

Dreaming about a ransom note could be frustrating, but it does not necessarily signify those unfortunate events are on the way; in fact, the contrary is true. If you wish to get a ransom note, your luck will improve shortly. Things will appear to be much easier, and whatever concerns you presently have will be gone. It’s a good omen for your work life, as things will improve.

Dreaming about not having to pay a ransom notice means that you will soon be more self-sufficient. Perhaps your present position has required you to seek assistance from people you may know, but this period will eventually end, and you will feel much better when you feel more accountable for yourself again.

Interestingly, if you dreamt that you were a hostage in some crammed-up space when the ransom note arrived, this is indicative of the fact that you rely on others a lot. You wish to be strong enough to stand for yourself and make independent decisions, but unfortunately, you lack both expertise and experience to do so. Let us tell you that there is no shame in seeking help if it is going to change your life in a positive manner.

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Concluding Remarks

Dreams, in general, are an expression of repressed emotions of human beings. While a dream where you are kidnapped may seem terrifying, please remember that this dream is purely symbolic and should not be taken at its face value. Yet, just like any other dream, that should not be overlooked.

Depending on the context and the minutest details of your dream, you will be able to analyse your dream better. Despite the initial ill-forebodings, there is no absolute good or bad about a dream involving kidnapping. These dreams indicate how your core values have been compromised and how good or bad you are faring in your life. So, based on the interpretation, you can work on yourself, which in turn, will help you to better deal with your life.

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