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Fire Dream: Meaning and Interpretation in Different Mythologies

For many, fire represents desire, destruction, hope, hell, and purification. It has led the evolution of humankind, carving a special place for itself within the mythologies of different cultures.

But fire dreams are not as common as one might think. What, then, are the thoughts that translate to dreams about such a magnificent element?

Fire dream meanings can unravel parts of the mind that may otherwise remain untouched. Keep in mind that mythologies worldwide have given opinions to make sense of these bearings.

Fire Dream Meaning in Different Mythologies

Fire Dream Meaning in Different Mythologies

Mythologies have shaped the way cultures understand and communicate with their surroundings. When it comes to dreams, mythologies have reformed interpretations to fit their customs and beliefs.

Here are some of the most popular mythologies from around the globe and their version of fire dream meanings.

1. Greek Mythology

The infamous creature related to fire in Greek mythology is the Phoenix. For them, fire symbolizes good health, well-being, and rebirth. Usually, it resembles our greater self or greater good.

The Phoenix is known for its supernatural power of resurrection. The end of its life is marked by spontaneously bursting into flames. Not long after, another Phoenix rises from the ashes of the one that passed away.

And if you are dreaming of this being, it symbolizes an abounding resilience that fills up your existence. You are someone who does not lose face when attacked with problems. On the contrary, miseries only make you stronger.

Unfortunately, Phoenix is also a symbol of punishment. So, when you encounter a fire dream with a Phoenix, beware of the kind of actions you commit because the resulting fate might not be kind.

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2. Biblical Fire Dream Interpretation

Historically, fire has donned several biblical symbolisms. The element represents everything from passionate love and sweet desires to demonic possessions, evil prowess, and the burning pain of hell.

As professed in the Book of Corinthians, “If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so by fire.” Herein, we find the dual nature of fire as encased within the Bible.

Some typical scenes from fire dreams are listed below with their biblical interpretations:

  • When the dream is about being on fire, it is a sign to reassess your approach to situations. Maybe, the perception you have adopted is highly cautious, making you lose out on many experiences. Remember, life is about taking calculated risks just as much as it is about avoiding them.
  • Intriguing, it is a good omen, if you are not feeling any pain while you are on fire in your dream. In the Bible, God disguises himself as a “consuming fire.” Following this, such dreams can be understood as heralds of success and good luck. You may let go of all your inhibitions because faith will always protect you.
  • When you dream of starting a fire, some unexpected news is on the way. Either it could be the arrival of someone who hasn’t been around for some time, or it could represent anxious feelings that might be clouding your thoughts.
  • When a fire in the dream destroys things, it implies turmoil in waking life. As fire is also a symbol of conflict, vengeance, and aggression, it suggests a temporary association with devilish thoughts. According to the Bible, such thoughts can be related to hell, the lake of fire, or Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • Ultimately, seeing fire dreams is an indication to reconnect with your inner spirit. One has to take a moment and savor its mundaneness in such demanding times. Utilize your time away from the buzz to be one with God.

3. Hindu Mythology 

In the realm of Hindu mythology, fire is a symbol of purification, passion, and warmth. Unlike Biblical interpretations of fire as a symbol of evil, here it represents the essence that sustains a life force. It even implies good fortune and prosperity.

Different dream scenes have varying meanings attached to them. Some of them are:

  • Contrary to what it appears to be, a dream about your house on fire indicates a peaceful home life with a loving partner and affectionate children.
  • If you have dreamt of stoking a fire, it is a sign of reconciling with old friends. You may also receive lots of gifts which should be accepted with gratitude.
  • Witnessing charred ruins of a house or office implies a sudden recovery from ongoing distress caused by a slump in trade.
  • If your dream is about burning books, you can expect rewards for a successful job. Something in your work-life has attained immense progress that has left you elated.
  • Restrained fire is a sign of good fortune. On the contrary, if the fire is wild and untamed, one should be careful of their dealings with unknown people because it can prove fatal.

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Common Dreams about Fire

Depending on the emotions it arouses in waking reality, fire dreams are often associated with positive and negative situations. Here are some of the most common scenarios about fire dreams.

1. Dreams About Houses on Fire

Dreams About Houses on Fire

A burning house is the most common object in fire dreams. It can either belong to the dreamer or someone else, eliciting interpretations accordingly.

Generally, a dream of a burning house is interpreted as a symbol of weakness. Your waking reality is facing an overwhelming number of emotions that can prove to be a ticking bomb. The struggle with emotional baggage can spark tensions between family and friends.

Moreover, such dreams are an indication that you are about to face heavy loss. It may also imply insecurity regarding the status of relationships, jobs, or finances that may suffer hard hits shortly. In these situations, one should try and socialize with people to ease inhibitions.

In contrast, if the dream is about a fire consuming your house, it is symbolic of positive change.

2. Dreams About Burning Buildings

A fire dream meaning of burning buildings represents transformation and hope. As fear-inducing as it might seem, such dreams can be signs of determination and eagerness to jump into the fray.

The dream is a sign of compassion towards friends. If a friend is in need, you may have the resources to help them out.

Moreover, burning buildings have undertones of pride. Just as a building stands tall, the dreamer will do the same when surrounded by competitors. The fire is reminiscent of positive energy that will help you undergo healthy transformations in life. All in all, it can indicate how every hurdle will only make you more powerful.

3. Dreams About Forest Fires

Dreams About Forest Fires

Have your tempers been running on overdrive? If so, and you are getting bushfire dreams, you know why.

Forest fire dream meaning indicates a need to control your temper. Such fires are disastrous in real life, lending themselves to self-destructive behaviors. Take these dreams as a warning to prioritize yourself and not let anger take precedence in situations.

4. Dreams About Candle Flames

Candle flames act as constant sources of light in a dark room. Even as the flames flicker, they keep radiating until the very end.

Just as candles emit light that brightens up a space, dreaming of them can bring brightness to one’s life in the form of success and happiness. Additionally, the beauty levels of the flames reflect a future filled with radiating goodness.

5. Dreams About Someone Burning in the Fire

Dreams About Someone Burning in the Fire

Encountering someone burning in your dreams may be a sign of overwhelming anger towards the people close to you. Suppose the habit of unleashing aggression against some individuals has left you guilt-ridden. In that case, such dreams are a reminder to reevaluate your approach to triggering situations.

Other dreams of burning yourself portray the relationship one has with ambitions. It could be like your goals have overpowered your waking reality and bear heavily on several aspects of your life. And in turn, pulling you away from what is more important in the long run.

Moreover, dreams of burning your face denote a lack of self-appreciation. Due to this, you have learned to neglect your desires and prioritize everything other than yourself. Therefore, these dreams serve as a jarring reminder to focus on fulfilling your needs before moving on to others.

6. Dreams About Campfires

Thinking of a campfire brings to mind a picture-perfect bonfire surrounded by a wholesome group of people enjoying themselves. Such dreams reflect one’s inner desire for love, acceptance, peace, and understanding.

The person witnessing the dream is going through tough times without loyal companionship. Finding the right person or group of persons can be a difficult task which can further make one feel dejected.

So, to find the right people, you have to find yourself first by making an effort to come to terms with your shortcomings and appreciate the good things in life.

7. Dream About Walking Over Coals

Dream About Walking Over Coals

This dream has several interpretations. The foremost is a direct representation of the phrase – No pain, no gain. The dreamer has learned to withstand the perils of a journey to achieve their goals. Their inner resolve stands undeterred in the face of adversity.

Secondly, walking over coals signifies oncoming risks in waking reality. With enough patience and courage, one can learn to adapt and eventually overcome any difficulty that comes their way.

8. Dreams About Putting Out a Fire

The implied meaning of putting out a fire translates literally to the dream world. It indicates your ability to fix problems in an instant.

More importantly, such dreams act as a warning call from your subconscious about suspicious characters in life. This is about having to trust certain people in your life. And these dreams denote that you will prevent them from causing harm to your family and friends.

9. Dreams About Fire Escapes

Dreams About Fire Escapes

Dreams where one is standing facing a fire escape do not bode well. They are supposed to be deterrents against any financial risks that the dreamer might pursue. Such risks might bring monumental losses to the individual and their family.

On the other hand, if the dream is about running down a fire escape, it is a reminder to take extra care while making crucial decisions. The path that you choose can make or break your future.

10. Dream of a Fire Alarm

Fire alarms in your dreams come as an urgent warning. It is to alert you of possible bad things that might unfold in the future. Thus, it is advisable not to ignore such dreams and stay cautious of anything suspicious.

Alternatively, the subconscious tries to resist some action forced upon you by someone else. Hence, it has led your inner spirit to feel burdened with the need to break free. To counter such dreams, one should relieve themselves of any stress one might be facing.

If the dreamer smashes or pulls the alarm, they have lost control of their lives and are overwhelmed. And when there is a fire alarm drill, it is a sign to take more care of how you respond to people. These minor signs are enough to make or break relationships. Therefore, one should be able to handle it accordingly.


Mythical tales have invariably been imbued with valuable takeaways. When these combine with dreams, the resulting interpretations can help us understand things beyond visibility. Therefore, even though each fire dream’s meaning has varying connotations within cultures, they all serve to empower us with the ability to fight our battles.

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