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Weekly emails on myths, dreams, and how they relate to the journey of self-discovery.

About Dreams and Mythology

There is a much deeper connection between our dreams and our reality, and it is this very connection that we seek to explore at Dreams & Myths. Why do certain dreams keep repeating themselves? How do myths follow a particular pattern? Questions such as these have been around for eons, and we attempt to dig up the answers, not just for ourselves, but for everyone else out there.

If you’ve ever found yourself questioning what that recurring tree in your dream means or why you picture rivers while dreaming, perhaps we can guide you to a more substantial reasoning behind it all.

Our Mission

We believe that there exists an integral bond between humans and the universe. Mysteries are all around us, in the form of galaxies, mythologies, and beyond. Our aim is to unveil those mysteries to help everyone gain a better understanding of themselves.

A human’s imagination is more than just their ideas or related to the books they read. It is a window into our psyche, our subconscious state of mind. Let’s unwrap this beautiful gift together, shall we? Our team of experts are here to walk you through every step of the way, leading you to a more evolved epiphany of your suppressed thoughts and emotions.

Explore Lucid Dreaming

We have all had the wish to go back to a certain dream and let it continue to see how it would unfold. Well, what if we told you there was technique for it? It’s called lucid dreaming, and it’s one of the many subjects we discuss at Dreams & Myths. Learn more about it and see how you can control your dreams.

Our Team

Our team of passionate and talented individuals at Dreams & Myths


Forrest Webber

Forrest is a student of dreamwork and is a businessman who discovered blogging through sheer coincidence, after which there was no looking back. He strongly believes in imagination and its power over the future of every human who walks the earth.

His Inclination towards the subject of Dreams & Mythology gave birth to this blog.


George K.

George K. has been immersed into the world of myths and dreams for a very long time now, attempting to find the numerous symbolisms and meanings attached to them. He is a prolific writer along with being an independent researcher. Contributing his knowledge and learnings to several magazines and blogs, he has the unique ability to simplify and explain even the most intricate subjects.

karan arora


Karandeep Arora

An enthusiastic dream journaler who has connected sleep-time visions with real-life occurrences in the past and present, Karandeep believes in tapping into the subconscious and demystifying strengths, insecurities, and deep-rooted desires. Besides identifying the interconnectedness of dreams in his personalized dream journal, he continues to study the significance of celestial objects and their relation to mythological tales that keep modern society intrigued about past civilizations.

Enter The Myth

Myths, stories, legends, folklore, all point to something within (and without).

As we listen, if we have ears to hear, we connect with the mystery.

In order to do this… we need to listen both to the stories and to ourselves. To our own inner being. What’s going on in there?

Mythology is an expression of the human psyche, and real-life tends to self-organize within the structure of these stories. Naturally, you’re going to encounter a Zeus IRL (in real life). This is part of the application.

Enter The Dream

In the dreamworld, we have a door into the unconscious. And we have it every day of our lives. (Well, every night of our lives).

Unless you like to take naps. (I do). Then you get both.

Dreams bring us gifts. Invitations.

Here at DreamsAndMythology.com, we mostly focus on playful but sober participation with the imagination, with an aim to establish relationships with disassociated aspects of our psyche, to integrate unconscious pieces of our larger selves.

How Do Dreams and Myths Connect

Archetypes and Myths show us universal patterns of nature, and in our dreams, we step into our individual expressions of these great patterns.

We’ve started to use the phrase Applied Mythology when we write about the phenomena of our individual stories, and how they intertwine with stories that are larger than ourselves. And specifically, how this can impact our day-(to-night)-to-day lives.

Applied Mythology

Concepts like hubris show up in myth, repetitively. We have apt examples from mythohistorical sources that can be used as cautionary tales or inspiration in some cases.

We hope you enjoy and find more depth here.