How to Dream Deeper

The Definitive Guide to a Restful and Insightful Sleep.
Learn the methods and dream-inducing techniques that sleep experts keep secret!

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Sleep Like a Teenager Again! Here’s what’s inside:

Breathwork practices to boost parasympathetic nervous system activity

Clearance of glymphatic wastes

Redlight Therapy

“Stream of Consciousness” Technique

Mineral and vitamin repletion protocols

Optimal circadian rhythm

“Active Imagination” Technique

Deep Sleep that allows you to enter the rEM State every Night

Before Applying the Dreamsoil Methodology:

Barely getting 6-7 hours of sleep

Groggy and tired in the mornings

Restless and irritable at night

Difficulty concentrating more than a couple of minutes

Energy crash around 12 pm

Never remembers dreams

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After Applying the Dreamsoil Methodology:

8+ hours of sleep

Optimal circadian rhythm

Steady energy throughout the day

Easily analyzes dreams and their meaning

Uses breathwork to induce sleep on demand

Intimate connection with the subconscious mind

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