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Dreams About Waves: Meaning And Interpretation

Interpreting dreams is like riding on waves of emotion and trying to gauge the depth underneath the surface tension.

Just as waves of water etch out never-ending caves and grand canyons, they can color our dreams in detail. If we only have the right tools to assess such dreams, we may finally understand the movement of waves and where they lead us. Spoiler alert: the answer may be more philosophical than you might think.

Let me, then, welcome you aboard this ship as we set sail into the depths of our minds and slowly unravel the mysteries that are beyond the surface level about the waves in our nocturnal reveries.

Dreams About Waves: Meaning And Interpretation

Waves Symbolism in Life and General Meanings

The ceaseless motions of waves are evocative and timeless symbols. They represent both the harmonical rhythmic motions of life and the truly tortuous turbulence of the human experience.

Let us look at some of the general interpretations to be made about waves with wonder and introspection:

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

You do an action, and a reaction occurs. You pull, and a push comes forward. You try, errors become apparent, and you change and try again.

This is the cycle and rhythmic motion of all the things in the universe. Waves perfectly encapsulate this motion in practice in its most fundamental form.

It reminds you of hope and progress but also of things that go forward only to come back and crash into each other to birth something new.

Waves in dreams symbolize the inevitable end and constant beginnings of human life. Virginia Woolf’s novel “Waves” perfectly describes this ebb and flow of life.

Fearing The Depth Within

When you experience a dream about waves, remember to pay attention to your emotional state. How do you feel when you look at these waves? The Ocean hides many things unknown and unseen.

We know that there’s life at the bottom of the Ocean because of the things that are caught in the waves and brought to shore, but we don’t truly know anything about it.

Oftentimes, our psyche can be just like the Ocean- deep, vast, uncharted, and full of mysteries. Dreaming about waves might be urging you to dive inside your own mind and truly understand what lies beneath the tip of the iceberg that is you.

Deep Calmness, Composure, and Tranquillity

Deep Calmness, Composure, and Tranquillity

If you dream about calm and soothing waves with a gentle flow, it may be a signal that the waves have taken away with them all the things that ache within your heart.

You have finally reached a place of contentment in your life, and you can finally take a deep breath of the salty ocean air. Such dreams are an invitation to loosen your shoulders, unclench your jaw, and take it all in for a moment in your waking life.

Tempestuous Waves and Storms

Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” paints a chaotic imagery mirroring the tumultuous emotional affairs of its characters.

If you dream of destructive waves crashing on top of each other, chances are that you are overwhelmed by the things that have happened when you were awake.

They may also be indicative of the challenges about to come but with a hope of the calm and sunshine once the storm passes over your ship of life. Waves that ripple through your mind can clear the way for better things to come.

Mythological Symbolism of Waves in Dreams

Mythological Symbolism of Waves in Dreams

Water is among the first things to be written about and religiously worshipped, accompanied by the earth and the sun. The myths surrounding water, waves, and oceanic deities are endless.

Let us look at some age-old myths and folklore stories better to understand our relationship with waves and oceanic archetypes.

Meaning of Dreams About Waves in Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, arguably one of the most powerful of Gods, Neptune, also known as Poseidon, rules the vast oceans and all that lies underneath them.

In the epic poem by Homer called “The Odyssey,” the sea is a physical manifestation of the obstruction in the hero’s adventurous pathway and a metaphorical body for his mind’s innermost conflicts.

The seas are unpredictable at every turn. However, with his trident, Poseidon was able to control the waves, much like you can learn to control your emotional affairs. Imagine yourself standing at the shore of the sea, looking at the sea reflecting your image back to you. Your dreams might be telling you to dive in and embark on a journey within yourself.

Meaning of Dreams About Waves in Yoruba Mythology

Meaning of Dreams About Waves in Yoruba Mythology

Yorubaland is a cultural region in West Africa with a rich tapestry of water flowing through its lands. Yemaya, or Yemoja, is a goddess of water in Yoruba Mythology. In Yoruba philosophy, and also according to evolutionary theorists, water is where the creation of all things began.

Yemaya is the mother of creation in the truest sense of the word mother. She gives her children emotional sustenance, salvation, and a deep comfort that only a mother’s embrace can provide.

Audre Lorde, in her poem “From the House of Yemanjá,” describes Yamaya as a mother with twofold identities exploring themes of African identities, expectations, and femininity. The waves in your dreams represent this mother’s embrace, constantly reassuring, allowing you time to heal, and enveloping you in warmth despite the cold waters.

Meaning of Dreams About Waves in Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, Rán is the water goddess often depicted in scriptures, symbols, and paintings with a net. The net is a powerful instrument of this goddess, allowing her to encompass everything within the Ocean.

In this way, not only is every creature always connected and working in mimicking motions of each other, but it also speaks about a metaphorical anchor.

Anchoring yourself is crucial to gaining vigor and insight when met with stormy waves with a daunting path ahead. Your dreams about waves in Norse mythology are indicative of this philosophy and encourage you to properly anchor yourself and stay connected to your roots before jumping into the waves below.

Waves in Dreams: Scenarios and Their Meanings

Waves in Dreams Scenarios and Their Meanings

You can’t expect to serenade the sea and not be met with the Ocean’s mysterious roars coming back to you. Just like the waves may take many forms, the dreams about them have different meanings subjective to you and your personal experiences with them.

Here are the many scenarios you might find yourself in the middle of when dreaming about waves and a guide to how to interpret them:

Dreaming of Surfing the Waves

When the waves look inviting, it doesn’t just mean that you have to go beneath the surface; you can also conquer the waves by riding them. This dream is symbolic of being able to stay on top of your life’s challenges no matter how big and formidable the waves seem.

When you dream of riding waves, it may be an invitation to chase the biggest wave with skills and enthusiasm and to enjoy going through the journey, even if it is a treacherous one. It’s time to be bold and navigate your way out of the waters. Riding the waves empowers you.

Dreaming of Drowning in Waves

Dreaming of Drowning in Waves

The most famous of short stories by William Douglas is “Deep Water,” which describes the story of a young William drowning twice in the pool at the Y.M.C.A in Yakima.

It paints a fearsome and bone-chilling picture of what it feels like to drown. It is a back and-forth between trying and giving up as the waves take you under and fearing for your life.

Indeed, dreaming about drowning is a painful and scary experience. Still, just like at the end of William’s story, you, too, will learn how to swim and be victorious over the waves that subdue you.

Such dreams may be indicative of some deep-rooted fears but also a reminder that you need to develop the skills and insight on how to get out of difficult situations.

Dreaming of Watching The Waves from a Shore

This dream speaks to your inner feeling of detachment from things. You can look at the sea clear as day but dare not touch it. You are comfortable watching from a safe distance as long as you possibly can. It doesn’t necessarily have to be fear of the sea.

You may be watching the waves flowing with the currents and making tides because you have made peace with where you are. You are aware of the things that happen outside of yourself, and deep down, you long to be washed over. Still, it’s circumstantially important that you hold your ground for now.

Frequently Asked Questions

I dreamt of black waves. What does it mean?

Black waves usually mean that you can’t see below the water’s surface, a metaphor for not knowing your own true emotions and being in a state of darker emotions.

I saw giant waves in my dream. What does it mean?

Giant waves in dreams are meant to stir up anxiety and warn you of new challenges that are difficult to conquer. Such challenges require your utmost attention.

How do you interpret walking on water in a dream?

If you find yourself walking on water in a dream, it may come as a spiritual blessing. This dream indicates that you possess the mental calmness and patience to hold your own when in the face of calamity.

End Note

Waves are just an unpredictable form of water, an element that is inherently quite uncontrollable. Still, it is a part of the life cycle of every creature on this earth. Remember that your dreams are reflective, just like the Ocean’s water, and whatever you may throw in it, it will spit back at you.

The key to unlocking the secrets that your dreams hold is to look within yourself first and foremost and to introspect your unique spiritual and cultural history. Interpreting these dreams may offer you many uncovered truths about yourself, just like the pearls waiting to be discovered on the ocean floor.

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