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Dreams About Killing Someone – Meaning And Interpretation

Killing someone or taking a life is considered a heinous act—something which cannot be forgiven or forgotten. But many times, it is circumstantial, as killing a person who is considered evil is cheered upon, but taking an innocent life is considered an act of evil. 

Sometimes as we sleep, in the depth of the maze which is our brain, we tend to dream of very bizarre circumstances.

One such circumstance would be the dream where we end up killing someone and taking their life.

Dreams About Killing Someone - Meaning And Interpretation

But what does such a dream signify? Why would we dream of something which is considered such a violent and heinous act by society? The dream would not be a direct indication of one wanting to commit such a violent act but of a circumstance that is troubling them. This particular dream scenario would require context, and interpretation according to the context.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Killing Someone?

To decipher the exact meaning of the dream about killing someone is not fully possible; however, we have discussed some of the closest meanings in this piece.

Dreams About Killing Someone You Know

Dreams About Killing Someone You Know

If you dream about killing someone, you know it could be an indication that you will question your direct relationship with that person.

One mode of interpretation is that this person is someone who makes you uncomfortable. A person with who you do not want to be involved in your life anymore and you wish to cast away.

Another interpretation would be where your own subconscious is showing an aspect of your own personality, which is perhaps wishing to harm the person around you. This interpretation will involve the dreamer having to rethink their own behaviour and personality around people.

Dreams About Killing a Stranger

This dream is a reflection of the subconscious informing the person about the aspect of their personality they might have to or should change for the better.

Dream About Someone Trying to Kill You

Dream About Someone Trying to Kill You

This is a dream where the person might feel suffocated or in a situation where someone wants to kill the dreamer.

Usually, this happens when you feel awkward or uncomfortable with someone in your life. It could be a toxic or failed relationship or a situation where your work atmosphere is toxic. It could even suggest that you are being bullied by certain people in life. As a result, you feel suffocated and are always anxious as to how this person will deliver more hardships to your life.

This dream shows that you might be in an abusive scenario and is an indicator of the fragile mental health state of the dreamer.

Dream About Killing Someone Accidentally

Dream About Killing Someone Accidentally

This is a dream where the dreamer is more of a victim rather than the villain. This circumstance is reflective of the dreamer being criticized or taunted in life for no reason. There might be someone in your workplace who might be responsible for it or someone at home who is constantly berating you or criticizing you. You end up bearing animosity against that particular person.

This would be a way of the subconscious telling you to be wary of someone or that you should introspect about yourself and your choices and behaviour.

Dream About killing Someone to Protect Someone

This is a dream where the dreamer takes one for the team. It could be an interpretation that you are very attached to certain people close to you, which may include family. This could mean you are willing to go to any lengths to protect your friends and family.

Even if someone you are close to is suffering, you are willing to stand beside them in tough times to tide them over the bad phases of life, even if it means that you have faced certain difficulties in doing that.

Dream About Killing Someone in Self-Defense

Dream About Killing Someone in Self-Defense

This is a dream which indicates that you are experiencing an invasion of your own personal space and peace from certain elements in your life.

It could be at work, at home, or just someone you do not like being around. It could be someone who is trying to connect with you or talk to you, but you do not want any part of it.

This is a pointer towards circumstances in life that you need to manage to sort out any complications that may arise due to unwanted and unexpected interactions with such people.

This can be interpreted that you are looking for personal safety and peace of mind, just wanting to be happy in your own zone in life.

Dreams About Killing Your Own Parents

This is a dream which can have multiple interpretations.

This could be suggestive that you are unhappy with your parents over certain circumstances and scenarios in life. This could mean that you had a toxic upbringing and wish to stay away from your parents. Means you do not wish to have any sort of interaction with them.

It could also mean that you are on the verge of breaking your relationship and interactions with them.

This dream has a more negative context and could be a way of expressing how your anger is building up for you over your parents due to whatever circumstances caused it.

Dream About Killing Your Bully

Dream About Killing Your Bully

This is a dream where you have your subconscious telling you to buckle up. There might be a circumstance in life where you feel you are being mistreated or bullied by certain people. This is your mind telling you to stand up for yourself and not become a silent victim to unwanted and uncalled-for abuses from the people around you.

This dream is a wake-up call for the dreamer to stand up for themselves and not take any sort of nonsense from anyone around them.

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What Are The Major Interpretations of Such Dreams?

Fear of change

Fear of change

Change is the only constant thing in life. But many times, it is rejected by people due to the uncertainty surrounding it. When a killing dream manifests, it is suggestive of a situation in life that will require a course correction. A definite change might be coming, and you have to be ready to accept it.

Such a dream will help you with the transformation and metamorphosis of your current life scenario into a different one and give you more clarity on how to accept that change.

Repressed Hate and Anger

Repressed Hate and Anger

One of the most common interpretations of these dreams is the anger one feels toward the person you are directing the dream towards.

It will usually stem from deep-rooted incidents which have left a scar on you.

You might have felt cheated or felt unfairly treated, and it gets suppressed in your anger and rage. Sometimes it might manifest in this form in a dream against the person you harbour most of the Ill will towards.


This dream can also be interpreted as a situation where you have decided to cast away the major negative influences in your life which are giving you a hard time.

It could be a relationship or a friend, or even your own parents. This dream manifestation would mean that it is time to cast the thing that is hurting you negatively aside. It might suggest that it is time to be unafraid of removing the toxicity from your life and be ready to embrace the change which will accompany it.

A Feeling of Hopelessness or Directionless

A Feeling of Hopelessness or Directionless

Sometimes when you encounter a dream such as this, it reflects the fragile mental state of the dreamer.

If the subconscious mind has to manifest itself in a way where you are killing something that is troubling you, it is pointing to the fact that you may be feeling trapped with no way out. Hence the extreme step was taken by your subconscious mind to portray the gravity of the situation and nudge you to take action for a course correction of the current situation.

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Killing is something we find violent in nature and morally complex. When you dream about killing someone, you could wake up perplexed or perhaps concerned. According to psychological research, killing someone in a dream denotes a pressing problem or difficulty from the past. It means something that refuses to stay buried for too long and pops up later to haunt you in your dreams. These dreams do not in any way signify that you will commit a murder in the future.

Your subconscious expresses its own yearning when you have a dream about killing someone. It could even refer to a resolution of problems in your waking life, helping you make your life better. Therefore, never freak out when having such nightmares; instead, evaluate their meaning.

You are unable to change the past, but you can examine what went wrong and work for a  better tomorrow. Dreams of murdering someone can psychologically signify the desire to move your attention to the fact that we should take necessary steps to make your future better. These dreams can also represent a feeling of transformation.

This can be triggered as a result of an old memory from the past having an impact on your dreams. Everybody experiences turbulent times in life when they feel exhausted and hurt. We may get depressed over things that refuse to work as they should. Therefore, in a nutshell, to kill someone in a dream is just to revisit such a traumatic past. 

Hope you found these interpretations helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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