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Dream About Being Paralyzed: Meaning and Interpretation

If you thought dreams were just a natural sleep phenomenon, it’s time to think again. Most of the time, dreams are the manifestations of a constrained lifestyle.

Dreams are a way of releasing ideas and actions that you cannot control in real life. Thus, do not take it lightly if you ever dream of being paralyzed.

Paralysis is a condition where a section of the body loses its ability to respond to stimuli. It is the loss of ability to move some part or the whole of your body. Paralysis greatly impacts a person’s psyche, wherein they can feel at a loss.

Dream About Being Paralyzed Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about being paralyzed are nothing less than nightmares. The inability to move our bodies and the constant struggle to regain control is very scary. This article talks about the various interpretations of dreams about being paralyzed.

What Does Having A Dream About Being Paralyzed Mean?

A dream about being paralyzed can imply a sense of hopelessness and insecurity. It can also mean your inability to react logically to situations and forces against you. So, what a dream about paralysis would mean depends on the details.

1. Paralysis Of Face

Paralysis Of Face

If you dream of facial paralysis, it could be a sign of self-discovery. It means you have a reactive, creative mind but are experiencing difficulties in making important decisions in life.

Dreaming about being paralyzed in the face expresses your personality, your social self, and how you present yourself to others.

2. Paralysis of the Voice

Have you ever struggled to speak in your dreams but have woken up with a choking feeling? I bet you have. This is also called “sleep paralysis” and is the most common dream among all others on this list.

If you ever dream of being paralyzed by your voice, understand that this is a subconscious warning that you take time for yourself from your busy schedule.

3. Paralysis Of Hands

Paralysis Of Hands

Did you ever have a dream about the paralysis of your hand? If you have, then that means that you are an overly emotional person. You nurture raw emotional desires within yourself and can successfully acknowledge certain emotions and characteristics.

You long for a sense of belonging and are an extremely wise, compassionate, and gentle person. Now, who doesn’t want to be like you?

4. Paralysis Of Legs

Are you the one who loves to grab the limelight? Then, do not fear if you ever dream of having paralyzed legs. It means that you have achieved some important goal and are basking in its success.

Having a dream about paralyzed legs signifies dominance. Alongside, it can also mean that you crave being the center of attention in any gathering.

Dream About Being Paralyzed: Spiritual Interpretation

Dream About Being Paralyzed Spiritual Interpretation

Dreaming about being paralyzed can have several spiritual meanings. The most common spiritual interpretation of being paralyzed is that of being at the mercy of others.

You may feel that karma has led you to this immobile state. There can be situations where you blame the Almighty for taking away your ability to move freely or act independently.

Another spiritual interpretation of being paralyzed in your dreams is that your past life holds you back. This can be overbearing because the inability to move even an inch of your body can mean you cannot walk into your present life. This is a frightening situation.

Yet another interpretation says someone could strongly manipulate your life behind the screens. Thus, if you ever dream of being paralyzed and remember it, it is recommended to stay careful about your circle of associates.

Dreaming About Being Paralyzed: Common Situations And Their Interpretations

A dream about being paralyzed can indicate your value, self-worth, and potential. It can be a subtle suggestion that you need to evaluate yourself and know what you’re worthy of.

The dream also hints that you need to get hold of a problem before it erodes your feelings of harmony and balance.

There are various situations where you find yourself paralyzed in dreams. Let us evaluate and interpret each situation.

1. Dreaming About Becoming Paralyzed

Dreaming About Becoming Paralyzed

A dream of concern because it means that you’ll be able to identify one or more errors with yourself. It points to some failure or setback you have recently had, and you have not yet been able to get over it.

Dreaming about becoming paralyzed is frightening, as it means you are dealing with underlying problems you’re unable to cope up with.

If you happen to remember this dream after you wake up; take some time to retrospect. I am sure you’ll find some correlation and will work towards it.

2. Dreaming About Healing From Paralysis

If ever you had a dream about healing from paralysis, it most likely means that you have been able to break free from all the limitations holding you back in real life. Remember that this is a very emotional experience.

It can be interpreted that some negative energy or thought process might have deterred your independence and self-worth. Now, you are working towards releasing yourself from its shackles.

3. Dream About Someone Being Paralyzed

Dream About Someone Being Paralyzed

Can you recall a situation where you have seen someone succumb to paralysis? If ever you have, know that it means how you feel for that person and your intention to avoid them because of their sensitive personality and short temper.

4. Dream About An Animal Being Paralyzed

It is quite unusual to experience a dream about an animal being paralyzed. Dreaming about a paralyzed animal can be interpreted as a warning about some frightening/risky decisions you might have made earlier or are about to make.

It suggests that by giving too much importance to other people’s needs, you are putting yourself at risk. And probably, that is the reason why you end up making the wrong decisions.

If ever in the future you see a dream wherein an animal is paralyzed, be very careful while dealing with important problems or life decisions. It could indicate that there are chances of making irreparable mistakes.

5. Dream Of Dying From Paralysis

Dream Of Dying From Paralysis

This can be a very scary situation. The dream of dying from paralysis indicates how you deal with challenges and situations in real life. It indicates that you want to detach yourself from reality and focus only on the misery you’ve inflicted upon yourself.

Another interpretation says that if you dream of dying from paralysis, it could mean that there is some situation or problem in your life which you need to address. It also implies that you have held up unspoken aggression against someone.

You should weigh every situation thoroughly and carefully before you come to any conclusion.

6. Dream About Being Paralyzed Forever

Sounds equally scary as the previous one? A dream about permanent paralysis could mean that you have a problem with yourself or with some relationship. This could drive you to explore various sides of your personality to find out where the problem lies.

The dream about being paralyzed forever can also indicate that you constantly perceive relationships with another person’s viewpoint and, as a result, ignore your own problems and self.


What does dreaming about lower body paralysis mean?

Dreaming about paralysis of the lower body could mean emotional desires and fulfillment.

Can I have the same dreams over and over again?

Yes, you can get the same dreams repeatedly. It could mean your real-life situations are too strong to reflect in your subconscious.

How can I keep myself from dreaming uncomfortable stuff?

Dreams do have a connection with your life. Hence it reflects when you sleep. Leading a happy, healthy life is the best way to keep yourself from dreaming of uncomfortable situations.

At what time do dreams occur the most?

Dreams usually occur when you are in a deep sleep, but your mind is crowded with various thoughts. That triggers the subconscious to reflect your thoughts in the form of dreams.

Final Thoughts

By now, you must have had a fair idea about what most dreams about being paralyzed mean. If you ever encounter such a situation, just don’t fret. As mentioned earlier in this article, dreams are manifestations of real-life situations. Most of the time, they blur out when you wake up.

However, it could be a matter of concern if you get the same dreams repeatedly. It could be a way of telling you to buckle up and start working toward the troubling thing. If you feel you cannot tackle them yourself, it is recommended that you talk it out with your near and dear ones. Multiple suggestions and advice could help you find a way to a better, happier, and healthier life.

All said and done, stay happy and keep dreaming!

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