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Dream About Cheating: Meaning and Interpretation

Being cheated or deceived by the one you love is the most traumatic experience one can ever have. The scars take time to heal, or in some cases, never heal. Don’t mind my asking, but have you faced such an ordeal where the one you trusted gave you the severest blow?

Well, then, it may not have been easy to get over it. I hope you have healed emotionally and spiritually as well.

Now, what if you have dreams of someone cheating you or the other way around? It is irrespective of the fact whether you’ve been cheated or not. If you’ve been a victim of cheating, then it’s your insecurities that are hitting you in your subconscious mind resulting in the dream.

Dream About Cheating Meaning and Interpretation

If you share a perfect relationship with your significant other and still dream of being cheated, it could be your insecurities. Maybe you fear your relationship coming to an end. Even more, what you dreamt of may reflect that your relationship is not perfect. The reasons could be endless. Read on to know more.

General Meaning of Dreams About Cheating

When you dream of being cheated on or cheating on someone, it can mean a whole lot of things. One of the most significant meanings is the feeling of insecurity.

It could be that you are insecure or underconfident about yourself. The possibility could also be that you aren’t secure or confident about the relationship you are in at present.

You may be facing trust issues, even if they aren’t any tiffs. Perhaps you lack self-belief or aren’t able to trust your partner. A feeling of abandonment might also be gripping you.

Relationship therapist Jaime Bronstein relates cheating dreams to anxiety. She even mentions that the anxiety could be from the relationship one is in at present. The anxiety could be because of anything other conflict going on in one’s mind.

Do you have constant tiffs in your relationship? Then, the dream of cheating is a reflection of your inner fear that your relationship may not last for long.

Symbolic Meaning Of Dreams About Cheating

Symbolic Meaning Of Dreams About Cheating

Every dream has a symbolic meaning, and dreams of cheating aren’t an exception. It is important to know that dreaming of being cheated on by your partner doesn’t mean that you’ll be going through a similar situation in reality. It mostly has a deeper implication.

According to Lauri Loewenberg, a dream analyst, such dreams are indicative of other concerns in the relationship. Let’s analyze each one of them in detail.

1. Your Relationship Is a Third Wheel

Your Relationship Is a Third Wheel

There’s something between the two of you coming in the way of your happiness. The third wheel doesn’t have to be a person always. It can be any other interference as well.

Say, your partner remains so engrossed at work lately that he misses out on devoting you the time he should. It could also be that he is more interested in hitting the gym than spending time with you. All these may compel you to feel that your partner isn’t interested in you anymore.

Another possibility could be that he is around you but not there in the relationship. That spark is missing. If these aspects have added to your worries of late, then dreaming of being cheated seems quite justified.

2. The Scars of Infidelity From Your Previous Relationship Haven’t Healed

Let bygones be bygones, goes the famous saying. But practicing the same in real life is challenging. It’s hard to let go of the extra baggage, even if it troubles and torments you to the core.

You may have received a grave wound in the past and haven’t yet been able to recover from the past trauma.

You may show it to others that you’ve moved on. But, in reality, you haven’t. If you’ve been cheated miserably by your previous partner, chances are that you haven’t been able to overcome your fears. You feel insecure, and dread that history might repeat itself. Hence, the dreams.

It could even be that your present partner cheated on you. He or she sought forgiveness, and your relationship was saved. You are together but haven’t been able to trust him or her. You fear that they could gain repeat their actions. Perhaps, rebuilding your trust in your partner is the need of the hour.

3. It’s Less of a Relationship and More of a Friendship

It’s Less of a Relationship and More of a Friendship

You are in a relationship and share a close bond. Yet that charm might be missing. It seems less of a romantic relationship and more like a friendship. When the essence of a relationship is gone, it could trigger anxiety and insecurity in one or both of the partners. The dream is a repercussion of these feelings.

4. You Feel Deceived In Certain Aspects

Have there been times when you’ve dreamt of someone cheating on you, whose existence in your life is nil?

This fictional dream partner is none other than that particular aspect in life where you were deprived of what you desired. Maybe you were in for a promotion at work but didn’t get it finally. You felt cheated.

You cannot have fun like your friends, since it’s your work that is keeping you busy. So, you feel lonely and dejected and dream of being cheated from enjoying the little things in life. It could even be out of the feeling of being left out.

5. You’re On a Guilt Trip

You’re On a Guilt Trip

So this time, is it the other way around? Do you see yourself cheating someone in your dream? You’ve started liking someone, nothing more than a crush, though. But you feel guilty from within. This guilt takes the form of a dream, and maybe you see yourself cheating on your partner.

Now comes the other possibility. You don’t have anyone else in your life other than your present partner. Yet, you aren’t being able to give ample time to your relationship due to social and professional obligations. This leads to feelings of repentance and hence the dream.

6. It’s Your Intuition

Nothing weighs above one’s intuition. And sometimes, intuitions do come true. Well, this isn’t always the case but at times you may dream of your partner cheating on you when he or she is doing the same in real life.

Again, this isn’t always true. But if they have done something similar in the past, chances are that they could replicate their actions. However, if it’s an intuition, it is necessary to know whether you’ve witnessed anything else as well besides dreaming of being cheated.

If all is well, and there is nothing to link to your intuition, then it could be something else intruding into your relationship. It could be the time factor, which none of you have for the other.

7. Fear of Abandonment

Fear of Abandonment

Your relationship is there, but maybe you feel your partner isn’t as committed as he should be. It could be that way in reality. Or, it could even be that everything is fine, but it’s your insecurities compelling you to think this way.

Your past experiences might result in such trauma. You may have been abandoned by your ex. Or, you have had a difficult childhood and were deprived of parental affection. All these have triggered insecurities, reflected through the dream.

8. You Aren’t Sexually Satisfied

Dreams of cheating aren’t directly associated with sex. Though in some cases, they do have a connection. Is all going well when it comes to your sex life? Your partner may not be as willing as you are in bed.

This has intensified your insecurities and prompted you to feel that perhaps your partner isn’t as keen as you. The next thought might be, “‘Is he cheating on me?’ The result is such dreams.

The dream could also be vice versa. Like, you could be the one showing less interest in your sex life. So, you might be seeing yourself cheating on your partner.

Spiritual Meanings About Dreams Of Cheating

Spiritual Meanings About Dreams Of Cheating

The Bible condemns cheating, deeming it wrong. According to Biblical explanations, cheating means being unlawful to one’s partner or spouse. In one of the verses, it is said:

“Ye have heard that it was said by them of
old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery:
But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh
on a woman to lust after her hath committed
adultery with her already in his heart.”

When you dream of cheating on someone or being cheated, it could allude to a whole lot of things spiritually mentioned as follows:

A Sign of Detachment

Your relationship has become such that both of you are physically present but emotionally absent. There seems to be a lack of spiritual or emotional connection between the both of you. The dream is perhaps a warning sign that it is high time you give your relationship a boost.

It’s An Outcome Of Your Feelings of Jealousy

It’s An Outcome Of Your Feelings of Jealousy

Are you jealous of your partner’s ex? Do you think she was better than you in several aspects? Or is it your partner’s colleague who keeps giving you an inferiority complex? Whatever it may be, such feelings of jealousy make you feel insecure, and the dream might result from such distorted thoughts.

You’re Craving to Get Something You Don’t Have (But Someone Else Has)

We all admire someone of the other. It could be a celebrity, our kith, and kin, or an acquaintance. Now, have you of late dreamt of your partner cheating on you with the person whom you admire? It sound’s strange, right? Perhaps your partner doesn’t admire or even know that particular individual.  So, what could it be?

The spiritual meaning is an interesting one indeed. Maybe you admire that person to the extent that you wish to acquire their qualities.

You are envious of them and wish to be like them or even possess a belonging they have. So, such a dream means that you aren’t happy with yourself or your relationship. You want to be like someone else. Or, you perhaps have a dream couple in mind and wish that you and your fiancee or spouse were like them.

You Could Be Pregnant

You Could Be Pregnant

Now, you might be wondering how pregnancy is related to dreams of cheating. Well, there is a connection, more than you can think of.

Yes, when pregnant, your body changes. You might think that you’ve become big and don’t look attractive like before. You fear that your partner may lose interest in you eventually.

Common Scenarios of Cheating in Dreams and its Interpretation

Common Scenarios of Cheating in Dreams and its Interpretation

Dreams involving cheating can be quite common and may provoke a range of emotions upon waking up. Here are a few common scenarios of cheating in dreams and their possible interpretations.

1. When Your Partner is Cheating You

When Your Partner is Cheating You

If you dream of yourself being at the receiving end, with your partner cheating on you, then it is a traumatic thing indeed. You could see your partner cheating on his/her ex, a stranger, or the one you love the most. Each of these has a unique significance. Read on to know more.

2. With a Stranger

The basic meaning of this dream is that you’re feeling neglected by your partner. It’s perhaps work, a newfound hobby, the gym, or something else that is keeping him busy. He isn’t unfaithful, but it’s his job or passion that is taking away most of his time, leaving none for you.

3. With Their Ex

With Their Ex

This means you are insecure. Perhaps the ex has something that you don’t. You find them more attractive (than yourself). They may have a successful career (which you wish to have). All these make you jealous. In your subconscious mind, you may fear that these qualities of your partner’s ex may make him or her get back to them.

4. With Someone, You Are Close To

The first question is – does your partner know the person in question? If yes, then your insecurity could be justified.

If not, then it could be that this individual has something you don’t. What is it? Financial security? A good figure? A baby? Your unfulfilled dreams or desire is reflected through your dream.

5. Cheating You (In Your Pregnancy)

Cheating You (In Your Pregnancy)

It could be your pregnancy hormones making you jittery and compelling you to think weirdly. Your thoughts come across through your dreams. As you are to have a baby, your body goes through a massive transformation. You even consider yourself to be no more beautiful and feel your partner thinks along the same lines as well.

When You Are Cheating On Your Partner 

Say, you have a perfect relationship with your partner. Yet, if you dream of cheating on your partner, it will surely send a chill down your spine. Right? Before you panic, it’s important to know that cheating doesn’t mean that you are literally cheating. It has a symbolic meaning.

1. With A Stranger

With A stranger

You aren’t able to give your partner quality time. There may be other engagements to keep you engrossed. It’s your guilt that results in the dream.

2. With Your Ex

Your past relationship has been traumatic, and you’re healing to come out of it. The dream could be a result of the conflict between your head and heart. It is important to note that unless you really want to rekindle your old flame, the dream doesn’t signify that you want to get back.

3. With Someone You Know In Real Life

With Someone You Know In Real Life

You may have an attraction towards this person or share an emotional bond. Another instance could be that the person in question has something that you wish your partner had.

He may have a sense of humor that your significant other lack. It’s not that you wish to be with this individual you know in real life; it’s just that you desire your better half to be like him.

4. Cheating Your Pregnant Partner

With your partner being pregnant, it might get a little difficult for you to accept the arrival of a new relationship in your spouse’s life that is of greater importance than you. Once you start accepting facts, these dreams will fade away.

5. With A Person With Whom Your Partner Shares A Close Relationship

How do you feel regarding the relationship between your partner and the person they are close to? Your dream reflects your intentions of getting acquainted with the said person.


What happens when you dream of being cheated on before marriage or starting a new relationship?

It may not have anything to do with cheating. But it portrays your inner conflict. Before stepping into a new relationship, one goes through an array of feelings. It could be nervousness, anxiety, or excitement. You may be apprehensive as well. What if your relationship didn’t materialize? What if your partner cheated on you and so on? Such feelings of turmoil lead to cheating dreams.

What does it mean to dream of getting caught while cheating?

Are you true to yourself and the people close to you? Are you true to your partner? Are you trying to hide something? Have you been up to something that you shouldn’t have done? Well, your dream means your conscience is hitting you. It’s time you owe up to something you’ve done.


So, the next time you find yourself stressed or traumatized by dreams of cheating, don’t panic. The dreams do not lead to cheating directly.  In other words, dreams of cheating don’t mean you are cheating your partner or vice versa. It has a deeper symbolism, mostly signifying your insecurities.

So when you have such dreams, it’s time to contemplate what is going wrong. Once you figure that out, you’ll be able to assess the problem and find ways to fix it. The best thing to do is talk it out with your partner. The more there is a feeling of trust, the stronger your relationship will be. You could even seek assistance from a relationship counselor when you find things going out of hand.

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