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Dream About Fish Out of Water: Meaning and Interpretation

Have there been times when you have felt that you don’t belong where you are? Do you often consider yourself a misfit in your present surrounding? Well, the situation for you must be like you were a fish out of water, right?

Have you seen a fish in the water? It’s safe and secure there. That’s its comfort zone. What if you take the fish out of the water? How will it react? Quite uncomfortably, right? It will be distressing for the fish to cope in an unfamiliar environment. The same is the case with humans.

Dream About Fish Out of Water Meaning and Interpretation

The fish out of water is an English phrase used to describe a similar situation where a person is compelled to be in an environment or situation he doesn’t fit into. So, if you dream along similar lines, what would that mean?

In this article, we will decipher the meaning and interpretation of a Dream about Fish Out of Water.

General Meaning of Dreams About Fish Out of Water

General Meaning of Dreams About Fish Out of Waterb

Dreaming of a fish out of water alludes to many things. When discussing the general meanings, the first and the commonest interpretation is the feeling that you don’t belong to the place you currently find yourself in. There are other meanings too. Let’s take a look at each one of them.

Feeling Yourself To Be Out Of Place

feeling Yourself To Be Out Of Place

The first meaning of dreaming about a fish out of water is similar to its literal meaning. You may be faced with a situation that doesn’t suit you. You feel uncomfortable and suffocated. Your situation is no different than that of a fish out of water.

The feeling of being out of place is gripping on you. No wonder you dream of a fish struggling out of water.

Your Struggles

When a fish is out of the water, have you seen how much it struggles to survive? That’s what the dream means as well. You’ll have to strive hard to survive and prosper in life.

You Are Going Off Track

You Are Going Off Track

A dream of fish out of water could also mean you’re being different or behaving unusually. It symbolizes your revolutionary approach in your personal or professional life. This behavior could trigger insecurity among your colleagues or family members.

An Ill Omen

Death isn’t a good omen at all. It is painful and traumatic. When a fish is out of the water, it could die if kept there for a long. So seeing such a thing in dreams could hint at some unpleasant occurrence in the future.

Symbolic Meaning of Dreams About Fish Out of Water

Symbolic Meaning of Dreams About Fish Out of Water

Symbolically, the dream pertains to many things. Perhaps you are being sidelined by the people around you. It makes you feel lonely and abandoned. You desire affection, which is lacking. The list of symbolism continues. Let’s take a sneak peek into a few of them.

1. A Change is On The Cards

When a fish comes out of the water, it indicates a massive change for the fish. The same goes for you if you see it in your dreams. The change could be a positive one or even something challenging. You should be prepared for both.

2. An Unfulfilled Dream

An Unfulfilled Dream

When a fish is out of the water, it is deprived of its natural habitat. The fish may signify our goals, dreams, and desires. When it is out of the water, it means that a part of its dream (of living a happy life) is unfulfilled. The same goes for you. You may have had a desire but have yet to fulfill it due to the unfavorable situation. The dream is an indication of the same.

3. The Arrival of a New Member

In several cultures, fish stands for fertility since it can lay several eggs. So, dreaming of a fish is an indication of pregnancy. It’s more relevant if family planning is on the cards. Specifically, seeing a fish out of water could mean your family will expand soon.

4. A Feeling of Loneliness

A Feeling of Loneliness

When a fish is in water, it is with its group. When it is out, it is all alone, struggling for existence. You could be lonely and deserted when you dream about fishing out of water. Perhaps your loved ones are aloof from you due to some reason. You are longing for their company but in vain. The dream is a follow-up of your troubled mind.

5. Might Be Let Down By a Close Friend

If you dream of a fish out of water that is dead or injured, this could mean that trouble may be coming your way. The one that you considered as a friend might break your trust, maybe to achieve their selfish needs. So, you need to be watchful and learn to differentiate between your friends and foes.

6. A Sign of Good Fortune

A Sign of Good Fortune

Several cultures consider fish a sign of good luck and prosperity. When you dream of a fish out of the water, it could signify that you will be benefited financially. It will have a positive impact on your life.

7. You Are Stressed and Anxious

When a fish is out of the water, it will move around uncomfortably, gasping for breath and trying to survive against all odds. That’s how you behave when you are anxious or stressed about something.

Did you dream of a fish out of water when you were stressed? Well, that’s a reflection of your inner conflict. You’ll feel suffocated from within.

8. It’s a Sign Of Your Vulnerability

It’s a Sign Of Your Vulnerability

When a fish is pulled out of its habitat and brought to the shore, it becomes vulnerable. It has no way to escape. All it can do is try and struggle to save itself lest it will die.

Were you in a similar situation when you dreamt of a fish out of water? You may be trying to pull yourself out of the difficult situation. Unfortunately, you aren’t being able to do the same. Your vulnerability is surfacing through your dreams.

9. There’s Something That You Are Missing Out On

Do you often feel that you’ve been deprived of something in your waking life which was there before? Your job or any other obligation has deprived you of enjoying life’s pleasure. That is another fish-out-of-the-water situation.

10. Perhaps There’s Something You Wish to Keep Alive

Perhaps There’s Something You Wish to Keep Alive

When a fish struggles out of the water, it tries its best to remain alive. You might even be in a similar situation at the time of this dream.

Are you trying your best to work on your relationship that has lost all its charm?

Or is it your job where you are trying to make a mark? Just as a fish is trying to live out of the water, maybe you are doing the same, hence the dream.

Biblical Meaning of a Fish Out of Water

Biblical Meaning of a Fish Out of Water

Fish is one of the prominent Christian symbols representing the faith in Christ. Biblically, the dream means one has lost direction in life and doesn’t know the way back.

You need to be more knowledgeable about the path you must follow. The dream also highlights your emotional feelings.

Certain aspects of life are fading away. It would help if you did your utmost to revive them.

Spiritual Meaning Of a Fish Out Of Water

Fish has an immense spiritual significance. It symbolizes abundance, spiritual nourishment, and divinity as well. The dream indicates the spiritual potential in you. Perhaps you are shifting closer to the Almighty. The dream encourages you to go on the quest for truth.

Common Scenarios of Dreaming About Fish Out Of Water And Its Interpretation

Common Scenarios of Dreaming About Fish Out Of Water And Its Interpretation

You could dream of a fish out of water based on size, color, or other aspects. Check out the different scenarios below.

1. Based On Size

You may dream of a small fish struggling out of water or extremely big ones. Each has a different significance.

Small Fish

It indicates the problems you’ll encounter soon. But before you stress further, the problems may not be big or grave. They’ll be small ones, which you can solve with effort and patience.

Big Fish

If small fish means small problems, big fish is equivalent to big problems. You’ll need to have faith in yourself and your loved ones. It will help you sail through, no matter how difficult the problem may be.

2. Type of Fish

Type of Fish

Did you know dreaming of a goldfish out of water would mean one thing, while a koi in the same situation will stand for something else?


Dreaming of a goldfish out of water stands for positive things. It means your life will go through a major transformation, and you will be gifted with prosperity.

Black Koi

Black koi stands for strength and masculinity. Seeing it come out of the water means you have the perseverance and determination to work hard. It will bring you success in the long run.

White Koi

If the fish you see out of the water is a white koi, it symbolizes fulfillment. It means your goals will be achieved and your desires fulfilled. You might face challenges but will manage to overcome them.

3. Based On Appearance

Based On Appearance

So, what fish did you dream of, a pretty one stained in mud or a dirty one coming out of the water? Each of them has a different meaning.

Mud-Stained Fish

It isn’t a good sign. It indicates that you might go through bad times quite soon. So, once you dream of something like this, you should be vigilant.

A Beautiful Fish

It’s a positive sign, meaning good things are coming your way. Be prepared to enjoy some of the best moments of life.

A Dirty Fish

If you’ve seen a dirty fish emerge from the water, you must be extra careful. Why? Because you might be accused of things you haven’t done. So, be careful.

4. Based on the Place

Based on the Place

You could dream of fish in different places, and they would symbolize different things. So, where was the fish that you dreamt of? Was it on the beach or near the lake?

Near The Beach

When we think of a beach, fun and adventure come to mind. So if you dream of a fish near a beach, it could mean an adventure is on the cards, and it’s time for some enjoyment.

Near The Lakeside

Dreaming of a fish near the lakeside instead of a beach could mean you’ve worked hard to achieve your goals. Now you desire to get the fame you deserve.


Q. What does putting a fish back into the water mean?

The main significance of this dream is ‘help.’ The person seeing this dream will seek help or aid someone in need. It may even mean you are trying to overcome your life’s troubles.

Q. What does dreaming of a dead fish out of water mean?

It’s an indication you need to liberate yourself emotionally. On the other hand, if the fish you see is cold and dead, this would mean you have no social interaction.

Q. What does it signify to take a fish out of water? 

If you see such a dream, it means you have an innovative bent of mind. You are constantly on the move in, making it big in life.

Q. What does dreaming of a fish struggling to return to water mean? 

It means you’ll have to fight for survival. There’ll be challenges on the way, and you must overcome them.


What we think in our subconscious mind surfaces through our dreams. So, seeing a fish out of the water could either hint at your insecurities or discomfort in adjusting to something that doesn’t suit you.

That being said, the dream can also have a positive connotation. It may point towards financial gain, prosperity, and good luck.

Have you ever dreamt of one of the things mentioned above? Would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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