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What Does Dreaming of a Fish Means? (The Hidden Symbolism)

Are you dreaming of a fish lately? Well, the good news is that they are hopeful and positive signs about a good development in the near or distant future.

What Does Dreaming of a Fish Means (The Hidden Symbolism)

According to dream experts and researchers, dreaming of a fish can point toward a spiritually stimulating and satisfying experience. However, most of the time, your dreams are nothing but metaphorical expressions of your emotional state of mind.

So, what does dreaming of a fish means? Let’s explore the meanings.

Fish Dream Meanings

Mostly positive, your subconscious can have several symbolic messages to convey to you through your fish dream. However, the most commonly derived meaning is associated with creating a new life, fertility, or pregnancy. Pregnant women or women about to conceive are known to have frequently experienced dreaming of a fish.

If you are expecting a baby on the way, your mind is bound to go through a lot of emotions. As a result, your random mood swings can yo-yo from being irritable and tired to being enthusiastically happy.

Your way of thinking about certain things in life could also possibly get reflected in your dreams about a fish. Since dreams generally do not follow the rules of the real world or the existing dimensions, dreaming of a fish can be a gateway for your subconscious mind to get creative, dig deeper, and further explore your thoughts on ego, dignity, and plenty in life.

It is believed that your emotional state of mind is always full of chaos. So, your mind is constantly confused unless you have achieved total spiritual enlightenment. It goes without saying, a baffled mind experiences thoughts that are always fragmented.

This means, on the one hand, you are passionately chasing your spiritual goals, but on the other, the dedication toward the pursuit of intangible goals can sometimes wear off. As a result, you might find yourself struggling to get over your hubris and strike a perfect balance between the two extreme states of your emotions.

So, can you be successful in your spiritual journey without being egoistic? When you are dreaming of a fish, you are more likely to find an answer to this question in your dreams.

Dreaming of a fish can also represent a major development in your life. They are symbols signifying life-changing events. Sometimes, dreaming of a fish also represents abundance and positive personal growth.

The Hidden Symbolism of Fish Dreams

The Hidden Symbolism of Fish Dreams

What is critical to understanding the exact meaning of dreaming of a fish is to introspect your current life situation from different perspectives carefully. While doing so, you must do a well-rounded analysis of things around you, and how you have been dealing with them. Think of this as capturing all the highs and lows in your life without the filter.

While wrapping your head around the ups and downs of your life can be challenging, it is definitely worth it if you want to understand the hidden meanings of your fish dreams. 

To put things in perspective, imagine the zodiac sign, Pisces. It has a symbol of two fish opposite each other. These represent the Piscean mind fragmented between the reel and real life.

Therefore, dreaming of a fish can symbolize your dualism in terms of thought process, feelings and emotions. In broader terms, it means that your emotional state of mind is like a two-pronged road, and these dreams might signal you to take a balanced, well-thought-out approach to deal with such a conundrum.

Another hidden meaning when you dream about a fish could be that you have a critical decision to make based on several confusing conditions and inputs. You are struggling to make sense of the multiple options in front of you, and picking one is a real challenge.

Dreaming of a fish might also symbolize your discomfort with some of your inner thoughts. It might be facing difficulty understanding and making peace with certain conflicting thoughts that have been bothering you for quite some time.

Fish dreams may also represent discomfort or uneasiness in a romantic relationship, relationship with your near and dear ones, or in your work environment. For example, you might feel like quitting your job or getting rid of some people in your life.

Dreaming of a Fish – Interpreting Different Scenarios

Dreaming of a Fish - Interpreting Different Scenarios

Let’s add some context to your fish dreams, shall we? If you are dreaming of a fish, here are different scenarios for you to evaluate and get more clarity on what your dreams actually mean.

1. Dreaming of a Goldfish

The color or the type of fish you see in your dreams can also mean several things. However, you may be unaware of the different fish varieties or their names. But a basic understanding can give away additional details about what exactly your dream is trying to communicate to you.

For instance, if you see a goldfish in your dreams, it generally means that good news is on its way. This is because some dream experts believe that a goldfish is a sign of good luck and brings happy surprise news.

The number of fish you see in your dreams can also be a significant clue indicating plenty or abundance in your life. Seeing multiple fish can represent that you will soon be blessed with blissful abundance.

The color of the fish can also provide you with important takeaways to better your life. Seeing different fish with a wide range of colors shows that you need to go closer to your real personality, to who you are actually, and explore or discover the hidden “you.” It represents the process of creative stimulation, and such dreams encourage you to scout the artistic side of your personality.

2. Dreaming of Catching a Fish

Dreaming of Catching a Fish

The phrase “a Good Catch” is generally used for an individual with many good qualities. So, catching a fish in your dreams symbolizes that you have come across someone or something in your life that’s really extraordinary.

Think of meeting your future partner with great qualities or landing a wonderful career opportunity and a competent role at work that you wanted all along. It also represents that you are ready to welcome new relationships or friendships.

But it also might have a negative connotation depending on what fish it is. A large predator fish indicates that you are about to bring something in or someone in your life that is not worth your while.

Such a dream indicates that you must be cautious about who or what you allow into your circle. The dream tells you that it is best not to make them a part of your life.

3. Dreaming of a Fish in the Water

Dreaming of a fish in the water can either mean life is preparing you to face a challenge. Or it could mean that success is on its way.

But this depends on where exactly the fish is floating in the water. If you dream about a fish close to the water surface, it means that all the hard work you have been doing so far is soon going to be paid off. It represents that success is going to come knocking on your door soon.

If you see a fish in your dreams near the bedrock or at the bottom, it means that you might have to put up with a difficult situation or a major challenge approaching you. It might be considered a warning for you to be aware of such a situation and lay the groundwork for handling it the right way.

However, a fish in your dream swimming in a fish tank indicates your inability or unwillingness to break out of the shell. It means that you are being held back by someone or something that restricts you from following your heart. Sometimes it could be your thoughts coming in the way of your actions.

4. Dreaming of a Fish Jumping Out of Water

Dreaming of a Fish Jumping Out of Water

A fish in your dream out of its natural habitat can be associated with unexpected good events. It indicates happiness and excitement. However, a fish jumping out of water might seem like detaching the fish from its only place of survival. But this dream does not have a negative connotation.

It simply means that you are soon expected to turn your life around for the better. Good things are about to happen, and this dream gives you a reason to rejoice. It might also indicate that you have become a peaceful person internally as well as externally, signifying a better mind-body-spirit connection.

5. Dreaming of a Dead Fish

Dreaming of a dead fish represents stagnation concerning different aspects of your life. It could symbolize that your artistic side needs revival, and you might need to enhance your skills or look for better sources of inspiration to let your creative thoughts flow freely. This dream tells you not to become a creature of habit.

It might also indicate that you are productivity at work has been affected, so you need to look for better avenues to spruce up your career.

In some cases, dreaming of a dead fish can also represent a relationship falling apart due to negligence or oversight. Going through a rough patch could be quite stressful and can affect your life on the other fronts.

So, these dreams should be taken in your stride as they convey you to take charge, not give up and take appropriate measures to strengthen your relationship.


Use the visual cues from the above scenarios that best fit your fish dreams and get to the bottom of what they represent. But, of course, the devil is in the details, so always ensure you focus well and analyze the scenarios correctly.

Chances are you might not be able to remember the entire dream sequence, but that is okay. It is a gradual process, and you really don’t need to remember everything that you experience in your dream.

However, you will realize that you will not completely forget the whole scenario, no matter how hard you try. It will keep running in the back of your mind. So, relax, do not aim for perfection, go with the flow and decode your dreams without putting any barriers to your thought process.

To make it simpler for you, ask these questions to yourself and try navigating your fish dreams:

  • Are you looking for new ways to spark creativity in you?
  • Are you making enough effort to make your life better?
  • Are you in control of your emotions? Or do you let them spiral out of control?
  • How do you make important life decisions? Do you depend on your gut feeling, or do you rely on your maturity?

Be creative, be mindful, and you will figure things out for yourself. It is just a matter of time.

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