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What Does it Mean When You Dream of Someone You Like?

Who do you like the most? Your mom? Dad? Your sis? Your better half or a newfound crush? Your dreams are a reflection of your inner mind. So have you lately been dreaming of the ones whom you love? Well, there may be a lot of reasons behind the same.

Moreover, if they aren’t by your side, then you may find difficulty removing them from your heart and thoughts. It may appear in the form of a dream. It could be a soothing or pleasant one or a little unpleasant as well.

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Well, in this article, let us be more specific and confine our discussion to the person with whom you are engaged in a romantic relationship. It could be your boyfriend/girlfriend, your better half, or even your crush. Read on to know the various interpretations that dreaming about your loved one can have.

General Meanings About Dreams of Someone You Like

General Meanings About Dreams of Someone You Like

Dreaming of the one you like seems more common in people who’ve entered into a new relationship. This is because a major part of their mind remains engrossed in thoughts of their significant other. Let’s check out a few basic reasons behind your dream of someone you like.

They Occupy A Big Place In Your Mind and Heart

When you dream of your loved one, it may indicate that the concerned person has occupied a prominent place in your mind. You keep thinking of them in your waking life as well. No wonder they keep coming to you in your dreams.

The person could be anyone like your boyfriend, your fiancee, or perhaps the one whom you admire secretly. Your emotions often come across through your dreams, meaning that the person is immensely important to you.

They Need Your Attention

Another aspect of dreaming about someone you like is that the person concerned requires your time and attention. He or she might need your help with a certain aspect, and you should be there in their time of need.

Symbolic Meanings About Dreams of Someone You Like

Symbolic Meanings About Dreams of Someone You Like

Dreaming about someone you like has some deeper symbolic meanings also. It can be anything from feeling connected to them to developing an obsession with them, and the list goes on. Let us look at the symbolic implications of dreaming of someone you like.

1. You Have a Special Connection With Them

When you are emotionally connected to someone you love, then it’s quite natural to see them in your dreams. You may even have high expectations from the person. However, you aren’t getting all that you wish for. It’s hitting you somewhere in your subconscious mind, and you wish to establish your missing connection.

2. A Problem In Your Relationship Need To Be Worked On

A Problem In Your Relationship Need To Be Worked On

Well, you are in a relationship, and things are going on at their own pace, yet something might be lacking. Maybe both of you aren’t giving each other quality time. It might even be that the two of you have difficulty coming to a point.

These problems strike your subconscious mind and surface through your dreams. It might be an indication that it’s time you consider working on these aspects of your relationship to improve your connection.

3. It’s An Intuition

Perhaps you are on the verge of starting a new relationship. At this moment, you have a soothing dream of that particular person. It is likely to be a good sign. It could mean that this person would be a good choice for you. So, you should be ready to move on with them.

4. It’s A Matter of Telepathy

It’s A Matter of Telepathy

Do you believe in telepathy? It could be that your loved one and you are not near each other physically. Yet, both of you are connected emotionally. It’s this connection that triggers such a dream. Don’t be surprised if your partner dreams of you as well at the same time. This is nothing but telepathy.

5. It’s a Blast Into the Past

Did you dream about a loved one last night? The only difference could be that the loved one is no longer part of your life. So, what does your dream mean? Do you want to get back to your ex? Well, that’s not always the case. Perhaps your past relationship has had an impact on you. Maybe it was the longest relationship you were in or perhaps the most traumatic one.

Even after the relationship ceased to exist, something may have compelled you to be reminded of your past. This could have impacted your subconscious mind, leading to the dream.

6. Your Life Is Uncertain

Your Life Is Uncertain

Did you see the dream at a time when your relationship was going topsy-turvy? Your relationship might be going through a bad patch. The dream is an indication that your relationship is uncertain and going nowhere. You may likely be dreaming of something unpleasant; for instance, you and your partner may be having a tiff. The onus lies on you to try your best and mend ways to save your relationship.

7. You Could Be in Multiple Relationships

Does this sound weird? Well, are you in a situation where you are juggling between two or more partners? Are you enjoying the situation? Are you confused? Are these changes in your life elevating your stress levels? Whatever be it, when you frequently dream of several partners in your life, it gives the impression of a chaotic feeling. It could even mean that you should bring stability to your life and settle down with a single partner.

8. You Are Insecure

You Are Insecure

It could be that you saw your loved one in your dream, which wasn’t pleasant. This is because perhaps you saw him deceiving you. Such dreams are mostly signs of insecurity. You may not have faith in yourself and your abilities as well. If you have had an experience of cheating with your present partner or your ex, then the fear of being cheated on will prevail. When your significant other behaves oddly, this could make you suspicious and trigger such dreams.

9. Signifies Your Values and Virtues

Though our topic of discussion is romantic love, yet, it is important to know that our loved ones include a lot of people like our parents, colleagues, friends, and so on. When you see anyone of these people, it may be that you’re missing them. Another possibility is your admiration for them. You can’t help admiring them or a certain quality of theirs that you wish to adopt.

This has another significance as well. Say you dreamt of any of your family screaming at your partner or you. This could signify disapproval from your end. It could even mean that you are afraid of how your parents might react upon hearing about your relationship.

10. You Are In Need of a Companionship

You Are In Need of a Companionship

You may not be in a relationship, yet you dream of someone you love or are fond of. These dreams hint at your loneliness. You, too, need company and someone to talk to. Are you in distress in your waking life? Is it some kind of stress that is gripping you? If that’s the case, then it’s high time that you thought about enhancing your circle. It’ll keep you rejuvenated physically and mentally.

11. Talks About Your Obsession

You may dream of someone you aren’t in a relationship with, but perhaps admire, or even love. If they visit your dreams frequently, this doesn’t remain confined to admiration or mere infatuation. It hints at your obsession with that particular person. Perhaps you cannot get over them.

Common Scenarios of Dreaming Of Someone You Like and its Interpretation

Common Scenarios of Dreaming Of Someone You Like and its Interpretation

So, what dream did you have of the person you like? Were you talking to them or walking with them? Or was it something more cozy, like kissing or hugging your crush or the one you like? Each of them has a special significance. Read on to know more:

Based on Action

So, what was your beloved doing when you dreamt of them? Did you only see your beloved or yourself as well?  Each action has a symbolic meaning. Let us analyze them one after the other.

1. Kissing The One You Like

Have you been in two minds about approaching the one you like? You might be apprehensive about the other person reciprocating to you. The dream is perhaps a clue from your subconscious mind, urging you to approach the person you love.

Wait for a favorable time and go ahead and express your feelings. It could even mean that you desire to be intimate with the one you love or have feelings for.

2. Hugging The One You Like

Hugging The One You Like

This has a positive indication. It means that you can walk on a beautiful journey with the one you like. Both of you will be in a happy space in each other’s company. If you go a step further and see the person also reciprocating your actions and hugging you back, that will be an added advantage. It means they have accepted you in their life and are willing to be with you.

3. Walking With Someone You Like

When you walk with the one you like, that’s a good sign too. It signifies that you and the person you are fond of might walk a new journey together and will feel comfortable with one another. If all goes well, you and the one you admire will have a pleasant and fulfilling association in the days to come.

4. Talking To Someone You Like

When you dream about talking to someone you like or love, this means that you are about to embark on a spiritual journey into a world unknown to you. This will help you achieve feelings of self-awareness and self-development.

On the flip side, this has negative implications as well. It means that your relationship is going through a crisis. It could even be that you’re going through an identity crisis or facing a personal loss.

Based On People/Situation

Based On People/Situation

So, who is the person in your dream? Is it your partner? Or is it someone who has never reciprocated your love? Let’s get to know the various things they stand for.

1. About Your Partner

This means that the both of you are emotionally connected, and they’ve been on your mind even when away from you.

2. About Love, That Hasn’t Been Reciprocated

Unreciprocated love is one of the most painful experiences a person can go through. This means that in real life, you are going through a feeling of rejection. If you dream that your partner hasn’t reciprocated your love, this means that you aren’t getting the love and support you deserve.


What does it mean to dream that the one you had a crush on is dead?

It’s more of a nightmare than a dream. To see such a dream means that it’s the end of your crush. You felt strongly for this person, but your emotions have changed with time. You no longer feel the same. The dream is a hint to let bygones be bygones and move on.

What does it mean when you dream that the one you like also likes you back?

If you dream of something like this, it will surely leave you delighted the moment you wake up. Your face will surely be flooded with a broad smile. The dream is a representation of your positive-mindedness and confidence. You’re sure that things will work out between the two of you.


Decoding dreams could be tricky at times. Our mind goes through an array of emotions in our waking life. It is some of these that get reflected in our dreams. When you dream of a loved one, it reflects what you feel about the person. It may even portray your inner fears and insecurities. Perhaps you fear rejection, you fear of losing your loved one, and so on. No wonder you see your beloved in your dream so often. The significance of such a dream is endless.

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