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Dream About Keys: Meaning and Interpretation

Keys are objects almost all of us use daily. It could be to open your home’s front door, garage door, car, or even your locker.

Although they are minute objects, their usefulness cannot be denied. Because they are usually small, people neglect them when they see a key in their dreams. However, like any other dream, you shouldn’t ignore it.

Dreaming about keys can have layers of meanings and interpretations that help you figure out the solution to your problems and give you a better perspective of your life.

Dream About Keys: Meaning and Interpretation

If you’re wondering about the significance of your dream about keys and how it could impact your life, we’re here to help you dissect it. In this article, we will dive deep into the numerous dream scenarios related to keys and what they could mean.

Symbolism of a Dream About Keys

The following are the various types of symbolism linked to dreams about keys:

Finding Solutions

Finding Solutions

We all face problems in different ways daily. Having a dream about a key, though, is a positive sign as it means that you’re soon about to find the solution to the problem plaguing you.

At times we put a key in the wrong keyhole of a door, which prevents it from opening. However, once we figure out the right combination, the door opens.

Similarly, dreaming about keys is a way for your subconscious mind to tell you that you have been going the wrong way when looking for solutions and instead need to try a different approach. It holds true, especially if the problem is related to your workplace.

Strength and Authority

Seeing a key in a dream could indicate a person’s character and personality.

It could especially mean the person has power and authority over their life and is mentally strong. Therefore, if you see keys in your dream, you’re completely in control of your life, and you’re the one calling the shots.

You don’t seek anyone’s approval or validation and make decisions based on your happiness and whatever seems right to you. It shows that you’re independent, which gives you the strength to be unabashedly yourself. It points to both financial as well as mental freedom.

Fresh Opportunities

Fresh Opportunities

When people see keys in their dreams, it can mean new opportunities are about to knock on their doorstep.

You may have been at your current job for a long time, in which case this dream means you will finally move to a job that values your talent and makes you feel rejuvenated.

Once you have this dream, you should know that these opportunities won’t stay around for long and that you need to grab them as soon as they show up, or you will lose them.

Going out of your comfort zone and trying something new takes a lot of bravery. But you must remember that you will be an achiever and be successful only when you seize the opportunity life presents you with.

Sudden Change

If keys appear in your dream, you must brace yourself up for unexpected changes in your life soon. Although you won’t know whether these changes are for good, their outcome will completely depend on how you react to and handle them.

Once you make the right choices and decisions, these changes will bring about the right transformation in you. On the other hand, wrong decisions can lead you to negative changes and leave you frustrated. Therefore, don’t rush and carefully assess every situation before making up your mind on the choices and decisions you want to make.

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

Keys in a dream could signify spiritual growth. It means that you’re beginning to see the things around you differently, and your outlook toward the world is evolving for the better.

It can also mean that you’re moving away from your traditional thinking and your old way of doing things, thereby adapting modern and better ways that spiritually satiate you.

General Meaning of a Dream About Keys

When you dream about keys, multiple general meanings can be linked to them. It could symbolize your internal strength and denote that you’re no longer scared of the obstacles and troubles that may get in your way. In fact, you feel a sense of thrill at the prospect of taking on new challenges.

On the other hand, such dreams can also mean you have been slightly troubled lately. It could also be due to jealousy or frustration. Either way, you need to take time out and relax to let these feelings go.

Have you been keeping secrets to yourself? If so, it’s not uncommon to dream about keys. Maybe you have just entered into a relationship and are trying to keep it a secret, which in turn is leaving you stressed.

Seeing keys in your dream can also signify that you’re ready to hand over your authority and responsibilities to someone else. It shows that you trust this person and are confident in their ability to handle important matters.

Meanings of Different Dream Scenarios About Keys

Listed below are the numerous interpretations and meanings of dreams about keys:

1. Dream About a Golden Key

Dream About a Golden Key

Dreaming about a golden key means you’re a golden child. You’re confident, intelligent, astute, talented, and ambitious. You work hard, and you know what you want in life.

A person who has this dream is someone who gives in his all-blood, sweat, and tears towards what they do and stops at nothing to achieve their goals. Due to their hard work, they also get rewarded for it, encouraging them to work harder.

So, if you have this dream, keep doing what you’re doing, but also don’t let yourself get overconfident. If you walk around with an inflated ego due to your achievements, it can have the opposite effect.

2. Dream About a Keychain

If your dream is about receiving a keychain from someone, then it’s a sign of your well-being and the fact that you’re successful. Although the current circumstances and the journey ahead might intimidate you, you can ultimately accomplish your financial goals.

Responsibility and power are the two central meanings of a dream about keychains. It means that the people around you believe in you and put their faith in you. Therefore, you shouldn’t take this responsibility lightly but always be aware of your duties.

On the other hand, if your dream shows that you’re buying a keychain for yourself, it could mean that you’re too self-involved and often spend your money on unnecessary things, a habit you must change.

3. Dream About Giving a Key to Someone

Dream About Giving a Key to Someone

If you’re a private person who doesn’t trust someone easily, then the dream of giving someone a key can mean you finally have someone you can trust, open up to, and share your secrets with.

This person could be a friend you have become close to, an old friend with whom you have rekindled your friendship, or perhaps a new person altogether. It could also signify that you have found someone you’re willing to call your romantic partner.

This partner may make you feel comfortable, encouraging you to share your deepest and darkest secrets with them and unburden them off your shoulders.

4. Dream About a Lock and Key

Suppose you see yourself with a lock and key wherein you’re turning a key and twisting it inside a keyhole in your dream. In that case, it means that unexpected situations could greet you in life soon. These situations will not be pleasant.

If you find yourself succeeding in opening the lock, then it points to the fact that you’re waiting for the right moment to make life-altering decisions.

It could mean you want to commit yourself to someone romantically. It could also be about growing and achieving new highs in your professional life or attaining financial stability.

Such a dream can also mean you’re soon to encounter an introverted and private individual. Although you will try your best to get them to open up to you, your efforts will mostly fail.

5. Dream About Using a Key to Lock a Door

Dream About Using a Key to Lock a Door

Using a key to lock a door in a dream can have multiple meanings. It could represent the individual’s anti-social behavior and the fact that they often like to stay away from people.

If you’re outside in the dream while locking the door, it can mean that you’re attempting to cut someone off from your life. You have finally decided to distance yourself from them for your happiness and mental health.

Finding yourself inside while locking the door can mean that you have been isolating yourself but now wish to share your feelings with someone. This dream could be a sign for you to introspect, take some time off, and be aware of what’s happening around you.

6. Dream About Losing Keys

If you lose your keys in your dream, then it means that you’re scared of how quickly everything is changing and are finding it difficult to catch up. You could feel like you’re losing control of the situations in your life.

Such dreams can also signify the overwhelming feeling of getting stuck or trapped. Perhaps you’re scared that you will lose out on certain important opportunities.

7. Dream About Finding a Key

Dream About Finding a Key

Have you ever been rummaging through your bag to look for your key but can’t find it? Doesn’t it fill you with a sense of anxiety? And then comes the sheer happiness of finding the key you were looking for. Similarly, dreaming about finding a key is a very positive omen.

This dream means that you will finally find the perfect solution to a problem that has been bothering you for quite some time now. You feel confident enough to face all the issues holding you back and getting in the way of your success.

If you haven’t been yourself lately, this dream is a sign that you have got back your zest for life and are ready to embrace happiness.

8. Dream About a Broken Key

A broken key in a dream is usually not a positive sign. It means you’re filled with anxiety and uncertainties about the future. There may be a relationship in your life that is about to end. It could be a relationship with a friend or a romantic partner.

You have been feeling a lack of control over the way you display your emotions, and it is this fact that could break your friendship or romantic relationship.

If you have been keeping your feelings bubbled up, then now is the time to deal with them so that you don’t ruin more of your bonds with those around you.

9. Dream About Car Keys

Dream About Car Keys

When you dream about car keys, it could mean you let others control your life. It could be a sign that you shouldn’t let others dictate your actions; instead, you should take the reins of your life into your own hands.

However, remember that this sense of control doesn’t apply to romantic relationships because you could lose your partner if you try to control them.

10. Dream About a Rusty Key

Dreaming of a rusty key could point toward the medical issues a person is facing. You may have been neglecting your health for a long time, and this is your mind’s way of asking you to contact a doctor as soon as possible so that your condition can be assessed.

It would help if you got yourself checked soon so the medical problem doesn’t accelerate to a point where it can’t be solved. It’s a metaphor wherein your body is the key, and rust is the medical issue.

11. Dream About a Big Key

Dream About a Big Key

Dreaming about a big key indicates that you should watch your step and be extremely careful before moving forward. Someone in your life may be hoping to make your life difficult and tarnish your name and reputation in the process.

Therefore, whether in your personal life or the workplace, you should be cautious of your surroundings and the people you befriend because you can’t be sure who is plotting against you.

If you aren’t careful, the consequences can leave you devastated for a long time. Hence, being smart and cautious is the only way out.


What is the connection between knowledge and a dream about keys?

Dreaming about keys could mean you will soon discover hidden knowledge or secrets about something or someone.

Does my dream about keys say something about my problems?

A dream regarding keys often means you have unresolved problems you’re running away from.

What does my dream about keys say about the control I have over my life?

If you dream about keys, then based on the situation, it could mean you’re losing control over your own life.


Did you ever think that dreaming about something as small as a key could have so many metaphors? Well, it indeed is true. Our dreams are a way for our subconscious mind to convey messages about things that we have probably been ignoring and one that we need to get right to lead a happy and successful life.

If you’re wondering why you keep seeing keys in your dreams, go through the above scenarios and determine what your dream is trying to tell you.

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