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Dreams About Eggs: Symbols and Interpretations (With FAQ’s)

Eggs are found in various diets worldwide because of their high protein content. They’re one of the most common foods in our dietary palate, making egg imagery in our dreams a not-so-strange affair.

Such widely consumed food displays profound meanings about the human psyche.

Exploring and interpreting these dream sequences often divulge several aspects of our subconscious mind.

Dreams About Eggs Symbols and Interpretations

In this article, we will be exploring the various Symbols and Interpretations of Dream about Eggs. So, let’s jump right into it.

Symbols And Interpretations of Dreams About Eggs

Symbols And Interpretations of Dreams About Eggs

Dreams, eggs usually symbolize wealth, goodness, abundance, a new phase in life, and luck. They, however, vary from person to person, given their current lifestyle and mental struggles.

At certain times eggs may indicate a person’s inner turmoil or a forthcoming defeat. The mind conjures these images to alert you beforehand and protect you from massive psychological blows.

Throughout literary and visual art, artists have observed eggs with symbolic significance. From being a symbol of purity to representing nourishment, eggs partake in multiple interpretations as fragmentary images in dreams.

Here are some of the symbols and interpretations of eggs in our dreams.

1. Fertility

In many religious traditions, like in Christianity, eggs represent fertility. Whether it’s the egg cells of the human embryo or birds laying eggs in the nest, this imagery indicates fertility and, in many cases, marks the onset of spring.

The Christian beliefs further enhance the idea of fertility. There, the preachers likened the egg to the tomb of Christ in Jerusalem.

Just as the chick emerges from the cracked eggshell, Christ rose from the tomb to resuscitate and purge the world of its sins.

On a different note, several psychoanalysts conferred that dream images of eggs expose the dreamer’s innate desire to give birth. If the individual is pregnant or indignant about their pregnancy, dreams about eggs may appear.

The conditions and environment around the egg in the dreamscape interpret the mother’s mental state and thoughts about birthing a baby.

2. Secret Potential

Secret Potential

An egg’s inner components hold lots of nutrients essential for human growth. Although the outer calcium shell protects the inner and vulnerable core from external harm, the yolk contains various vitamins, including Vitamin D and other minerals.

A dream sequence containing the image of an egg symbolizes the dreamer’s hidden talent. Due to social adversities or personal challenges, the dreamer couldn’t pursue their ambitions.

However, dreams about an egg may indicate an upcoming situation challenging your all-encompassing vulnerabilities. Soon you’ll step out of the cocoon and leverage time-sensitive opportunities to showcase your talents.

3. Wholeness

Given the orbital shape of the egg, varied cultures worldwide take it as the symbol of wholeness. The absolute completeness of this food object often resembles satisfaction and self-contentedness.

Therefore, the image fragment of an egg appearing in dreams hints at the dreamer’s state of mental peace. They’re satisfied with their materialistic gains and emotional responses.

You’ve transcended the meager realm of ego. As a result, your mind and soul are attuned and in harmony with each other.

No difficult situations of inconvenience can dishevel your peaceful mindset as you’ve reached wholeness.

Suppose the dreaming individual has gone through a turbulent phase in life. In that case, the dream image affirms smooth and peaceful days ahead.

4. Fragility


We often associate eggs with fragility and vulnerability. The outer shell is a brittle covering that protects the watery and runny content of the yolk. One rash blow can break the egg entirely, revealing the inner gooey substance.

In a dreamscape, the egg can be the dreaming individual’s personality. Maybe, they’re emotionally vulnerable. A single provocation in public can stimulate their emotional weaknesses.

Such dream images may imply an upcoming social provocation that causes them to create a public scene. On the contrary, the dream sequence may also symbolize a precarious relationship status.

Furthermore, it can indicate you’re highly concerned about your career. When things aren’t looking up, the egg imagery in dreams resonates with your anxious mindset.

5. Luck and Hope

Several South-Asian cultures consider eggs as a symbol of luck. They believe eggs bring wealth to the family and preserve their peace and health.

Often older adults conjecture eggs are the symbol of wealth and abundance.

Therefore, the dream motif can imply your upcoming chances of wealth gain. Soon you’ll inherit or procure a significant monetary amount or a piece of land.

Are you planning to invest in a young startup? The dream about eggs may indicate that it’s the right time to do so.

If looked at from an artist’s point of view, the egg image resembles a hopeful ending. Eminent painter Salvador Dali consistently used eggs to indicate a happy ending.

In his painting Metamorphosis of Narcissus, the last panel shows a white hand rising from the ground and holding an egg, wherein a small flower grows from the shell.

Given this impressionistic painting, many psychoanalysts believe the dream image resonates with the individual’s hidden desire to flourish and own the world. Irrespective of one’s age or flaws, every individual can strive to succeed in their chosen path.

6. Rebirth and Renewal — A Cycle

Rebirth and Renewal — A Cycle

Eggs also represent a complete cycle that designates the ever-turning wheel of rebirth and renewal. The Hindus believe the cycle of birth and rebirth traps every human fate. Only when individuals have completed a specific number of turns can they step away from this lifecycle.

In such egg dreamscapes, the image has positive connotations, indicating your growth and attachment to a significant project. It further implies spontaneity and continuity in personal and professional space.

If you were worried about your relationship status, know the egg symbol in the dream implies a positive connotation. It’s the way your mind affirms relationship stability.

6. Mourning

In Jewish culture, eggs are closely associated with mourning. As a part of their mourning ritual, the Jews offer hard-boiled eggs. It’s in remembrance of the demolition of the Holy Temple.

Thus, the egg imagery connotes the continuance of life irrespective of the greatest tragedies you’ve survived.

Dreams About Egg Dishes and Their Interpretations

Dreams About Egg Dishes and Their Interpretations

Minute details in egg dreams can suggest different interpretations. Some dreams about egg variants and their interpretations are:

Dreams About Boiled Eggs

The fragmentary motif of boiled eggs signifies how surrounding adversities can transform you into a powerful human being. Whether the transformation is for the better or worse depends upon the cause.

Boiling eggs refer to the dreamer’s upcoming fortunate days. They will receive a considerable amount of wealth. On the contrary, a hard-boiled egg has a negative reference.

Such eggs generally indicate bad news. Since Jews use hard-boiled eggs for mourning, various dream interpreters conclude such dream images appear when the dreaming person expects to hear the death news of a closed one.

Such shocking news may bring about an emotional whirlwind inside the dreamer. It can either trigger them to take drastic steps to end their life or slow them down forever.

Whatever the consequences, the sufferers often forget to live their lives. This dream sequence acts as a warning for the dreamer to brace themself.

Dreams About Poached Eggs

Dreams About Poached Eggs

Preparing poached eggs requires considerable skill and a sense of timing. The cook carefully drops the egg content on the drying pan, ensuring the sunny-side-up is intact.

Likewise, dreams about poached eggs denote proper timing, planning, and skills to make a project successful. When someone dreams of poached eggs, it indicates that they possess the required skill and expertise to lead a project and make it a success.

Some psychologists suggest poached eggs are symbols of extramarital affairs, especially for women. Such visual images are warning signs that the dreamer is walking down a secret route that might damage their marital relationship.

Moreover, dreams about eating poached eggs present negative implications. Dream interpreters think someone will soon betray you and jeopardize your household’s peace.

Watch out for their suspicious moves and try to keep an amicable relationship with all.

Dreams About Fried Eggs

Dreams about fried eggs reflect your mind, signaling your declining health conditions.

Whether it’s work pressure or unrest in personal space, your mental and physical health has been at the receiving end.

If the subject doesn’t care for their holistic well-being for long, it can adversely affect their physical development. Pay heed to such a dream sequence and seek professional help.

An unattended mental condition can affect your physical growth and leave you depressed.

On a positive note, a fried egg dream imagery urges you to take things slow in your professional and personal life. The blazing-fast lifestyle has deprived you of little happiness in life.

Contemplate how much you’ve detached from your family and loved ones.

It’s your chance to plan a family gathering or a solo trip to reconnect and rejuvenate yourself.

Additional Meanings of Dreams About Eggs

Additional Meanings of Dreams About Eggs

Some dream about eggs may appear really strange at first glance, like breaking eggs, for example. But don’t worry, we have explained their meaning here.

Dreams About Breaking Eggs

A dream about breaking eggs may indicate a forthcoming situation or an individual who’ll unearth his or her’s true personality.

A Human personality has both white and grey traits. However, dreams about breaking eggs imply that the dreamer has hidden his or her true personality from family members.

Suppose a person has stayed hidden behind a mask for long, fearing what society would say of their true self. A dream about breaking eggs would indicate it’s the right time to step out of the shell and embrace their true personality.

The dream image of breaking eggs, thus, is the way the subject’s mind assures them to be brave and break social stereotypes.

Dreams About Raw Eggs

Dreams About Raw Eggs

The sight of raw eggs can be unpleasant for many. But in any culture, raw eggs symbolize nourishment and are exotic. However, the interpretations may vary because of the dreamer’s current situation in life.

For instance, dreams about eating raw eggs may suggest your impatience. You can no longer wait for an opportune moment and, thus, make a tremendous life-changing decision about your career.

Some psychoanalysts may point out that the image of eating raw eggs exposes your readiness in the face of new challenges. Soon you’ll be vested with massive responsibilities in the workspace.

Your mind is simply conjuring the raw eggs image to remind you of the skills and potential you already possess for the role.

Have you been quiet towards specific incidents in life? It may be the time to raise your voice and protest. The raw eggs symbolize your sincere inner voice and the sense of justice you kept stifling.

The dream can be a mindful calling to rise to the occasion and showcase your true worth.

Dreams About Throwing Eggs

The idea of throwing eggs associate with embarrassment or intentional harassment. Dream images of you throwing eggs at someone implies your hatred and the purposeful urge to hurt someone.

Although such an incident may lessen your anger momentarily, it can affect your relationship with that person forever. Consider this dream scene to assess your thoughts and understand how you can resolve your anger issues and the matter at hand.

From another perspective, if you’re at the receiving end of people throwing eggs, the dream may signal an upcoming dangerous situation. Someone close is trying to disparage your good name and spoil everything you’ve worked on until now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions concerning dreams about eggs are:

What is the spiritual meaning of eggs?

From a spiritual perspective, the symbolism of eggs varies. However, the common implications indicate fertility, resurrection, rebirth, and abundance.

What does it mean when you dream of eggs in Hinduism?

In Hinduism, dreams of eggs signify success and forthcoming birth in the family.

Is it good to dream about eggs?

It’s good to dream about eggs because it implies wealth and marks the onset of a new life.

What do eggs mean in dreams biblically?

From a biblical point of view, dreams about eggs often signify diverse new opportunities that lay before the dreamer.

What does it mean to dream about a hen laying eggs?

A generic interpretation of a dream about hen laying eggs implies the dreamer will receive a massive reward after working hard for a long time.

What do easter eggs in dreams mean?

Easter eggs designate a new beginning. When a dreamer joins a new workforce or shifts to a new city, dreams about easter eggs may appear.

Why do I dream of rotten eggs?

You dream of rotten eggs because of your low energy and confidence. A sedentary life for a while can lead to visualizing rotten eggs in dreams.

Do eggs bring good luck?

In some cultures, presenting eggs to visitors or close ones is seen as a gesture of wishing luck. That’s because people believe eggs to be lucky.

Final Takeaway

Dreams about eggs differ from person to person. While, for one, the dream image may offer positive connotations, it can have negative meanings for other dreamers.

Therefore, look for the details of the setting and characters in the dream. These minor observations can heavily influence the dream interpretation.

Some psychoanalysts suggest the use of dream journals. It helps dreamers keep track of their inner thoughts. That way, they can correct themselves and strive for a better life.

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