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9 Christian Dream Symbols With Meaning

Our subconscious mind is actively running even when we are off to the land of dreams. Many times they leave the dreamer baffled, wishing for more insight and information. At this time, symbols play a crucial part in deriving dream interpretations.

Even more, these symbols are a necessary part of the biblical scripture and require a faithful and willing mindset to unravel their mysteries. Hence, to simplify the dream understanding process, we have compiled a list of Christian dream symbols.

As the bible states, “Dreams reveal, but do not condemn.” Therefore, we delve further into how dreams play a significant role in the overall functioning of life.

9 Christian Dream Symbols

9 Christian Dream Symbols With Meaning

#1. Flowers

These are one of the most common symbols that make an appearance when dreaming. By representing spirituality and perfection, they also add a symbolic factor of joy, love, and happiness to your dreams. In many instances, people connect flowers with an apology. It is a way to make up for a mistake to a loved one.

The real-life uses of flowers also flow meanings in dreams, and some of them are:

  • Flower bouquet

This dream signifies happiness. It might hint at present happiness or some form of delight that is awaiting you in the future.

When we get busy, it is hard to look after people we love and make them feel worthy and deserving. This dream also acts as a motivation to go out and surprise your loved ones and put effort into appreciating them.

  • Planting flowers

When you plant flowers, it symbolizes the number of beginnings you can have. This dream acts as the push needed to realize all the hidden potentials you have that flourish if used on appropriate opportunities. It encourages making big moves and decisions in life as it also means that you are on the right track for a stable financial condition.

#2. Anger

Do you often find yourself screaming while asleep? When you wake up, you realize it was not because you had nightmares!

It was because the anger, repressed for a long time, can’t hold back anymore and decided to rear its head while you dream. These repression dreams represent an awareness of feelings of frustration, agitation, and unease.

Holding a symbolic meaning to people who tend to hold back their emotions, this dream provides a better connection to inner conflicts. Some actions such people do regularly are biting lips and clenching fists. They can also represent a personal quality that has unresolved dislike and guilt attached to it.

If you had an anger-centric dream, it means there lays an unresolved situation in real life where you held back from expressing your emotions clearly. With the help of these Christian dream symbols, your dreams can give an outlet to pent-up emotions. Every word that was left unsaid finds its way to the real world when one is dreaming.

Keep in mind, the people who are on the receiving end of outbursts may not be the ones who angered you in real life. Many times, the dreamer may lose all recollection of these events upon waking up, as they slept deeply.

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#3. Heart

The symbol of love, trust, and the place where salvation begins by believing in the reception of the testimony of God, the heart symbolizes dignity, upright nature, and piousness. It reflects on your ability to care for other people. It can also announce the beginning of new relationships.

Apart from that, having visions of the heart of an animal acts as a precursor to victory over enemies.

If you dreamt about the heart, it has a significant influence on the unfolding of your social interactions. These dreams play a symbolic role in the functioning of sympathetic and caring nature.

Above all, it broadens your perception of the idea of receiving love, and it may also permanently change the way you love someone.

A few different interpretations and contexts heart dreams can have are:

  • Valentine’s heart

Symbolizing romantic or sexual interest in another person, this heart dream can come in various colors.

A red heart represents an uncaring attitude, while a blue heart means caring and holding an interest in another person. What’s more, there is even a purple heart dream that stands for feeling powerlessness to feelings of intense love.

  • Bleeding heart

This dream type represents intense feelings like sadness, lack of sympathy, and dismay. It can help you make peace with someone who held a position of love and trust hurt your feelings.

By acting as a bridge between tumultuous feelings of heartbreak and betrayal, this can mean you are now ready to start the journey of healing.

#4. Books

Book dreams are a pleasant surprise for any writer. Reading books in dreams is a sound reflection of knowledge and signifies your curiosity regarding learning more about the world.

If the dream is about reading the bible, it portrays the alertness of your spirit as it is responding to God’s word. Such dreams depict how you have done much work to progress spiritually and show the state of your soul and mind.

What’s more, the Christian dream symbols of books can also help understand inner conflicts surrounding peace and tranquility. For example, if you dream about reading in a library, it may mean that you are searching for seclusion and silence in real life.

Above all, it shows you will not stay stagnant and that the subconscious is brimming with potential.

Here are few ways you can dream of books:

  • Selling books

Reading and selling books both have a tied meaning, but the latter provides a firmer stance in terms of your hunger for knowledge.

Even more revealing, it highlights the duration of your life when being around people proved to be highly fruitful.

Remember, sharing experiences and listening to others to implement their advice, and keeping your view broad will be helpful.

  • Writing a book

No, writing in your dreams is not a sign that you are a workaholic. But it portrays an inclination to a prosperous and healthy life. This dream is supposed to act as an inspiration and motivation to continue pursuing the things you love.

#5. Dragons

A power symbol in mythology, dragons can be intimidating to many. But contrary to their tenacious appearance, dragons are one of the Christian dream symbols that always stand for courage and strength. Having a dream about dragons is a positive sign of having a pleasant upcoming phase in your life.

In addition to being a near-perfect dream symbol, dragon dreams insinuate a loyal friendship in real life. They put the dreamer in a cheerful mood as it means they have someone in their life that will be faithful and defend them in times of need.

Therefore, remain calm and worry-free when you dream about dragons because here are some more incentives to this dream:

  • Seeing a dragon

There is a portrayal of love for family and friends in this dream. What’s ironic is that it supports the idea of being there for family members and friends to avoid a change in their opinions about you.

Witnessing a dragon also acts as a symbol of great wealth and ensures stress-free times in the future.

  • Experiencing a dragon attack

While the idea of this dream may make people question, it is not a cause of worry. This dream is an indication that you will soon face a powerful enemy, but it is not harmful because the vision of this dream also ensures you will emerge victorious from the fight.

#6. Colors

For most of the time that you are dreaming, the existence of colors may not even catch your attention in the dream world. But if the colors get tangled, and the sun is shining pink warmth, while the leaves that always stayed green suddenly start appearing blue, colors will catch your attention.

Some colors with their meanings that may appear in dreams frequently are:

  • Red is associated with blood and automatically gets tied with life. This Christian dream symbol can represent natural objects like the stew of Jacob and the eyes of Judah. Moreover, it could also have the meaning of being washed down by the blood of Jesus.

Red represents spiritual cleansing and the overcoming of individual struggles.

  • Blue is considered as royalty, and in addition to that, the bible describes blue as one with heavenly colors. This is a reminder of God’s spirit or word, and dreaming of this color can mean being chastened by God and getting any present evil removed.
  • White has always been the symbol of purity and righteousness. The bible represents it as the color of the Lord’s throne and as a theme that instills a sense of cleanliness and innocence in the dreamer.

Dreams as such relate to truth and victory in life and could mark the start of a rebirth and a fresh start at life.

  • Black signifies a darker form of beauty, illustrated to be the Father’s presence. Contrary to popular belief, it is not associated with evil. It is a unique color misjudged often, which also marks the aspects of life where you may emerge as resilient and wiser out of darker situations.

#7. Stars

Getting lost at night doing star gazing is a hobby many enjoy. But what if you saw starry skies even in dreams? These stars represent flickers of hope in life.

As the stars shine, emitting strength and energy, they turn out to be delightful dreams in most cases. They can also act as a stimulant to understand the ways you can manifest your desires better.

Portraying the connection you share with your inner strength, dreaming about stars fills the dreamers with satisfying and positive energy. Because dreaming about stars hints at some hidden secrets of life!

Hence dream journaling to remember the minute details of your dreams can be beneficial.

A few different genres of start dream you can have are:

  • Shooting stars

If falling stars are lining your dream world, it is always a good sign. While it occurs more for people who have been through a disaster or harsher time, this particular dream marks the end of hardships and the arrival of peace. Remember, it can be the first indication of new beginnings.

  • Star filled sky

While all the dreamers may be perplexed by the scenic beauty of this dream alone, it does not fall short on symbolism. The stars that you see while sleeping represent the opportunities that may be approaching you in reality.

  • Colored stars

These types of stars may be absent from real life, but they are present in the dream world for sure.

They represent the arrival of opportunities and plenty of prosperity in any upcoming major events of life.

#8. Rainbow

A dream of the rainbow represents a period of life when a disappointing situation is finally over. Good things may start happening after enduring a long period of negativity, as psychological and emotional issues get countered and corrected. Even more, rainbows often represent your feelings, offering an insight into your current mental state.

Rainbows can also symbolize heading in the right direction. With their origins related to faith and spiritual paths, the rainbow symbol in your dream reinstates the belief of continuing to fight for any goals and aspirations you may have in life.

There are various themes in which a rainbow is spotted in dreams, and some of them are:

  • Variety of rainbows

This variety in rainbows is an indication of luck and prosperity in love life. To understand the meaning of this particular dream, you need to change the way of perceiving daily occurrences. Acknowledging there is more than one picture and that two types of feelings occur simultaneously is a great starting point.

  • Golden rainbow

The golden color is often associated with prosperity in material interests and wealth. Hence, dreaming of this rainbow indicates an enhancement in the financial and professional aspects of life.

  • Visions of the rainbow in the sky

Whenever we look at the vast stretch of infinity above our heads, it fills us with a profound sense of peace and calm. If you see a rainbow shining in the sky, it portrays the unique beauty of your personality. Consider it as a reminder that no matter the miseries life throws at you, you are still capable of everything you wish to achieve.

#9. Keys

Dreams with keys signify that the dreamer may have access to or start controlling certain things. It can also mean you will attain freedom soon to do things a certain way. Biblically, dreams about keys can point towards a variety of meanings, namely having an improvement in status and wealth, finding answers to unresolved issues, and gaining better adaptability skills.

On top of that, if you hear rattling keys, it indicates that the right path is being followed. During this period, asking questions without hesitation can improve problem-solving abilities.

Some key-related dreams that you can experience are:

  • Rusty keys

When keys are rustic, they can be pointing towards a suppressed talent. Account for it as an indicator of a time when polishing these untouched skills will give valuable results.

  • Golden keys

In addition to having a direct connection to wealth, golden keys also show a pull towards willingness to learn new abilities. Additionally, it can lead to a time where you may gain more confidence and reduce shying away from sharing your knowledge with others.


Few times a dream can be nothing more than a mere dream. But, learning about the Christian dream symbols that influence your daily life to such a great extent and getting more insight into your subconscious will always prove to shift gears in matters of inner work and spiritual growth.

We talked about how dreaming can be so much more than just random visions and chance thoughts. By discussing these biblical symbols, we also explained how a few of these dreams improve your life for the better.

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