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Dreams About Bats: Meanings and Interpretations

Bats are nocturnal animals that possess exclusive qualities like sharp navigation in the darkness, ultrasonic hearing abilities, and despite being a mammal, they can fly.

No wonder Bruce Wayne intended to become Batman to protect Gotham.

Irrespective of the varied attractive features, people from old ages have associated bats with witches, dark magic, and ill omen. Therefore, a bat image in dreams or reality can scare individuals, compelling them to think that bats carry misfortune.

On the contrary, spiritual teachers often find bats the representative of the other world. They tend to guide souls across the threshold of the materialistic world and welcome them to the spiritual realm.

Dreams About Bats Meanings and Interpretations

Greek mythology commends bats as the ‘guardians of the underworld,’ whereas the Mayan myths consider Camazotz, or the Mayan Bat God, as the epitome of sacrifice.

Similarly, in many traditions, dreams about bats refer to the dreamer’s physical and mental state.

Generic Interpretations Of Dreams About Bats

Generic Interpretations Of Dreams About Bats

Bats can look cute yet creepy, and most people associate them with the challenges of life, individual growth, and a positive connotation. Most common interpretations, however, suggest that bats are evil spirits and signify the darkness in the human psyche.

Some of the generic interpretations of dreams about bats are:

Traumatic Experiences

Many psychoanalysts think bat imagery in a dream reflects the dreamer’s deep-seated traumatic memories. Whether it’s a childhood trauma or a near-death experience, the dreamer has tried to suppress these experiences within the subconscious.

However, the bat image is how the mind signifies that the dreamer needs to confront these fears and find peace within.

Hidden Feelings

Hidden Feelings

If you harbor unfair emotions of vengeance and violence for someone, dreams about bats can emerge in your sleep.

These dream motifs indicate that you take care of your emotions before they overwhelm your senses.

Changes in Life

In varied dream sequences, bats resemble the forthcoming changes in life. It can be an unexpected career transition or migrating to a new geographical territory in search of stability.

Furthermore, bats can resonate with your spiritual or emotional upliftment.

Vibrant Social Life

Vibrant Social Life

Bats often live in a bunch. Dreams about bats, therefore, resonate with the dreamer’s social life.

Such dream portrayals depict the dreamer’s good communication skills and enhanced engaging abilities.

Meanings and Interpretations Of Dreams About Coloured Bats

Dreams about colored bats can hold various meanings and interpretations depending on the specific context and personal experiences of the dreamer. In general, bats symbolize mystery, intuition, and the ability to navigate through the darkness.

When combined with colors, these symbols can take on additional layers of significance. Here are a few possible interpretations:

Black Bats

Black Bats

These types of bats bring forth negative connotations, meaning destruction and desolation. Black bats generally roost in deserted buildings. Thus, several psychoanalysts believe the bat imagery in your dream resembles upcoming turmoil that’ll initiate your days of ruins.

Another interpretation represents black bats as human ignorance and the darkest of emotions. You’ve long suppressed your lacking and vengeful emotions within the subconscious. However, they emerge in your dreams as a mental reflection of your traumatic memories.

Red Bats 

The color red is associated with an individual’s thirst for vengeance. Therefore a red bat indicates your hidden desire to punish someone. It may also signify an aspect of your professional life that affects your mental health.

On a fairer note, red bats also carry positive connotations. In some traditions, natives observe red bats as the epitome of wealth and longevity. If it’s a recurrent dream motif, it can mean you’ll soon inherit or possess a significant property.

White Bats

White Bats

White bats resemble death. Dreaming about white bats reflects your constant thought about old age and how your worries circle around the troublesome days before you die.

Some psychologists may think that the dreamer continues to fantasize about their death. Their consistent ponderings concerning the afterlife and the spiritual journey beyond the earthly realm often result in a white bat image.

Recurrent images of white bats often signify how much you miss a close person who’s no more.

If such dreams sadden your mood, seek help before sorrow overwhelms your senses.

Additional Interpretations Of Dreams About Bats

Some of the widespread yet varying dream scenarios about bats and their interpretations are:

1. Dream About Seeing Many Bats

Dream About Seeing Many Bats

Several bats in your dreams may depict multiple concoctions of destiny, stirring your life into action. For instance, watching a lot of bats in dreams usually represents upcoming opportunities that can transform your professional life for the better.

If a swarm of bats is flying together in the dream scene, it indicates freedom and liberation. The image further emphasizes that reliable friends around will help you escape the current reality that’s suffocating you and stopping your personal growth.

On the contrary, a chaotic bunch of bats often signifies lurking trouble. Some psychoanalysts find this image as a reflection of the dreamer’s subconscious.

Their life is disheveled, and they’re fumbling to keep it organized.

2. Dream About Holding a Bat

The image of holding a bat correlates with accomplishing a daring act. Some believe bats represent the discredited people from the underground.

Therefore, the dream motif of holding a bat indicates the type of company you have. They’re powerful and disrupted, yet you’ve kept them under your complete control.

Another interpretation of this dream image is that it represents success. Soon, you’ll achieve your target, positively impacting your life for many years.

3. Dream About Large Bats in Your House

Dream About Large Bats in Your House

In a dream sequence, a house represents the human mind. If several giant bats infest the house, it indicates issues of grave importance that will keep you preoccupied.

It can either be taxing or a complete waste of time and therefore, you must assess your current real-life status before investing time and effort in resolving such matters.

Big bats in your house may also mean an unwholesome environment surrounding your family and friends. It can be mutual distrust or conflicts over property that are ruining relationships.

Before it affects your mental stability, you can resolve the issue with reason.

Have you dreamt of a bat suddenly appearing in your home? That signifies an unexpected and unknown guest who’ll soon arrive. However, you must be careful because their intentions are still unknown.

4. Dream About Friendly and Calm Bats

Psychologists believe that friendly and calm bats in your dreams reflect your positive mindset and cheerful mood.

If the creatures are baby bats, they signify your happy childhood. Since early childhood, you’ve been cared for, and people loved you for your benevolent and amicable nature.

Further on, a cheerful soul embodies self-contentment. Nothing can lure you to danger as you have overcome greed and feel satisfied with your life.

From a relationship’s perspective, your pragmatic and unaffected nature keeps every toxic personality at bay.

5. Dream About Flying Bats

Dream About Flying Bats

Generally, a flying bat stands for a bad omen and negativity in life. Some dream interpreters believe flying bats resemble your hidden and evil personality traits.

Your mind conjures the image of a flying bat to warn you of the possible repercussions you’ll face because of those negative behavioral changes.

In most cases, a flying bat represents sorrows and troubles that afflict a person’s life. If a dreamer visualizes such a fragmented image, it’s because they’ll soon confront a troublesome phase in life.

These images reflect your inner anxiety, and the mind wants you to attend to them. That’s because sorrows and disappointments can never be more powerful than your will to live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions on dreams about bats and their common interpretations that people often ask:

What do Bats Symbolize in Dreams?

Generally, bats symbolize personal growth and affluence. In many cultures, people consider the image of a bat good luck. On the contrary, we often associate bats with dark and impious energies that influence humans to sin. Some psychoanalysts specify that dreams about bats reflect a person’s hidden fears and anxieties that harm their mental health.

What is The Spiritual Meaning of a Bat?

 From a spiritual perspective, bats often signify a death in a positive light. In other words, this nocturnal animal indicates the end of an old and weary phase in life and welcomes the upcoming happy days. It marks the transition in life, enabling the dreamer to embrace a new beginning.

Is it Good Luck to see Bats in Dreams?

While Chinese culture affirms bats as a good omen, western civilization has an opposite opinion on dreams about bats. According to several European and North American folklore, bats are evil carriers of misfortune.

What Does The Bat Symbolize in Hinduism?

Hindus think bats are pious and holy mammals. Many colonies in rural areas worship and protect bats because they consider these mammals carriers of wealth and abundance. However, many Hindus also believe dreams about bats warn that an enemy is coming closer to the dreamer with violence in mind.

What Does The Red Bat in Dreams Symbolize?

Traditional Chinese artists often paint red bats to represent the blessings of life, like health, longevity, love, tranquillity, and more. To add, the color red in the bat symbolizes prosperity, a frequent occurrence in varied Chinese stylized calligraphy.

Do Bats Symbolize Darkness?

Yes, dream interpreters often associate bats with the dark underworld. Given their nocturnal movements and dark habitats, bats are often considered a symbol of uncanny and suspicious activities.

What is The Positive Meaning of Bat?

Bats have varied positive connotations, including long life, flexibility, rebirth, and prosperity. In Japanese mythology, bats symbolize good fortune and a protective spirit. Koumori, or Japanese for bat, means river protector. Similarly, the Chinese letter for a bat is ‘fu.’ It has a similar pronunciation to the word that means wealth or affluence.

Why do Bats Symbolize Rebirth?

Given bats can travel through the darkness, several spiritual groups have called these creatures the symbol of rebirth. They believe the path to the next life is dark, and a soul has to traverse the unknown and uncanny path to be born again in their next life.

What is The Meaning of Dead Bats?

Dead bats imagery in dreams has both positive and negative connotations. The dead bats symbolize the end of difficult times and mark the beginning of a new chapter. However, a dead bat can also indicate death, mental trauma, or depression for many.

What Does The Bible Say About Bats?

 The Bible looks at the bat as a detestable ‘bird’ that resonates with evil spirits. Christianity often considers bats the source of a person’s desolation and ruin. As per the religion, everyone should avoid such abominable creatures.


Dreams about bats have varying connotations that reflect several aspects, ranging from a person’s mental status to the dreamer’s professional growth. The image of a bat embodies human ignorance and the blessings of life.

Although people fear and detest this nocturnal creature, several people from the Western and Eastern cultures hold bats in reverence. Therefore, dreams about bats don’t only have negative implications. They often deliver positive significance and change our worldview.

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