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Dream About Heart Attack: Meaning And Interpretation

What are dreams? In short, they are the reflection of your mind’s present state and may also give a sneak peek into what’s in store for you in the future. Good dreams delight us to the core, instilling feelings of positivity. On the contrary, bad dreams send a chill down our spine the moment we wake up. And what if you dreamt of a heart attack the night before? Maybe you saw yourself dying, or there was someone else in the picture – someone closest to you. It may have left you shell-shocked, right?

Before you panic, here’s letting you know that dreaming of a heart attack always doesn’t mean you are ill. It often reflects the inner turmoil and insecurities in your mind. There are other interpretations and symbolic meanings also associated with dreaming of a heart attack. Read on to know more.

Dream About Heart Attack: Meaning And Interpretation

What Does a Heart Symbolize?

Before analyzing the meaning of dreaming of a heart attack, it is essential to know the symbolism of the heart. Biologically, the heart is one of the most important organs of the body. It functions in pumping blood throughout your body. When the heart ceases to beat – that’s the end of a person’s life.

That was from the anatomical point of view. Spiritually, the heart is the center point of all emotions, from love to hatred, happiness to anger, and so on. The heart stands for love as well.

No wonder you will see a red heart on Valentine’s Day cards, candy boxes, and everything else that stands for love. While the brain stands for the central wisdom of logical reasoning, the heart is the central wisdom of a person’s inner feelings and emotions.

Now that we know the importance of the heart not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well, it is understandable that dreams related to a heart attack stand for something deep.

General Meanings of Dreaming About a Heart Attack

Dreams of a heart attack mean several things. The first thing it points to is the feelings of insecurity in your mind. You are struggling hard and lack the comfort or support to boost you.

Are you over-conscious about your health or struggling to cope with hypochondria (anxiety related to health)? Perhaps you always panic about having a heart attack. Your dreams are mostly a mirror image of your thoughts. So you have a dream of having a heart attack.

Logically, stress is one of the main reasons behind a heart attack.

A heart attack is also a reflection of your vulnerability. Something is bothering you that may be in your personal or professional life. You are trying your best to overcome the situation but in vain. Your inner turmoil has taken the form of a heart attack, troubling you in your dreams.

The heart symbolizes love. So if the relationship between you and your significant other is in a mess, then such dreams may be common. The loss of love means a broken heart, and under such circumstances how can the heart be in good form? It could even be that all is well for the time being. But you could have problems in your love life in the future.

Thanatophobia is the severest form of hypochondria. It signifies the fear of death. So are you a thanatophobic? Is the fear of leaving the mortal world robbing you of your peace of mind? Your fear will reflect in your dreams.

As a final word, a dream of a heart attack is a warning for you to slow down. The message is strong and clear. Love your acquaintances. Take care of yourself and the ones close to you.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams About a Heart Attack

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams About a Heart Attack

You saw someone having a heart attack in your dreams. Was that you? Well, in that case, it may be your insecurities gripping you tight. You must be a loner. You feel you are undesired or abandoned. There may be no one to comfort you, no shoulder to cry on. An emotionally troubled heart can never be physically sound; hence you visualized this kind of dream.

Another cause of emotional abandonment is the loss of someone close to you. Either they’ve left your company or have departed from the mortal world. Their loss is difficult to come to terms with. You are devastated and shattered. In such a broken-hearted state, a dream of a heart attack isn’t uncommon at all.

Moreover, the dream is also an indication for you to analyze the reasons responsible for your present situation. What is it that’s distancing you from your near ones? Are you on the right path? Give it a thought. This may perhaps help you manage the complications in your life.

Are you on a guilt trip lately? Your guilt may be intense enough to suffocate you and leave you helpless. The heart attack dream is a clear reflection of your state of mind.

Dreaming About A Heart Attack: Various Scenarios And Their Interpretations

When you dream of a heart attack, the victim could be you or someone close to you. Possibilities are that you or the other person survived the attack. It could even be that the attack was a fatal one. The severity of the attack may even vary. You may have dreamt of yourself or someone else having a mild or severe attack. Each of these situations has a significant meaning. Let’s take a look at them.

Based on The Severity

Haven’t there been times when you thanked your stars upon hearing that someone close to you survived a mild attack? I’m sure you will do the same when you dream of a mild heart attack. A severe attack, on the other hand, could be scary. Dreaming of such a thing will be even more frightening. Let’s get into an analysis of the significance of a heart attack based on its severity.

1. Dreaming of a Mild Attack

Dreaming of a Mild Attack

Dreaming of a mild attack has several interpretations. If you are the one dreaming of it, then the dream reflects your vulnerability. It also signifies your emotional struggle since you are leading a loveless life sans support. It’s a warning for you too.

If you’ve been neglecting your health, it’s high time you pay attention. Lest a heart attack or any other ailment may be on the way. A mild attack is also a symbol of the challenges that you may face with time.

2. Dreaming of a Severe Attack 

It’s not a dream but a nightmare. If you dream of such a thing, you’re sure to wake up with a jolt. Have you wondered what this dream is trying to convey? Is it that you aren’t making the right decisions in life? Are you going through a tiff between your heart and head when you see such a dream?

Then, it’s time to consider where you are going wrong in your life. Are you doing the right thing? Are you happy in your relationship? It’s time to contemplate and act.

3. Dreaming of Heart Surgery After an Attack

Dreaming of Heart Surgery After an Attack

When someone has a heart attack and has the opportunity of going through surgery, it’s a good sign indeed. However, surgery means that the person’s life may change from thereon, and things might not be the same as before. The dream of surgery also has a similar interpretation. It signifies that your life will be going through complex changes. Accepting them will be the best thing you can do.

Based on The Relationship

Dreaming of a heart attack will never give you a pleasant feeling. It will leave you worried and stressed. So, who have you seen suffering from an attack in your dreams, your mom? Your dad? Your sister? Your friend? Or yourself? Each has a symbolic meaning.

4. Your Father

Your Father

Isn’t it tormenting enough to see your dad having an attack? Well, the symbolism of the dream is more than what you see. There’s more to it. You may be regretful for something that you’ve done. The dream indicates seeking forgiveness from the person you have wronged. This will help you overcome your guilt.

5. Your Mother 

Dreaming of your mother as the victim of an attack is equally tragic. A mother is the epitome of love, care, and affection. The dream conveys your desire to be loved. You may not have been happy for a long time. You are craving for affection, care, and comfort. The dream justifies your inner urge.

6. Your Sister

Your Sister

Do you share a close bond with your sister? Then such a dream will surely be heartbreaking for you. Losing a sister means being deprived of one of your most important support systems.

You’ll be drained emotionally and lose the biggest support of your life. The dream walks along similar lines. It indicates your emotional distress.

7. Your Wife

You’ll be astonished, but this dream questions your infidelity. If you dream of something like this, question your conscience. Are you fascinated by any other woman? Are you being unfaithful to your wife?

If yes, then you know the cause of your dream. Your relationship is perhaps lacking romance or going nowhere. If you want to save it, it’s time that you act at the earliest. Otherwise, it won’t take much time for your wife to be your EX.

8. Your Husband

Your Husband

This again means the same as above. Your relationship lacks the trust factor. This time, it may be the other way around. You could cheat on your husband. So be cautious before everything ends.

9. Your Favorite Celebrity

It may have two meanings. One of them is that a person or thing you were close to will go away from you.

The other meaning is that looks are deceptive. Someone you idolized and revered is not what you thought of them.

10. Your Friend

Your Friend

The easiest interpretation is that your friend is in need of help. He or she might shy away from asking you. So, you have to offer help and assure them that you’ll always be by their side.

It could even be an indication of any problem that you might encounter soon. Not to worry, they won’t last for long. But, you should prepare yourself for any adverse situation.

11. Your Teacher

A teacher is an embodiment of knowledge. This dream means that you cannot gather new knowledge and adapt to new skills.

12. An Annoying Relative

An Annoying Relative

An annoying relative does more harm than good. That doesn’t mean you’d want them to have a heart attack. Yet, knowing that your problems are eventually getting solved is essential. You may also desire to break away from some social norms that have been bothering you for a long time.

Based on Situations

The dream here could be based on situations like having a heart attack in your bedroom or a heart attack when running. Well, all these come with immense significance too.

13. A Heart Attack In Your Bedroom

A Heart Attack In Your Bedroom

A bedroom is your comfort zone. You need to get out of it for your own good. The sooner, the better. Your growth is stagnant, and you must push yourself to grow more in life.

14. An Attack When Engaged in An Intimate Moment

Perhaps you are incompatible with your partner and don’t wish to continue the relationship. It may also mean that you aren’t being loyal to your partner.

15. An Attack When You Are Running

You wish to move on, yet, something is holding you back. This dream encourages you to surpass any obstacle that comes your way. This will help you in moving a step forward to achieve your goals.


What does it mean when you see yourself or someone else dying of a heart attack?

Death from a heart attack means unfair treatment has been meted out to you. You’ve been a victim of injustice and are clueless about battling the situation. This dream is encouraging you to chase your dreams and fight to achieve what you think is right.

What does it mean to see a loved one who has already left for the heavenly abode die of a heart attack?

They may want to contact you to convey that they are around you, keeping a watch on you from wherever they are. The dream is even hinting at you to be inclined spiritually.


To sum it up, a heart attack means it’s high time you take the upper hand in your life. Take care of your health and also everything else that’s coming in the way of your overall well-being.

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