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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Stealing?

Dreams about stealing can be shocking and give birth to self-doubt. You may wake up in the morning with a disturbed mind and question your self-worth. This may be followed by a lingering thought of you being a corrupt soul that is not easy to dismiss.

Does it directly imply your inclination towards criminality when you dream about stealing?

Dreams don’t provide direct responses to your questions. They are floating and fragmented images, signifying your insecurities, ambitions, disappointments, and passion. Similarly, dreams of stealing convey numerous meanings.

Dreams of stealing reflect your resentments, desire for effortless achievements, dissatisfaction, and entitlement. Often, it represents feeling betrayed, disobeyed, and exploited. At times, it may also mean success.

What Does Stealing in Dreams Symbolize?

Stealing in your dreams can imply negative emotions or acts. However, it has various positive intonations that often go unheeded.

Here are a few symbols stealing in dreams represent:

1. Success


You dream of stealing something valuable, and you accomplished it! The idea of stealing can be alarming but has a positive connotation.

Soon you’ll succeed in executing the project you have undertaken. Such dreams are an indication of your upcoming victory.

2. Taken for granted or exploited

If the scenario is where someone steals your hard-earned money and none believes your word, this is a hint of your subconscious feeling of being exploited. There’s a chance that none take you seriously, but they expect you to perform your duties.

Consider being cautious and reassessing your compatibility and relationship within your personal and professional arena.

3. Resentment


You may visualize stealing from someone who had once wronged you. It connotes your suppressed anger as you want to harm your perpetrator.

Accept this as a sign to communicate well and clear your personal or professional disputes. It might help you eradicate all the bitter feelings.

4. Disobedience

Stealing represents disobedience when your subordinate usurps your power or position. Your mind can conjure images of your younger sibling or junior associate stealing something from you.

If you have stolen something from your immediate boss, your elder sibling or a family member, you want to try taking advantage of your seniors. There can be multiple reasons behind this tendency. Their inability to accept your demands can be one of the reasons.

5. Loss of respect

Have you woken up from a dream where someone is stealing something precious from you? Does it unsettle you?

It may be because your self-esteem is threatened by someone close. For any person, nothing is more precious than his prestige.

Consider evaluating your acquaintances and how they treat you. There’s a possibility that they don’t respect you and aim to exploit you further. Reckon taking action and making things right.

Dreams About Stealing: A General Interpretation

The interpretation of dreams is a fascinating act. However, they can be tricky and demand you to consider various aspects before reaching an inference.

The setting, the transition of the images, interactions between other characters, and the outcome influences the interpretation of a dream.

Similarly, details like the stolen object, the perpetrator, the victim, and the place of the offence affect the meanings of dreams concerning stealing in varying degrees.

In a generic context, there are a few simple annotations to your dreams about stealing. They are as follows:

  • Stealing a car: signifies dissatisfaction with life and an urge to improve it without much effort.
  • Stealing of food: hints at your insecurities and poverty.
  • Stealing from parents: represents hiding real emotions and intentions from parents.
  • Catching a thief: indicates confronting your adversary. 
  • Someone stealing your partner: stands for growing anxiety and tension in relationships.
  • Stealing jewelry: exposes your jealousy.
  • Stealing from you: represents your heartbreak, identity loss, or existential crisis.

The motif of stealing in dreams holds varied meanings. They differ in spiritual, biblical or psychological points of view. Each of them has specific reasons to justify and expose your true intentions.

The different perspectives and their meanings are:

Spiritual Perspective

A soul devoid of spiritual influence tends to dream of stealing. It indicates your unfulfilled ambitions and deep-seated desires. You may have some unhealthy targets to achieve. This results in adverse effects on your mind and body.

Biblical Allusions

Stealing is a sinful act and resonates with the presence of the devil within it. Biblical allusions direct toward your loss of a precious object.

Whether you’re the victim or the perpetrator, biblical references urge you to reassess your spiritual standing and reconnect with the divine. A fall from grace can give rise to such ominous dreams.

Psychological Image

Psychologists believe that dreams about stealing display your restlessness, uncontrollability, and confusion. While you interpret your dreams of stealing, remember to consider your personal feelings and relationships with other people. 

Such visions often embody the crisis you’re undergoing and track its cause. You’ll be surprised to find the vulnerability and the number of unfulfilled wishes that eventually give rise to this.

7 Dreams About Stealing Scenarios And Their Interpretations

Waking up from a dream of stealing is not a happy experience. Even though the perpetrator is not you, a lingering discomfort keeps disturbing you. Thus, you must interpret them and put your mind at ease.

Dreams of stealing can be of various types. Each setting has its specific connotation. In some scenarios, you may be the thief and commit a crime. While in some other, you are the victim or the witness to a crime.

Here are seven common dreams of stealing and their explanations to help you understand the fragmented images:

1. Dream of Stealing Money

Dream of Stealing Money

Money is a popular image for power, affluence, and success. In terms of dream interpretation, money is often associated with theft or other kinds of crime. Hence, it’s open to myriad interpretations.

The motif of stealing money doesn’t necessarily mean a bad omen. From a spiritual perspective, if you’re stealing money in your dreams, it’s because you’re in the right spiritual direction. You seem to be in complete control of your life and mental health.

However, psychologists differ slightly in their explanations. They see this image as a premonition of your forthcoming financial failure. You must work harder to succeed and escape the monetary disaster.

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2. Dream About Someone Stealing From You

It can have various connotations depending upon the person who steals from you. While you interpret such dream scenes, consider your relationship with that person.

Suppose you dream of your partner stealing from you. It may imply your relationship problems. You are bothered about your financial security with your partner as it keeps haunting you in the form of dreams.

If a friend steals from you, it connotes your wish to strengthen your friendship. Subconsciously, you’re eagerly waiting to meet this friend. However, you don’t feel safe living in your present residence if you visualize your neighbor stealing from you.

The image of your child stealing from you can be distressing. It points to your anxiety regarding your child’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Subconsciously you’re afraid you’ll not be able to afford your child’s financial needs.

Your dream about a stranger stealing from you is a warning to be discreet about everything. It may highlight your insecurity and vulnerability in your conscious life.

3. Dream of Someone Stealing Your Purse

Dream of Someone Stealing Your Purse

A purse represents everything related to your personal space. Someone stealing your purse directs at your unfulfilled dreams and aspirations. This dream is a warning to introspect on the decisions that have prevented you from reaching your goals.

In another context, the image hints at fraudulent people around you. They make false promises and await a chance to deceive you or take advantage of your generosity. Beware of those who eagerly anticipate your downfall.

If you know the ‘someone’ who stole your purse in your dreams, this is because you harbor ill feelings for this person.

Whatever the reason, you cannot stop being disgusted by that person. It’s better to focus on the positive aspects of your relationships and settle the matter sooner.

If a stranger steals your purse, you must be nervous about something you want to preserve. These underlying fears are preventing you from moving on in life. Consider analyzing the dream sequence and draw a constructive solution to negate these anxieties. 

4. Dream About Stealing Food

Stealing food imagery signifies a major setback in life. It exposes your insecurities and the fact that you suffer from an inferiority complex. Other people’s wealth makes you feel underconfident as you aspire to possess everything you don’t.

In another context, stealing essential products like food signifies your hunger for affection, warmth, recognition, and respect. For an individual to lead a healthy life, love and respect are as essential as food.

However, every food conveys a different meaning. Therefore each dream about stealing food concerning a variety of food changes the interpretation altogether. Some of the examples are as follows:

  • The stealing of bread symbolizes deprivation with an undertone of the financial crisis. It may also signify excess expenditure on your part.
  • The stealing of cheese hints at your hesitation to interact with someone. You are too indecisive to approach that special someone.
  • Stealing nuts connotes your upcoming good fortune. If you exert extra effort, your hard work will bear fruit.
  • Stealing fish signifies your inability to keep silent or be discreet. It leads to interpersonal confrontation between you and your partner.
  • Stealing eggs represents your unfinished business. Your inconsistency in the project can hinder your progress and force you to leave your business incomplete.

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5. Dream of Shoplifting

Dream of Shoplifting

It’s a recurrent theme concerning dreams of stealing. The image of shoplifting signifies a lack of sense of privacy and self-worth.

You are ambitious and want to achieve almost impossible goals. Despite that, you don’t feel confident enough to accomplish your aim. It may also indicate that you feel threatened in your personal space.

If the shoplifting setting is somewhere you visit in reality, the dream is exposing your desire for attention and recognition. Your unachieved goals are displayed in your dreamscape.

From a different point of view, successful shoplifting requires precision and swiftness of hand and eyes.

If caught, the perpetrator has to face jail time. Hence, dreaming of successful shoplifting denotes your longing for adrenaline-pumping tasks. You want to be in the spotlight.

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6. Dream About Stealing From Your Parents

Assuming you have stolen something from your parents in real life, this dream image is a guilty portrayal of your mind.

You feel unsettled by the idea of stealing from your parents, and you want to resolve it soon. Such instances are often seen in children who learn from their mistakes.

According to dream interpretations by renowned dream analysts, stealing something from your parents suggests your inability to express your decisions or feelings.

You’re either hesitant or scared to confront your parents. Their reactions might not comply with your opinions. Hence, you try not to hurt them by hiding your true self.

Conversely, this may also mean your parents are concealing something from you. Their silence regarding specific facts makes you feel betrayed. This feeling results in an image of stealing.

7. Dream About Someone Stealing Your Job

Dream About Someone Stealing Your Job

Such an instance of a dream can be daunting since it’s career-related. Be wary of the people around you who anticipate your downfall.

You must watch out for the people who behave strangely and are jealous of your better job prospects. This dream may result from your colleagues’ envy, and your mind is warning you about it.

Stealing a job indicates forthcoming uncertainty, and you must be careful of the people around you. Someone must be trying to damage your reputation.

In another context, if you have approached your boss for a promotion or a pay hike, you might dream of having your job stolen. The proposition includes risk, and you are scared this might cost you your employer’s goodwill.


Dreams of stealing have multidimensional connotations, depending upon culture, religion, psychology, or popular beliefs. You might feel baffled and question your morality.

Stealing in dreams indicates unfulfilled goals, dissatisfaction, deprivation, and many more. Similarly, visions of stealing have favorable associations, such as success, growth, progress, and safety.

Therefore, assessing your dreams concerning stealing is necessary before reaching a decision. Remember, each of us possesses a unique subconscious, and its reflections in our dreams affect our conscious life.

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