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Dreams About Going to Jail – Meaning And Interpretation

A jail is a place of confinement where people who are said or found to have gone against the law are held under lawful custody. A jail is a place of punishment and isolation in the mindset of people.

Dreams About Going to Jail - Meaning And Interpretation

It is a place where no one would wish to be or want to be around, as it is a location that is considered to house the outcasts of society.

What Does Dreaming of Jail Mean?

What Does Dreaming of Jail Mean

First, the general interpretation of the dream has to be considered. A jail is a place of confinement that can point to the fact that the dreamer feels claustrophobic or confined in life, which can be at home or work. A suffocating environment where one cannot make their own decisions might lead one to dream of jail.

There is a possibility that if you are dreaming of jail, one has trapped yourself in a corner in life. The dreamer might also be in a relationship in which they feel trapped and cannot free themselves of the shackles.

Jail Dreams – Different Dream Scenarios and their Meanings

In general, dreaming about a jail points to the fact that the dreamer feels helpless in a situation where they feel confined and restricted in life. Here are some interpretations of the meaning of being in jail.

1. Dreaming of Seeing a Jail

Dreaming of Seeing a Jail

This denotes that the dream is a warning signal to the dreamer, who is being given a subconscious message from the mind that there are components in your life that are getting out of hand for you.

It might mean you are unable to manage your current scenarios in life and if it further deteriorates, you will become trapped in a circumstance that might be unredeemable. It’s a tough place to be in, but it is something that would send alarm bells ringing for the dreamer.

2. Dream of Being in Jail

Dream of Being in Jail

This dream would denote that the dreamer is in a state where they no longer have complete control over their lives. It might be due to circumstances that have emerged at work, home, or even in relationships. It could be that the person may feel confined or suffocated in an environment in which they wish to break out. It would be similar to being shackled to dead weight.

This dream could also denote that the person is still holding on to incidents or memories of the past and is stuck in a loop. They are unable to forget the past, but this might result in them being shackled to the baggage that they encountered in the past. As a result, they are not able to move forward in life and are not ready to accept change.

Further, it could mean that the person is very rigid or adamant and is not willing to break away from a certain memory that may mean a lot to them due to its significance in the past. Unfortunately, it might be holding them back from moving to a different phase of their lives.

3. Dream of Going to Jail

Dream of Going to Jail

If the dreamer feels that they are in a vehicle going to jail or are being transported to jail, it could mean they have a very profound level of guilt they are feeling for whatever purpose. It could be an indication of what things the dreamer might have done in life which is haunting them even in their dreams.

The things may not necessarily be evil, bad, or criminal in nature. It could be something they said to someone which they feel guilty about later or offended or upset someone close to them. It might suggest that certain incidents have happened that the dreamer is feeling sad about due to how it might have changed the dynamics of a certain spectrum of their life.

It could mean they have upset loved ones, their partner, or even someone in their workplace and feel burdened with it now that these things can no longer be rectified. The dream denotes that whatever has happened, there will be consequences to those actions which have taken place.

It serves as a reminder and warning to tell one that words and actions have to be carefully orchestrated in life, and anything which is out of line sometimes might have severe and drastic consequences in their lives.

4. Dream of Seeing Someone You Know in Jail

Dream of Seeing Someone You Know in Jail

This is a particular dream where the dreamer is able to recognize a person they know being in jail. This could denote that they see that the person who is in jail might be someone who might require their help or assistance in dealing with certain things in life.

For example, they might be people close to you who are in a difficult situation in life, and you might be able to help them if you intervene. It could also mean that there are certain people that the dreamer hates or has not made their peace with them yet.

These people are people the dreamer may hold old grudges or anger against and would want to see them in a vulnerable position or a difficult position in life.

5. Dream About Breaking Out of Jail

Dream About Breaking Out of Jail

This could denote that the dreamer feels confined and stagnant in life due to whatever reasons. This might result in the dreamer wanting to break free of the shackles and escape from whatever is troubling them. These kinds of dreams are ones that denote that the dreamer wants to be free and no longer wishes to be shackled by whatever responsibilities or troubles they have.

This dream could also point to an interpretation that suggests that it is a rejection of reality from the dreamer. This is because they are not ready to accept that certain aspects of life are out of their reach and wish to run away from these aspects.

6. Dream of Being Released From Prison

Certain times, the dreamer might have the dream of being released from prison. This would denote that the dreamer feels that they are finally getting what their due is. They are being given a new lease on life in a way that is positive.

This could mean that the dreamer has chosen to accept change in their life and shift from one workplace to another or to draw lines in their personal lives with regards to relationships and family.

This could suggest that they are now ready to make peace with themselves and the people around them and are ready to return to the world in a manner that would be positive and enriching to their own lives.

7. Dream About Looking Out Through a Window in The Prison

This is a dream which would make the dreamer feel powerless. They are shackled, chained, and bound by whatever is haunting them. It could be work, responsibilities, family, or relationships. The dreamer is in a position where they have no power to influence anything in their lives and is simply biding time.

They cannot make their own decisions, nor can they reject any decisions being made for them. They feel helpless and tend to treat themselves harshly because things are hard. They blame themselves for being in this position in life and are very vulnerable mentally.

This is a very low phase in their lives, and this dream would be a way of communication by the subconscious mind to inform the dreamer to wake up to reality.

8. Dream of Avoiding Going to Jail

This could have multiple meanings. One interpretation is that the dreamer has made all the right moves in recent times. And has successfully managed to tackle their problems making them more confident.

It also might have given them the mental peace to accept the current status quo in life. This positive status quo would refer to the one that the dreamer has successfully established after struggling with any circumstances or problems. Thus giving the dreamer the desired position or place to be currently in life.

It could also mean that the dreamer is trying to run away from whatever is troubling them in life. Instead of grabbing the bull by the horns, the dreamer is trying to run and hide and wait for the storm to pass by. They are not ready to accept the circumstances and would prefer to avoid rather than confront the current circumstances.

This might mean they are running away from the consequences of certain actions they might have taken in their waking life.

Dreaming of prison is something that would carry both positive and negative interpretations. The most common theme which recurs in prison dreams is that the person who is dreaming is feeling trapped. This is a silent alarm that goes off inside the subconscious mind of the person dreaming about whatever aspects of life are holding them back.

These dreams could denote a person who is trying to break out of something so that they can fulfill their potential. These dreams need to be interpreted correctly. The insights must be handled and applied properly in their waking lives. As a result, it might have far-reaching effects when it comes to bringing peace, success, and stability to the life of the dreamer.


On a side note, according to a belief in Christianity, dreaming of prison or seeing jail dreams also denote you have been held captive by Satan. But a more general perspective indicates that jail dreams often represent a feeling of being incarcerated. It may also symbolize that your current actions in your waking life might lead you to certain restrictions or limitations in the future.

So, even though the terms “prison and jail” have deep negative connotations, dreams about them are not necessarily bad. In fact, most of them ring alarm bells for you and symbolize things in your waking life early on that can impact your future.

Could you relate to any of the above-mentioned dream scenarios or experiences? Hope these dream interpretations were helpful. Let us know in the comments.

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