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Dreams About Levitating: Meanings and Interpretations

Levitating is categorized under the theme of metaphysical phenomenons various saints, scholars, and yogis claim to have performed in ancient times. In the modern age, humans often refer to this thrilling experience as an illusion. Rest assured, it’s not unfamiliar for people to live through visions of levitating in their dreams, waking them having felt an out-of-body experience.

The term levitation stems from the Latin term – levis, which means light. Additionally, the art of levitation is more common in Eastern religions when compared to Western beliefs.

Often, dreams about levitating symbolize positive enrichment for the dreamer’s existence. Such themes imply their heightened awareness of obstacles because their survival potential surpasses the fear of setbacks. However, downward levitation dreams are symbols of stress and worries, translating to anxiety and depression down the road.

On the other hand, wandering high in a dream-like consciousness with speed and not being afraid of it refers to the uplifting bliss dreams feel in their waking life. Contrastingly, levitating above the grass signifies a brief period of shame.

Dreams About Levitating Meanings and Interpretations

While the thought of defying the force of gravity can seem thrilling, understanding the reasons for levitating in your sleep-time visions can be a healthy starting point.

Decoding the Mystery of Levitation

While metaphysical dreams may hold numerous interpretations, here are reasons why people have visions of experiencing levitation:

1. Anticipating Remarkable Outcomes

Anticipating Remarkable Outcomes

When you experience this dream, it calls to highlight your superior expectations from life. With a positive outlook and diligence toward work, one continues to conquer their earthy journey, justifiably banking on a great turnout.

Take such dreams as an indicator of self-confidence and trust in teammates.

2. Disconnecting With Your Environment

If you feel out of place and don’t identify with opinions or ways of doing things, this dream indicates alienation or complete disconnect from the environment.

Take it as a sign of your need to be understood. You may feel helpless due to apprehension in openly speaking your ideas and thoughts aloud.

3. Personal Yearning to Support

Personal Yearning to Support

The presence of inspiring individuals in your immediate surroundings may ignite a potent wish to be helpful to others. This supportive behavior needs to be acknowledged for actually making the difference you intend to make.

You want to develop a giving attitude and an ability to create a high-value impact on dear ones. Take this as a sign of your deepened understanding of empathy for societal mishaps.

4. Breaking Free from Negativity

Such levitating dreams can arise when the dreamer may be feeling immense fear.

Downgrading feelings such as not being in control of your life, experiencing unpleasant situations, and not embracing encouragement can indicate the challenges of grappling with negative emotions.

5. Eagerness to Tweak Unfavorable Circumstances

Eagerness to Tweak Unfavorable Circumstances

In some cases, levitating in your dream state represents a deep-rooted hunger to relieve yourself from the shackles of your societal perspectives. Therefore, your dream shows your intent to announce the arrival of growth and happiness.

Exploring the Meaning and Symbolism of Dreams about Levitation

Firstly, levitating shouldn’t be intertwined with ‘floating’ in your dreams as they hold vastly different meanings.

The dream intends to draw your attention to desires and emotions. They may shed light on the conditions of your health, family, relationships, and career. On the other side, it indicates feel-good moments you forgot to acknowledge. Such dream scenarios underline your progress and level of consciousness.

Most importantly, levitating dreams are common symbols of enlightenment, happiness, and freedom lighting up your waking state. For moments when you’ve had negative feelings while levitating, you may feel forced and scared to find a new path or beginning.

To discern your levitation dream, pay close attention to the overall tone of the vision. Dreams can typically correlate to certain circumstances and scenarios.

Levitation Dream Scenarios

Levitation Dream Scenarios

Here are various scenarios of levitation in dreams and their interpretations for your waking life:

1. Levitating Above the Ground Level

This dreamscape is considered a good omen because the scenario refers to calmness and fresh starts. Consequently, there may’ve been changes in your circumstances, or a phase in your life may’ve approached a dead end.

2. Levitating Higher Up in the Air

Levitating Higher Up in the Air

There’s a presence of a secret desire pinching your conscience to undertake a life transformation. This scenario mentions your eagerness to dive into activities you haven’t bothered experiencing before.

3. Levitating in Space

Such levitating dream variations unleash your secluded potential to stride past competitors looking down upon your successes. Consider it a signal of your strength to succeed in circumstances introducing challenges beyond your present comprehension.

4. Levitating Over the Clouds

Levitating Over the Clouds

Hovering above the clouds in your dreams demonstrates disagreement in your personal relationships, especially a marriage. There may be communication gaps with your better half. Even worse, finding common ground is starting to feel like an uphill battle.

5. Levitating Over a Water Body

Taking inspiration from a malleable force like water, a dream about levitating over a water body can offer two interpretations. Firstly, if it’s a body of placid water, you may be near a new experience that’ll sprinkle satisfaction into your existence. However, if the water body is in motion in a non-threatening yet powerful way, a compelling experience will trigger inspiration within your conscience.

11 Significant Meanings of People and Emotions in a Dream about Levitating

11 Significant Meanings of People and Emotions in a Dream about Levitating

The following scenarios will help you vividly recall the unique details of your levitating dream and unlock a deeper understanding of accurate dream interpretations:

Levitating with Ease

Given the ease, it describes the dreamer as independently courageous. Your forward-thinking attitude will boost your tenacity to avoid numerous temptations staged to tie you down against growth.

It denotes how the upcoming unpleasant experiences in your life strike similar chords of disruption to the ones you witnessed previously. Moreover, it affirms your wisdom and maturity in handling vague complexities.

Levitating Rapidly

Levitating Rapidly

Take this as a reaffirmation of your latest decisions bringing immediate consequences to your waking state. If fear is absent in the dreamscape, it suggests your satisfaction with your accomplishments.

Alternatively, it also means joyous times are around the road, ready to accompany you for an extended period.

Levitation and Feeling Fear

There are instances of accumulated negative energies pouring into our dreams. Thus, it creates a feeling of despair even though heights in our waking life don’t usually throw us off.

However, the sense of fear points to someone likely to oppose your perspective, making you experience a sharp needle of discomfort and uncertainty.

Levitating with Someone

Levitating with Someone

Suppose the dreamer wakes up feeling a cheesy flutter in their stomach or recalls a similar sensation. Your time has arrived, and a riveting romantic experience is on the cards. Soon, you’ll cherish each moment spent in their company.

Likewise, if you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, beware since there’s romantic competition on the other side. It’s best to keep a sharp eye out for the finer details.

Levitating with Other People

The presence of a company is a familiar add-on in levitating dreams. These people admire you since your intentions and actions correlate with your spoken words. Hence, the spirits of those around you are uplifting in ways more than one.

Furthermore, there is kindness and power in your authority. Such traits signal your awareness and intellect in worldly affairs affecting your immediate personality.

Seeing Someone Else Levitate

Seeing Someone Else Levitate

Encountering a person levitating in your dreamscape means you greatly regard them in real-life occurrences.

Possibly, this reveals a source of inspiration, a mentor figure you want to emulate.

To add, it reflects your intention to lend a helping hand during ill fortune.

Objects Levitating

Similar to the feeling of a burden lifted from your shoulder, you may subconsciously interact with supportive energies. These guidance-based messages from dream gods also describe the dreamer as an attractive kind that captivates good luck and worthy material possessions.

We can find parallels in St. Catherine of Sienna’s experience, who passed away at age 33.

The saint was elegantly levitating along with the objects around her, signifying her conversation with God about worldly life.

Dream of Levitating with Wings

Dream of Levitating with Wings

Considered a sign of fortune, levitating with wings in dreams show the fruits of your labor are around the corner. Imagine the wings signaling a strong perseverance can bring a spark of upliftment to your existence.

You must keep moving ahead without losing enthusiasm and purpose, as the future fulfills immense promises.

Dream of Downward Levitation

Dream analysts label this levitation dreamscape variation as an unfortunate sign of loss, failure, and disappointment.

You have overstretched your capacity by taking on too much on your plate. These burdens only lead you to record dismal results where you’d ordinarily excel. Simply put, this dream calls to take it easy.

Levitating While Running

Levitating While Running

Running in such dreams underlining metaphysical phenomena acknowledges your hard work as you close in on your objectives in life.

There’s a remarkable sync in your thoughts and actions, leading to conscious decision-making and well-calculated calls.

This dream asserts the respectable virtues of grit and focus. Even better, it’s a motivating element telling you to keep going even when the times are rough.

Levitating Rapidly

Take this levitation dreamscape as a reaffirmation of your actions. There’s no fear within you, and it displays that you’ve achieved the desired level of balance in life.

Alternatively, such variations of levitation dreams mean that times of booming happiness are leaping in your direction.

History And Significance of Levitation Dreams In Various Cultures

History And Significance of Levitation Dreams In Various Cultures

Stories of levitation have surfaced across ages from several traditions. The following section reference better-known examples of people who have experienced or showcased levitating.

Discern these patterns and common themes in line with your dreams:

Levitation in Hinduism

We can draw parallels from our dreamscapes and notice metaphors of light and the presence of others play heavily in a levitating dream.

Hinduism promotes the practice of pranayamas as it purifies the body, thus aiding enlightenment.

Yogi Subbayah Pullavar is an example who made a show of himself in 1936 by levitating in front of a crowd of over 100 people. He’s known to have suspended himself several feet in the air for four minutes.

With Hindu and Muslim followers, Shirdi Sai Baba, the greatly admired holy being, is known to have levitated in his sleep. What’s interesting is that eyewitnesses confirm the presence of a halo light surrounding the mystical saint.

Levitation in Buddhism

Levitation in Buddhism

Both levitation and ‘flight’ in Buddhism are considered a power that regularly surfaces along the spiritual path to full self-realization.

According to Chinese translations, any person who achieves enlightenment will gain eight types of powers, one of which is levitation.

Siddhartha Gautam Buddha levitated cross-legged over the Rohini River to prevent a war from breaking out over its water. Similarly, Milarepa of the Kagyu traditions walks, rests, and sleeps suspended in the air. Such strong traits of otherwordly presence refer to attaining enlightenment and control of his mind.

On the other end, Yeshe Tsogyel, the female consort of Padmasambhava (author of the 8th-century Tibetian Book of the Dead), levitated in a lotus posture to demonstrate control of the elemental forces and oneself.

Levitation in Christianity

As per the Catholic Church, levitation is a sign of sanctity. It’s performed when under the influence of a spiritual trance. Based on a 1928 publication – Levitation: An Examination of the Evidence and Explanations, over 200 saints were said to have levitated an average of 20 inches.

The popularly referenced example of levitation in Christianity is Christ walking on water.

Did You Know: If one falters in their sleep-time vision when walking, it represents a lack of self-faith.

As opposed to yogis who consider the power of the human to be one with godlike energy, St. Teresa of Avila considered the power of God to be greater than her own. She referenced the phenomenon as God bringing her closer to himself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are commonly asked questions about levitation dreams:

What does it mean when you levitate?

The phenomenon basis of modern society is either an illusion or a myth. Its definition is diverse across religions and spiritual traditions. Levitation, utilizing supposed supernatural power, means to hover in the air. Feelings accompanied in a dream state can be positive and pleasurable thoughts, energizing the person in real life. What’s more, it’s known as a symbol of happiness, enlightenment, and freedom in waking life.

What does it mean when you can float in your dreams?

In common parlance, floating and levitating are considered indistinguishable. However, levitation in dreams has a spiritual context, and floatation is understood based on the dreamer’s mental state. Floating in visions is a symbol of someone who helped through tough times.

Recalling scenarios, visions of animals, and other elements floating towards or away in the dream can be concluded to have different meanings. The dream symbolizes your ability to mold and shape the lives of those in your surrounding.

Are flying dreams standard?

Yes, flying dreams are familiar to many. Scenarios include visions of flight on powered vehicles, flying in a clear sky, over calm or turbulent waters. Most modern analyses interpret the flying action as the dreamer’s yearning for independence. It illustrates the dreamer’s determined nature to find novel ways of overcoming problems. 

What does a dream about floating to the ceiling mean?

This dream often represents the unfulfilled aspirations of the dreamer. In other interpretations, it’s a sign of your emotional needs. While dream analysts call it an omen for positive alterations, expect underlying currents of fear or disappointment. Moreover, a ceiling in dreams signifies broken engagements and sadness looming over your existence. While there’s an attempt to introduce a new image of yourself in the world, it indicates undercurrents of social anxiety.


To conclude, dreams about levitation are usually a presentation of positive emotions. Its characteristics of light, wisdom, and awareness describe the dreamer’s surging balance in life.

Identifying underlying emotions to the dreams, your inspirations, and the ambient details of your visuals can help decipher an accurate interpretation. The dreamscapes of levitating are varied, rendering them complex. Although, when understood with emotional intelligence, they can be knowledgeable.

Unlike other dreams, a levitating dream state touches multiple aspects of your existence. It’s rare for a person to seek out this power because many of us think it’s impossible.

Lastly, levitation must be remembered not only as a physical phenomenon but also as a mental one.

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