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9 Crying Dreams: Meaning and Interpretation

Tears can speak a lot about a person’s feelings and how much emotion they show to the world. The expression of grief by shedding tears is the best way to reduce the pain. In this case of happiness, of course, the contrary. Thus, crying helps a person to get rid of their emotional burdens and feel at ease.

However, have you wondered what happens when you see yourself or someone crying in your dreams? Does crying in your dream help you to reduce your burden? Or do they have any other significance to the real world?

In this article, we will be discussing the meaning and interpretations of nine types of crying dreams, and we hope to clear every doubt you have regarding these mysterious mid-dream tears.

General Meaning of Crying Dreams

General Meaning of Crying Dreams

Crying in a dream is the stage during your sleep when you have dreams overflowing with a range of emotions, memories, and feelings. You start to let out your sentiments which you had no idea existed, although sometimes you may know about the dreams.

Most of the dreams you see are just reflections of the things you do when you’re awake. But in crying dreams, you experience a part of the emotional disturbances that you face in life.

Sometimes, you have no clue what you saw in the dream or why you were crying, but they might be a premonition as to what is destined to happen in the future.

It’s necessary to address and figure out what the crying dream speaks about, and close introspection can help you understand the meaning of the dream. However, if you feel like you have a crying dream continuously without getting an answer, it’s probably because you’re feeling sad and helpless, and it’s advisable to speak to someone close to lower your burden.

Crying Dream Meanings in Different Religions

Let’s look at what crying dreams mean to people of different religions.

Crying in a Dream According to Islam

According to Islamic beliefs, crying in a dream symbolizes stress, sorrow, unhappiness, and distress. Some Islamic advocates believe these dreams can be considered positive and indicate that you will attain joy and salvation soon.

Another interpretation of crying dreams in Islam is that if you cry due to nervousness, there might be some threat you might face in your real life. This dream can help you to be ready for any dangers being propelled in your direction.

Crying in a Dream According to Christianity

According to the Bible, most people believe that crying in a dream signifies a spiritual bond or an expressive medium towards God.

Some Christians even believe these dreams signify sorrow, mourning, and tragedy.

A crying dream is more common if things do not go according to your expectation.

It’s also believed that if you cry in a dream for dead people, it can be a bad sign, and you may experience lousy luck during your waking life.

Crying in a Dream According to Hinduism

According to the Hindu Shastras and Vedas, crying in a dream is believed to be a good omen.

If you see your friends or relatives crying in your dream, it means you will have good luck and good news in the future, and you will see happiness. Also, all your worries are approaching a full stop for the time being.

9 Types of Crying Dreams

You can interpret the meaning of your crying dream by visualizing the crying person in the dream. Try to imagine the exact things, like who the crying person was, how the person was crying, if there was anyone near the crying person, etc. If you feel like you cannot remember the exact features, you can use this guide to help you remember your dreams.

The representation of crying dreams might sound easy to decipher, but trying to understand them can be a complex task, as it requires high levels of mindfulness.

Also, we suggest you write a dream journal to properly correlate all other dreams you have to the dreams related to crying.

You will be astonished to see the results of what your subconscious can think of and how it might be related to your waking life.

Here are nine types of crying dreams that are most commonly seen.

1. Crying Loudly or Silently in a Dream

Types of Crying Dreams

A crying dream can be differentiated into two types, and they possess different meanings as per the details.

Loud Crying Dream Meaning

If you see yourself crying loudly in your dream, it’s considered a bad sign, just as in real life, where people who cry out real loud are going through a significant emotional breakdown or ill luck and find peace by letting out the pain.

Dream researchers have claimed that there is a similar effect in the dream as well. People crying out loud in dreams are undergoing a problem in real life, affecting their subconscious to such a level that they experience the same feeling in both reality and dreams.

Crying Silently in Your Dream

If you see yourself crying silently in a dream, it’s considered a good sign. In real life, a person who has great tenacity, patience, or perseverance will always succeed no matter what, and the tears and hardships the person’s faces mean nothing to them. Thus, crying silently helps the person grow.

Dream researchers have stated that it has a similar effect in dreams too. People crying silently receive good news in reality, which naturally signifies good luck and perseverance.

2. Dream of Someone Crying

If you see someone else crying in your dream, then it’s believed as a sign of good luck in your waking life, and all your problems are bound to be solved.

You can mainly see this type of dream when you’re very stressed and anxious about something, like if you’re in debt or have an illness. There are very high chances that these problems will fade away quickly, and it may also help you start with a clean slate.

However, there is another aspect to the dream. If you see someone else crying in your dream, it might also mean that your plans might not work out as expected.

Both these aspects depend on the person you saw crying, whether it was any of your relatives or a total stranger. This interpretation also depends on what is happening during your waking time.

But generally, it’s a good omen to see someone crying in your dream, and often termed as good luck.

3. Dream About Crying Baby

We all know why babies cry, right? When they need food, crave attention, or feel deprived! There can be times when a grown-up person might feel the same; thus, the person sees a dream about a crying baby.

Seeing a baby cry in a dream is somewhat similar to the real episode, but it signifies that a part of you is in desperate need of attention, and you feel deprived. In other terms, this means that your subconscious mind is feeling sorry for some of your unfulfilled goals.

You might want to pay attention to your unfulfilled goals and finish them if you’ve been troubled by this dream for a long time.

Another interpretation of seeing a baby cry in our dream is that you fear having a baby if you have thought of having babies. This happens if you have doubts about whether you can be a responsible parent or if you have pre-pregnancy problems.

4. Dream of Seeing Your Father Crying

If you see your father crying in your dream, it signifies that something extraordinary is about to happen in your life. However, if it’s a slightly more negative dream, something terrible can happen to you.

People see their father crying in dreams when they have an emotionally challenging time and are hiding feelings. Since fathers are known to provide a basis and foundation to their children, the dream represents the foundation of something damaged emotionally.

This interpretation can be used to resolve your emotional needs, thus helping to introspect on your deep desires or fears. If you feel something quite uncomfortable emotionally, it’s essential to address that problem in real life.

5. Mother Crying in a Dream

Mother Crying in a Dream

If you see your mother crying in your dream, this indicates that you will be facing a lot of sadness and difficulty in the coming times. These dreams warn you about a harsh future and clearly imply that you will fail in anything you might want to achieve. It’s upto the dreamer to defy the odds and up their game in such cases!

Mothers usually cry when their children are suffering or going through big trouble. It’s the same thing in the dream realm as well.

Dream researchers indicate that people you were counting on will let you down in any arena of life. Also, your hard times might be amusing to some people, so it’s better to avoid these people in life.

6. Dream of a Friend Crying

It’s a well-known phrase that “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” In reality, when your friends come to you for help, you certainly help them and thus make both of you feel good. The same is the case if you see your friend crying in your dream.

Seeing a friend crying in your dream is considered a good omen and a test to enhance your friendship with people you know. It’s said that this dream indicates you will have a great time relaxing and enjoying your fulfillment.

A friend crying in your dream shows that they need your help, and by helping them, you increase your chances of gaining respect and admiration from them. You can also count on them to assist you in your achievements, thus helping both of you in achieving success in life.

7. Dream of a Wife or Husband Crying

If you see your wife/husband crying in a dream, this indicates that you have somehow failed them in reality. A couple suffering from emotional deficiencies with their partner or even a communication gap may see such dreams.

You mustn’t hide your emotions from your spouse in case you see them crying in your dreams. On the contrary, be vocal with your spouse about what is bothering you, or vice versa.

8. Cry About Someone Leaving You

There are dreams in which we part ways with someone in the dream, and we become so overly attached to this person that we start crying in our dreams. This mainly happens after a failed business venture or some emotional issues.

This occurs when your subconscious mind reminds you of someone or something you might lose if you do not act accordingly. So, it’s better to focus on your life, resolve any issues that might build-up, and keep a cool head while solving problems.

9. Crying in Dreams and Waking Up Crying

Crying in Dreams and Waking Up Crying

Has it occurred to you that while crying in your dreams, you were shedding real tears as well, causing you to wake up?

This might happen when you have experienced some buried grief in your dream or had a flashback of a trauma you suffered in the past.

These dreams have a positive aspect, as you’re healing from your grief. You cry in your dream when you go through pain or hardships regarding the loss of a person or things. These dreams help you lessen your suffering by crying in real life, and thus you experience crying while waking up.


There might be over a hundred meanings of the crying dreams that everyone sees in their daily lives. But one should not feel sad for any crying dream they might experience, but instead, learn about not making the same mistakes in life or simply moving on with their lives. Also, it’s important to note that it’s better to try to understand the meaning of these dreams, as these might leave a significantly life-changing impact on the dreamer’s life.

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