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Dreams About Butterflies: Meanings and Interpretations

Are you dreaming about butterflies lately? Then, how about dissecting the meaning behind these dreams about little, beautiful flying insects?

The appearance of butterflies in our dreams is noteworthy. They’re often mysterious and heavenly creatures.

When butterflies appear in dreams, their spell fills up the dreamscape. It highlights a variety of symbolisms about butterfly dreams.

Worldwide, butterflies are usually symbols of hope in many cultures. They often stand for a new beginning or a change when they pop up in your dreams. Sometimes, these beautiful creatures represent something fragile and temporary in our lives.

Dreams About Butterflies: Meanings and Interpretations

However, dreams about butterflies may also predict upcoming happy days. Keep reading this article to discover what the dream about butterflies stands for.

Meaning of a Dream About Butterflies

Did you know these mystic insects reflect our rebirth after the death in our previous life? Though, you can calm your horses as this death could also be metaphorical.

The butterfly is also a sign of freedom in your dreams. It was once a caterpillar and now can fly without limits.

Yet, it warns us of an upcoming situation that can land us in deep waters.

Have you ever heard of the infamous Greek culture? This message comes from the Greek term ‘metamorphosis.’ It means transformation or change of shape.

Like the caterpillar, certain parts of you lack attention and have undiscovered potential.

With such dreams, we experience this ability of spirit, intuition, creativity, and mental and physical changes.

Thus, these butterfly dreams are representative of many interpretations:



A remarkable change might happen in your life soon. The butterflies developing from caterpillars are your sign to take those giant leaps. It suggests flipping the table and letting your character grow.

Dying Old Habits 

Dreams about butterflies also symbolize the death of age-old habits. They make us realize the negative consequences we’ll face if we stay trapped in our cocoon of the past. It helps us dodge a bullet, ushering us to move on.



Butterfly dreams represent freeing your mind, body, or soul from their inhibitions. It can be your body’s revival through a crisp workout. 

But is that it?

No, it can be about fighting your insecurities or tackling your old anxiety.

New Phase

They represent the renewal or kickstarting of a new project or phase in our life. It could’ve many interpretations.

For example, your dream assignment finally excels in reality. You may take active steps to rediscover the long-lost art form you want to restart. Or chances are a new blooming relationship is on the cards.

Spiritual Symbol

Spiritual Symbol

It could also be a sign of our spiritual enlightenment. Let go of your previous caged emotions. We recommend venting out the hatred and anxiety of the heart to liberate your wings like a butterfly.

We should fly high to our spiritual realm and feel the tranquility. Jumping into the space of peace will make us realize its essence.

Decoding 7 Butterflies Dream Scenarios

Here are seven dream scenarios associated with a butterfly dream. We’ve made them simple for you, jotting down different meanings for each:

Butterfly Landing on You in a Dream

Butterfly Landing on You in a Dream

If you dream that butterflies are falling on your face, stay positive. It implies that everything’s going according to plan in our life.

What’s in the plan exactly, then? Caring, calm bonds are on the way to form.

Catching the butterfly states that your attempts to find love are having an effect.

A butterfly appearing on our body in a dream suggests that we may be about to face a psychological change. For example, we’re starting a new workout or eating routine.

A butterfly that circles your body while flying from one flower to the next brings home the good news. The news will leave its mark on us. You may enjoy hearing it and use it to your advantage. The butterfly is symbolic of how we could find joy in such cases.

In a dream, a butterfly resting on our hand suggests letting go of something precious. Another interpretation is we feel driven to make the change.

The metaphor of catching the butterfly refers to the need to prepare ahead. It boosts our spirits to make necessary changes to achieve in life.

Dream About Butterflies Attacking You

The dream of being stung or attacked by a butterfly marks the beginning of a brand-new project.

It seems absurd, doesn’t it? But yes, you heard it right! You can be expressing a wish to be more independent and self-reliant.

This dream hints at a challenging and dangerous time in our lives. Taking that risk can put you in a spot, but it’ll all be worth it.

Dreams about butterfly attacks also suggest chance or expectation. You’re considering and taking the opportunities that script your dream future. Present situations have grown to match your manifestations due to the efforts you’ve invested. Our dream may be a sign that we’re creating answers to the issues in life.

The situation sometimes worries us, but we hope it won’t interfere with our plans.

Dreams of Butterflies Flying Around

Dreams of Butterflies Flying Around

If you see butterflies fluttering in your dreams, this’s a sign from the spiritual world. It’s telling you to follow your dreams. We must travel every pocket of the globe and live our lives to the fullest.

Seeing this dream also suggests that our soul is unbound. It implies that we dislike conforming to phony social norms and conventions.

We pick the social beliefs and ideals we want to include in our identity but don’t feel any loyalty to them. Thus, you live according to your standards and don’t fuss over what others think of you.

Dream About Killing a Butterfly

Killing a butterfly in dreams sounds creepy, right? Murder speaks of your emotions, whether repressed rage or the desire to rid yourself of certain people.

Suppose we kill a butterfly in our dreams. It’s because we’re angry with someone or with something. We attempt to get rid of it. It may be a quality, or a behavior, or something else.

Our mind is bringing forth sensations we don’t even realize while awake. Sometimes, you dream of your demise through butterflies. It’s an attempt to hide aspects of ourselves that we don’t like.

On the other hand, it may imply that we feel betrayed and disappointed by others. In the end, they break our hearts.

A dead butterfly, hence, in the dream, shows challenges or difficulties will develop. It’s due to events beyond our control. These dreams might catch you off guard since they’re wholly unexpected.

Dreaming of a Monarch Butterfly

Dreaming of a Monarch Butterfly

The monarch butterfly is a fascinating insect. It frequently has orange, white, and black wings. The monarch is arguably the butterfly that people are most familiar with.

Did you recently dream of a monarch? This king of butterflies symbolizes hope in our visions. Dreaming of the monarch butterfly isn’t unusual. It happens if we’re experiencing pain related to prior traumas.

Therefore, this is a spiritual message from above about caring for your health. The monarch butterfly also tells us to nurture our spiritual well-being.

Moreover, the monarch butterfly flies across the ocean to locate its home. They signify emigration to a better place. If you see a monarch butterfly in your dream, we recommend you attempt to deal with any emotional issues.

Lastly, monarch butterflies are a symbol of the boundless possibilities that exist in life. Pick the sword up and grab those chances right away.

Dreams About Dead Butterflies

Depending on the dream setting, a dead butterfly has a variety of symbolic meanings. Still, it indicates that one needs to take a break from hustling. It can signify that we’re losing touch with the things that make us happy, so we should attempt to rediscover them.

We should spend some time doing the activities that bring us the most joy. Above all, such dreams must follow the gut instinct, which typically guides us home.

Accept any transitions or changes in life and permit yourself to appreciate them. We shouldn’t let ourselves feel trapped. Our own or others’ limiting views mustn’t constrain us.

Maintain your integrity and overcome any obstacles that may stand in your way. Stop engaging in harmful behaviors, and free yourself from vicious cycles. We can do the transformation we want by doing the actions outlined here.

Catching Butterflies in a Dream

Catching Butterflies in a Dream

Have you ever had a butterfly-catching dream? In that case, it shows your attempt to fulfill fantasies about a particular person. This dream represents our desire to be romantically engaged with our crush if we’re single.

However, suppose you’ve been involved in a marriage or committed relationship. In such situations, this dream denotes your urge to cheat or a reminder of past affairs you may’ve engaged in.

Remember, a hallmark of immaturity is infidelity. Being unfaithful in a relationship can only cause the people we’re with to experience grief and sorrow. Keep in mind that we’re always responsible for our suffering.

On getting such dreams, rethink the feelings you possess and live up to the truth.

Dreams About Butterflies of Various Colors

Here are some direct interpretations of dreams about butterflies in different colors:

White Butterflies

White Butterflies

It’s a subtle reminder to search for compassion constantly, be it in people or circumstances.

Dreams about white butterflies signify that we must alter our lifestyle and attitude. They also symbolize purity, innocence, and tranquility in your dreams.

Blue Butterflies

Dreams about blue butterflies state potential changes in your life.

Our viewpoint on life shifts when we begin to realize how true the things we do are. Take your aspirations seriously now if you want to live a fulfilling life.

Purple Butterflies

Purple Butterflies

In your dreams, purple butterflies show up as a sign of a brand-new friendship. 

Did you meet someone recently? Someone you now met could’ve had a significant influence on your life. It may also portend good things for us in the future.

Yellow Butterflies

Yellow butterflies in your dreams are a symbol of your inner path.

Every encounter we’ve had in day-to-day life has a benefit. Dreams about yellow butterflies are the evidence for that.

Additionally, it represents achievement, acceptance, and an understanding of how beautiful life is.

Brown Butterflies

Brown Butterflies

Dreaming of brown butterflies is a sign of inner development. We can overcome the obstacles that limit a happy life.

In addition, something in your life might alter for the better.

Black Butterflies

If you get black butterfly dreams, you could face some annoying hardships. We might’ve buried our emotions and ideas.

Moreover, dreams of black butterflies indicate the end of a phase, cycle, ritual, or pattern in our waking life.

Red Butterflies

Red Butterflies

Your dreams involving red butterflies are a reflection of your vibrant personality. 

These dreams are a sign of our positive outlook on life. We learn how to cut all poor energy from our immediate environment through such red butterfly dreams.

Pink Butterflies

Pink is a vibrant color, isn’t it?

In dreams, pink butterflies are symbolic of a joyful, active life. There are individuals all around you who enhance your daily life with glee and happiness.

On getting pink butterfly dreams, we should follow our goals in reality.

Orange Butterflies

Orange Butterflies

Orange butterflies represent your generosity, intellect, and social abilities in your dreams.

It says how the season is ideal for giving and receiving love. Such attractive creatures symbolize that we must embrace the concept of momentary happiness and living in the moment.

Green Butterflies

A butterfly signifies your inner self in dreams, while green represents growth and nature.

In our dream, a green butterfly symbolizes the maturation of our hearts and the feeling of wholeness. Hence, dreaming about green butterflies changes our relationship with others and nature.


Is it a good luck sign to see butterfly dreams?

Yes, butterfly dreams are happy news carriers. They usually mean that we’re soon going to transform. It sets us on a new journey in life that’ll help us attain happiness and prosperity. Most importantly, it signifies our unwavering efforts to make a comeback.

What does a dream of butterflies landing on your hand mean?

A butterfly landing on your hand in the dream describes the change you need to bring. It could tell us to let go of a precious possession or person. Though these belongings keep us under their spell, they’re hazardous for our future growth.

What do white butterflies in dreams mean?

White butterflies act as markers of a pure heart. They speak of your innocence and purity. They appear in dreams to drive home the change in your attitude toward the world while holding on to a warm heart. These dreams teach us to draw a line with our giving approach.

Which color butterflies signify love in dreams?

Green and purple butterfly dreams often represent budding relationships. It could be a friendship or a love affair. They also speak of your likable personality in society. These are indicators of a new leaf in our relationship.


Visions of butterflies in your dream indicate that something new is about to start. Otherwise, your life might improve significantly.

The dreams about butterflies are often a symbol of change, optimism, and fresh starts. It’d be best if you took them as a sign that you could go through a transition and become a better person.

Butterflies serve as a reminder that change can be dreadful, but it can also be beautiful. Consider what our subconscious attempts to teach us through such insects in our dreams.

It could be time to make some changes in our lives. Use this article to decode what your dream about butterflies speaks to you and rise to the calling of dream gods.

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