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The Best Rated Dream Dictionary Books

Here at Dreamsandmythology.com; dreams are everything. To interpret your dreams and extract their messages, you will definitely need a dream dictionary and other dream interpretation guides that can help decipher dream symbolism.

Dream dictionaries offer extensive lists on terms and symbols
that are common in dreams, as well as a possible interpretation of that symbol.
Some dictionaries have better explanations than others and provide multiple
possibilities based on the circumstances of the dream.

Because of how much dream meanings vary, you should pick up
a few different dream dictionaries, guides, and journals. That way, if you
can’t find a dream symbol in one book, you may be able to find it in another. The
internet has lots of great resources as well, but we cannot list all of those
because there are thousands.

Let’s take a look at some dream meanings. See if your dream
sounds familiar to any of the items in the list below, and then check out the
dream books in the next section.

A Look at Some Dream Meanings

Before you go looking for a dream dictionary book, you
should try finding answers on the internet. Many digital dictionaries have been
compiled into easily navigated lists. Although, sometimes having a dream
dictionary and a dream journal to keep on your nightstand is more accessible
when you first wake up. Sometimes, a dream book’s interpretation is better than
online resources.

Here are some dream meanings that psychologistworld.com
has, based on single words, but they have a much longer list on their website,
which you can check out. This is just an excerpt from that list. To see longer
descriptions of these dream meanings, visit psychologistworld.com, and find the right term in the dream dictionary.

Absinthe – The use of absinthe in a dream indicated
foolish actions and a waste of your inheritance through selfish means.

Bacon – If you were eating bacon in the dream, this
predicts happiness in your life (unless you do not like bacon). However, if the
bacon was rancid when you went to eat it, there is a likeliness that you have a
dulled perception and are experiencing unsatisfactory states.

Cancer –To have a dream about being successfully
treated for cancer denotes a sudden rise from poverty to wealthier
surroundings. If you are not cured in the dream, this indicates the illness of
someone around you or someone you care about, not necessarily illness in

Dandelion – Dandelions foretell of happy unions and
prosperous surroundings.

Eclipse – A temporary failure in business is imminent
for you. The occurrence of an eclipse in a dream is never a good sign for any
current affair.

Field – Dead corn fields indicate dreary prospects in
the future for you. Healthy corn or wheat fields show abundance and happiness.
Newly plowed fields show an early rise in wealth and fortune, as well as an
advancement to places of honor.

Goldfish – Dreaming about goldfish is usually a great
sign of upcoming successful adventures and wealth. For women, this often means
that you will soon find a new partner.

High School – Dreaming about high school, in a form
other than memories, foretells of ascension in your love life. If you were
suspended in the dream, it means you will struggle in social circles with
friends and acquaintances alike.

Icicles – When icicles fall in a dream, it means that
misfortunes will soon disappear, leading to better luck afterward.

Jealousy – If you have a dream of being jealous of
your wife, this shows the influence of enemies and narrow-minded persons. You
will seek to displace a rival.

Kangaroo – Being attacked by a kangaroo in a dream
means that you will outwit a wily enemy who seeks bad of you. Your reputation
will soon be in jeopardy.

Lamb – A lost lamb portrays that people are or will
be under your influence, and you should be careful of your conduct.

Moon – An eclipsed moon denotes that contagion with
ravage your community. Many meanings can come with different phases of the
moon, but the eclipsed moon and blood-red moon are the worst omens to

Best Dream Dictionary Books

These are some dream books Amazon has available, including
dream dictionaries, dreamwork guides & journals, and lottery dream books.
There are many books other than these, but you will find the highest ratings
with these dream books specifically.

Consider buying more than one dreamer dictionary. Authors
offer different interpretations, and some go more in-depth than others. For
less common dream meanings, use a dream dictionary that has a longer list, such
as 12,000
Dreams Interpreted: A New Edition for the 21st Century (2011)

Dreamer’s Dictionary (1986) – By Stearn Robinson &
Tom Corbett

Click here for prices

12,000 Dreams Interpreted: A New Edition for the 21st
Century (2011) – By Linda Shields

Click here for prices

The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs,
and Meanings (2017) – By J.M. Debord

Click here for prices

Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting
Any Dream (2011) – By Dr. Michael Lennox

Click here for prices

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary: How to
Interpret Dream Symbol Meaning for Personal Growth (2018) – By Nancy Wagaman

Click here for prices

The Interpretation of Dreams: The Complete and
Definitive Text (2010) – By Sigmund Freud

Click here for prices

Dreams Interpreted: A Bedside Handbook Explaining
Everything from Accordions and Acorns to Zebras and Zippers(2019) – By Lizzie

Click here for prices

Llewellyn’s Complete Dictionary of Dreams: Over 1,000
Dream Symbols and Their Universal Meanings (2015) – By Dr. Michael Lennox

Click here for prices

A to Z Dream Symbology Dictionary (2015) – By Dr.
Barbie L. Breathitt

Click here for prices

The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language (2013) – By
Briceida Ryan

Click here for prices

Key to Your Dreams with Dream Journal: An A-to-Z
Dictionary to Interpret Your Dreams Plus a Dream Journal with Lined Pages
(2018) – By Tamara Trusseau

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Best Guided Dreamwork Books

Dreamwork books offer not only a dream dictionary but a
guide to using that dictionary, as well. This may come in handy if you do not
have much experience with interpreting dreams, or the meaning you found for
your dream is difficult to understand. Use the dreamwork guide book along with
a dream journal, if it does not already come with one.
The Dream Interpretation Handbook: A Guide and
Dictionary to Unlock the Meanings of Your Dreams (2019) – By Karen Frazier

Click here for prices

The Complete Book of Dreams and Dreaming (2019) – By
Pamela Ball

Click here for prices

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Own Dreams and
What They Mean to You

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The Hidden Meaning of Dreams (1999) – By Craig

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Best Lottery Dream Books

Lottery dream books are for people who would like to interpret
their dreams into lottery numbers and ways to increase their wealth. If you do
not conduct these in the correct way, you could end up causing the opposite
effect and losing wealth, so pay close attention to the book’s instruction.
Lucky Star Dreambook (2015) – By Prof. Konje

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Success Dream Book (2015) – By Prof. DeHerbert

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Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book: The Only Lottery
Book You’ll Ever Need

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Best Dream Catcher Books

Dream Catching A Spiritual Guide to Use and Understand Dreamcatchers (2017) – By Kaya Walker

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Dream About Books Meaning

Sometimes dreams are about books themselves. A dream of
books meaning can have many variations and interpretations.
If the person having the dream is an author, and they are
having a dream about publishing a book, it may seem like a good sign, but it is
not. Dreams about publishing a book are a good indication that your book will
not do well when it reaches the public. You may want to rethink the publication
or make some major changes to the layout of the book. You may even overhaul the
entire book.
Dreams about old or ancient books are very mysterious in
their meaning, but they often are a warning to you that says you should avoid
evil at all costs and pay attention to your surroundings.

Dream Meaning Dictionaries

Dream dictionaries usually have quick interpretations of
items and symbols in dreams. These quick explanations do not always apply to
certain people. The meaning all depends on how the symbol is used in the dream
and how it applies to any current situation going on in your life.
Make sure to listen to your intuition. Usually, the first message
or meaning that comes to mind after waking up from a dream is the true meaning.
Many of us often ignore our intuition or disregard the inner voice that guides
us when we should be listening.

Dreams are our intuition’s way of getting a message through,
and those messages are usually for a needed change in your life. Dreams speak a
lot of truth about our inner desires, so if you pay attention, you can learn
about yourself.

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