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Dreams About Rats and Mice: Meaning and Interpretation

Have you wondered about the significance of mice or rat dream meanings? Do you wish to know why you are experiencing such dreams but have no clue? Do you see a mouse circling you? Or are you chasing a mouse? There can be many scenarios of mouse dreams, and we aim to answer all your questions regarding the topic.

As you already know, rats are small rodents, and their sight in the waking world instills a sense of disgust in most people. This is because mice are associated with death and diseases, and it is an animal nobody wants to see in their waking lives, let alone the dream world.

However, most dreams are related to our activities in waking life, which gives us insight into the present, past, and future. Therefore, it is essential to take them seriously and try to understand their meaning.

Your experience depends on what you see in the dream, how the mouse appears in your dreams, what it does after approaching you, and what you feel after waking up. Also, each dream indicates something different. Sometimes these dreams can guide you on what you need to do or the people you need to stay away from, but sometimes, you might not understand anything at all.

In this article, we will be discussing the meanings and interpretations of rat or mouse dreams and the possible types of the same, which you might have faced. Feel free to comment below if you think we are missing your type of rat dream!

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Interpretations of Rat Dreams

Interpretations of Rat Dreams

There are many negative interpretations related to rat dreams, but there can be few positive ones depending on the dreamer.

If you experience a rat dream with negative symbolism, it doesn’t always mean that something unfortunate will happen. Instead, it may be a kind of warning by your subconscious mind that you need to be careful. Mouse dreams can also warn against dangers and are explained as a sign of fear or anxiety.

On the other hand, if you experience a rat dream having a positive side, it symbolizes hard work and perseverance. These dreams are an indication of a good omen, meaning something good might happen to you soon.

Let’s look into the popular general interpretations of mouse dreams and find their meaning in real life.

1. Fear and Anxiety

Fear and Anxiety

Rats and mice are considered unsanitary animals and easily invoke fear and anxiety in most people. When they are seen in dreams, there is a high chance of feeling the same anxiety level experienced in reality.

While dreaming, rats or mice represent the fear and anxieties faced during waking life. These emotions are quite distressing and overwhelming to encounter and affect the mind and body. These feelings obstruct your path to success and hold you back from moving ahead in life.

Several cases might trigger anxiety, namely childhood traumas, uneventful situations, or the death of a loved one.

It is better to confront and use these feelings of fear in your dreams as a medium to help identify and confront the leading cause in real life. When you find a solution to the primary issue of the dream, you can plan the next step accordingly to react to the reason and succeed in life.

2. Sickness and Diseases

Most people have an instinctive repulsive reaction when they notice rats or mice. This is because mice have an unpleasant history as carriers of the most infectious diseases, such as the Bubonic plague, and spreading viruses like E. coli, Salmonella, and rat-bite virus.

Rats and mice dreams symbolize deadly diseases or sickness and the fear of getting infected by the same, especially those that spread rapidly and are detrimental. But the fear of infection isn’t necessarily exclusive to physical illness. It can also symbolize emotional, mental, or spiritual sickness.

Illness in dreams also refers to toxic or unbalanced relationships. Someone’s destructive behavior might be reflected as symptoms in your rat dream. Pay necessary attention to every small detail in the dream, especially check what’s wrong with the rat if it seems unhealthy.

These dreams also point out a negative aspect indicating you’re gradually losing control over yourself. Thus, make sure to immediately confront them to prevent facing any emotional trauma.

3. Cleverness


Not all mice’s dreams are negative. Some of them have positive aspects as well—for example, the cleverness in rats.

Rats are known for their incredible adaptive skills and intelligence. They are pretty bright and portray strong survival skills, which help them stay hidden and survive under challenging conditions without getting caught. For this reason, researchers have used rats for studying animal behavior, as they show survival instincts quite similar to humans.

When seen in dreams, rats and mice symbolize your adaptability and cleverness while working in uncomfortable circumstances like unfriendly colleagues or hostile environments. The dream depicts your ability to adapt to varying environments without anyone knowing and succeed in life unnoticed till the day your efforts are recognized.

On the other hand, a rat dream also means that you need to adopt these qualities in reality. You might experience this dream if you cannot cope in unknown surroundings or meet new people.

4. Perseverance

Perseverance is one of the strong points of all mice. They are resilient animals who can persevere and achieve their goal even in the most challenging situations. No matter the purpose of the rat, it tries its level best to succeed.

Since they possess great perseverance, they excel as test subjects in various experiments. The rats show great dedication in completing an activity and thus get rewarded.

If you see a persevering mouse in your dreams, this might indicate your hardworking capabilities in reality. If you have the motivation to do your work and have clear goals, then no one can stop you from succeeding. Just like a mouse, you persevere through every obstacle that life presents to you, and you get the rewarding feeling of your hard work.

5. Betrayal


Rats in dreams are often signified to be symbols of betrayal. You must have heard the term “to rat on someone,” which represents disloyalty.

Rats in dreams may symbolize disloyalty experienced by you, or the feeling and fear of letting down, afraid that you might get double-crossed or that you sell out someone close to you.

Betrayal can be of many types, depending on the specifics of the act. This includes white lies that come back on us, covering for someone we shouldn’t have, cheating on a spouse or partner, getting an undeserved promotion by unfair means, and many more. These thoughts may keep going in your mind and thus trigger your subconscious to show you mice dreams.

On the contrary, if we are deceived, rats are likely to show up in our dreams as they depict pain due to betrayal. It is a hurtful feeling, losing faith in someone we previously trusted. Keep in mind, rats showing up in your dreams can be a way to remove your sorrows and have a chance to heal.

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Various Types of Rat Dreams

To interpret the whole rat dream meaning, it is better to understand how they appear and then recollect as much as possible. Make sure to ask yourself the actions of the mouse or how it interacted with you.

The better you remember the specifics of the dream, the more insights you can gain by comparing the dream with your recent experiences in the waking world. We suggest you try and maintain a dream journal to correlate and compare all the rat dreams you might have experienced.

Mentioned below is a list of some of the common scenarios of mouse dreams encountered by people.

Dream of a White Mouse

Dream of a White Mouse

In reality, white mice are comparatively cuter than other mice varieties. However, these dreams have a negative interpretation and maybe a warning for a backstabbing event. Be warned, someone in your friend circle is a fake friend and will soon become your worst enemy.

The person might reveal your confidential information, which was to be kept a secret, to benefit from the scenario or damage your reputation. These people are clever and will always claim to be innocent, but you have to find out the person who wants to cause you harm and stop them.

This dream also suggests planning the best course of action for yourself to succeed in life. If you see a white mouse in a dream, you may be working hard but not in the right direction. So, make sure to plan your future steps and follow them accordingly.

Dream of Mouse with Cats

If you see a cat chasing a mouse in your dream, this means you need to face your problems and stand up for yourself. If you are an extroverted person, you must restrict other people from controlling your life and start taking matters into your own hands.

Not stopping at the right time can have negative implications on your life. As a result, you need to find your inner strength and take control of your life. In such dream scenarios, it is vital to believe in yourself and make clear decisions to succeed in life.

Dream of a Mouse Eating Cheese

Dream of a Mouse Eating Cheese

Dreaming of a mouse eating cheese may depict someone trying to lower your self-confidence, especially your boss or colleagues, to reduce your productivity at work. These people want to bring you down, as they are jealous of your hard work and perseverance. Make sure to remain careful of the people around you.

If you see yourself feeding the mouse in the dream, it depicts that you are highly confident. However, being overconfident can help your colleagues take advantage of you. Thus, try to be more humble and keep an open mind.

This dream also teaches you to be respectful to all people currently in your life.

Dream of Chasing a Mouse

If you see yourself chasing a mouse in a dream, this signifies that you are not good at solving problems, and the minor issues are bothering you. Hence it is better to change your approach towards solving problems and adopt a new perspective on problematic affairs.

Also, if you get hold of the mouse before the dream ends, you might be rewarded with profits in the economic and financial aspects of your life.

Dream of Being Bitten by a Rat

Dream of Being Bitten by a Rat

Getting bitten by a rat in a dream signifies betrayal. The rat biting you represents someone who wants to harm you out of jealousy or hatred.

On the contrary, if you see the rat biting someone else, this means that you are not kind to others. This dream reminds you of being kind to your friends and relatives.

Dream of Seeing Lots of Rats

This dream signifies that you are going through too many things in life and doing something wrong, which might leave someone dissatisfied with your work.

This dream can also signify periods of confusion and doubt, so it is better to take a break and plan what you want to do next.

Dream of Killing a Mouse

Dream of Killing a Mouse

Seeing a dead mouse or killing one in your dream is a bad omen and signifies a threat of misfortune awaiting you and your family.

This dream also signifies that you have the power to overcome any problems you might face if you leave the past behind and start with a clean slate.

Dream of a Rat’s Nest

If you see a rat’s nest in your dream, this signifies the presence of many mice. This might be a sign of adverse events and the company of fake friends who can betray you.

However, there is nothing to worry about. You must be prepared to rise after you face failure for anything that life presents to you.


To sum it up, it is clear that seeing rats in dreams has more chances of a negative effect than positive ones. Mice dreams convey essential aspects of your life which you need to work on. These dreams can also help you wake up before it’s too late or point out your problems that you have been ignoring.

When it comes to dreams, you need to analyze what it depicts and then correlate them with what they represent in real life. Once you have carefully looked it through, you can implement that information from your dreams to make changes in the real world.

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