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Dreams about Pigs: Symbolism and Interpretations.

When speaking from a psychological perspective, pigs bear both positive and negative implications. They’re a representation of more profound and philosophical symbols of life.

 A pig’s first thought is of filth and an unclean environment.

pigs dream meaning

This article expects the general pig dream meanings and their symbolic representations. They’ll help you assess your dream images and get closer to your true self.

Pigs Dream Meaning

Pigs have spiritual and cultural significance, and their dreams about these animals ‌imply your mannerisms and soft skills.

If you’re dreaming about pigs, it’s possibly because of varied reasons, such as who your companions are and what kinds of hobbies you indulge in. This can also let you understand your personality and how you react to challenging situations.

Some general interpretations of recurring pig dreams variants are:

Fat Pig

Fat Pig

This implies you’re slowing down in life and have learned from the past.

Healthy Pig

You can expect promotions and recognition at the workplace.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

Such dream imagery shows matters of the heart and your commitments.

Roasted Pig

Roasted Pig

Dreams about roasted pigs indicate wealth and good fortune that will soon come your way.

Pig Heads

Fragmentary images of pig heads imply significant human needs, and it’s a call for action.

What Does a Pig Symbolize in a Dream?

Here are some standard symbols that pigs in dreams denote:



In dreams, pigs are symbols of wealth. The image of a pig shows an overreaching ambition to gain money and other material wealth.

In the case of specific dream variants, it’s also symbolic of financial savings over a long period that results from hard work.


Dreams about pigs symbolize a guided and supported journey. You’re surrounded by caring people who have much trust in you.

Their good wishes and blessings lead you to achieve your goals. Subconsciously, you believe in accomplishing your dreams with little hindrance – all credit to their presence in your life.



Pigs in dreams also symbolize a calm and composed attitude toward life. These mammals seldom agitate as long as you nourish them with ample food and water.

Dreams with pigs hint to you to remain calm in the face of obstacles. Try looking at the situation from varied perspectives to reach a reasonable solution.

Positive Change

Often, fragmentary images of pigs denote positive and new changes in life. You have worked very hard for a long time and now await a new chapter in life.

This could be anything from starting a successful business to buying a new apartment. Whatever the change is, it will be a pivotal moment in life.

Legal Concerns

Legal Concerns

In the case of specific dream variants, pigs in dreams refer to illegal transactions that can lead you to trouble. If these dreams recur, be aware of legal charges’ credible threats.

This can also imply your fear of the police and a guilty conscience. Hence, you’re constantly doubting every situation and not confident about your decisions.

Sexual Desire

 Pigs symbolize your carnal desires that you want to suppress. We know pigs for their prolific nature and capability of giving birth to multiple offspring.

Such dreams imply your sexual capability and that you’re attracted to your partner. These sexual desires result from the deprivation of affection and neglect from your spouse or partner.

Interpretations for Different-Coloured Pigs

Dreams don’t have a definite answer for all people since their distinctive subconscious influences their perceptions. Likewise, the colors of pigs that appear in your dreamscape alter the explanations of dreams:

Dream about Red Pigs

Dream about Red Pigs

Dreams concerning red pigs reflect your desire to receive fair treatment from others. A bright future awaits you, but your past is holding you back. To progress in life, consider letting go of your past and embrace the new challenges that lead you to success. 

In another context, you value people who work hard and are compassionate. If the externalities like appearance and social status bother you, red pigs appear in your dreams. Such obsessions are stopping you from enjoying your life.

Dreams about Black Pigs

Dreams about Black Pigs

The black pig imagery brings out your inner greed and selfishness. It implies the animalistic gestures of fighting over food.

Your competitiveness pushes you to get to fruition over trivial matters. However, you need not fight anyone but can simply solve your problems by communicating with aplomb.

Such imagery also implies that you can step behind when you have gained enough wealth. You’re inclined towards letting other people try their luck.

On the flip side, the dream imagery implies upcoming lousy news or that you’re surrounded by people who spread negativity.

Dream about White Pigs

Dream about White Pigs

The color white represents peace and an auspicious omen. Sadly, it’s not always the case.

A white pig may resemble stubbornness otherwise. In such cases, people who would act opposite to their true nature might surround you. When a situation blossoms, such individuals may act dangerous, and you must interact with them promptly.

7 Dream Scenarios about Pigs and their Explanations

Pigs, often associated with greed and gluttony, bear positive and negative connotations. Yet, their dream backgrounds vary, given the dreamscape’s context and other minute details.

Some of the trusted dream interpretations concerning pigs are as follows:

1. Dream about Pigs with Piglets

Dream about Pigs with Piglets

Dreams about pigs and piglets show knowledge and financial gain that reaps high monetary results. The image of a pig brings good fortune or new and challenging opportunities that will improve your life.

An important symbol of a pig is money or material wealth. It can be any project in which you’re investing financially. In contrast, piglets refer to the benefits of your long-term investment or efforts. 

Another context of pigs symbolizes immense knowledge and experience you’ve gathered over a long time. This information will help you achieve your dreams and aspirations.

Consider this dream concerning pigs and piglets as an encouragement to accept every positive and negative experience in life. They will drive you to your goals.

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2. Dream about Feeding a Pig

Dream about Feeding a Pig

Dreams regarding feeding pigs appear in sleep when you’re caring for and nursing someone who doesn’t recognize your efforts and contributions in life. Such an individual isn’t thankful for your kindness. Conversely, they complain about their lacking energy.

These dream scenarios can be a warning signal from your subconscious that informs you to keep distant from such opportunistic people. They take advantage of you without being thoughtful of your well-being.

An alternative context states an impending financial crisis. Feeding pigs implies you wasted your money on greedy and parasitic people. They have lived on your efforts and hard-earned money, leaving you destitute.

The situation may sound complex and full of hardships. You might sell off your prized possessions or thrift your days away in this circumstance. Either way, you can learn to be mindful of your expenditures and the people with whom you put faith.

3. Dream about Buying a Pig

Dream about Buying a Pig

The fragmented image of buying a pig signifies your efficient handling of financial matters. Every minute decision you take undergoes meticulous scrutiny.

Since you prioritize precautions, hardly any project fails or deviates from its destined path of progress.

Note: You don’t decide alone.

It’s not because you’re under-confident about your opinions, but engaging everyone in your family to express their perspectives helps you to assess their desires. An added benefit is how it strengthens your bond with your friends and family.

In another context, the dream sequence implies your tendency to impress everyone. Such gestures can trigger your anxieties and push you into worrying about what other people might think of you. This will eventually lessen your confidence and compel you to question your integrity.

Psychologists opine that if you’re visualizing such dreams, it indicates some strong emotions that result from your tumultuous hardships. However, you can overcome them with the help of your friends and family.

4. Dream about Slaughtering a Pig

Pigs being slaughtered is a dream motif that shows the killing of your inner animalistic instincts and also that of a deadly sin, gluttony.

From a spiritual perspective, people believe that dreaming about slaughtering a pig implies your subconscious urge to eradicate your greed and live a minimalistic life.

Another explanation can be your investment in a failing project. Despite knowing that the project has no potential, betting your money on it reflects your poor judgment. Making decisions on a whim has resulted in your consequent losses.

In a different context, such a dream pattern implies an upcoming event with an unfortunate outcome. You might give away your lifelong savings to someone who’s not worth it. This decision will leave you poor and regretting your judgment.

If this dream is recurrent, consider contemplating your previous actions and take better measures to ensure your finances.

5. Dream about Running Away from a Pig

Dream about Running Away from a Pig

Is there anything or a person in your conscious life that’s bothering you? If that’s the case, then dreams about running away from a pig can emerge in your sleep. This is an implication of you trying to escape those negative situations impacting your life.

There can be someone in your life who’s plotting a conspiracy against you. They can potentially ruin your reputation and spread rumors behind your back. Someone subconsciously disturbs your mental peace. Identify those individuals who are bent on harming you fatally.

Recently, if you have argued with someone vehemently, you must have developed hostility towards that person. Without you knowing, the person you hurt with your words in the heat of the moment scares you the most.

6. Dream about Roasting a Pig on a Skewer

Dream about Roasting a Pig on a Skewer

The mental image of pigs roasting can be grotesque, but it carries a positive impression.

A dream that shows roasting a pig on a skewer determines the end of a painful period and the initiation of a healthier beginning. It signifies that your life has an imminent fresh new chapter, and all your underlying tensions will fade away eventually.

Experts believe that this dream also means disappointment. People around you expect high results, which pressure you into worrying about failure. Such high ambitions can affect your mental health, slowly pushing you towards depression.

In another scenario, this can remind you of previous mistakes and those you have wronged unwittingly. You may also remember all the opportunities you have missed so far. This might evoke regret since these compel you to introspect all your life decisions.

It’s human to err. There’s always room for improvement. This dream sequence reminds you to make some changes in your personality traits and raise your status in the eyes of others.

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7. Dream about New Pigs

Dream about New Pigs

If you’re considering welcoming a new member to your family, it’s natural for pig-themed dreams to appear. The motif of new pigs connotes fertility or rebirth.

Even when you’re pregnant and fantasizing about the coming days with your baby, you can visualize dreams about new pigs.

Are you undergoing a crisis where it’s difficult to accept who you are? In reality, society or cultural taboos have prevented you from accepting that phase of your personal or professional life.

Remember, if you cannot respect yourself, you cannot expect others to do the same.

Understand that your apparent behavior reflects your inner feelings. However, if you’re trying to suppress your emotions to satisfy others, you better stop doing it.

It’s wise to work on your receptive abilities and manage your feelings. This will help you form reactions and make you less exposed to others.

This fragmentary image represents wisdom and guidance, as well. If a concern is bothering you continually, seek professional advice from someone you trust.

Setting healthy boundaries around you is worthwhile to restore sanity and confidence.


Often, people harbor a misconception that pigs are dirty and unhealthy. However, in a dream, the image of pig signifies both sides of a coin.

Pigs are friendly and docile mammals. They resemble human behavior and personality traits. Various representations of pigs in a dream imply the diverse facets of human life.

Pig-themed dreams urge you to change your innate characteristics and live a harmonious life with your part of society.

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