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Owl Dream Meaning and Interpretation in Different Mythologies

Have you always wondered about the significance of owl dream meanings?  Do owls appear in your dreams often? Do they interact with you, stare at you, or scare you? Do you feel an intellectual change the morning after an owl dream? Well, you’re not alone!

A significant part of humanity has observed owl dreams. Like you, many of them are looking to satiate the building inquisitiveness.

Legends have varying opinions on such owl dreams – some call them wicked and inauspicious. Some call them magical and uplifting, some fear and conceal them, and some directly relate them to the happenings in their lives.

Either way, most of this banter has come through word of mouth over generations.

Owls symbolize different meanings in various cultures across the globe. Being these royal nocturnal birds, they have several spiritual meanings attached to them.

There are claims that owls are known to be midnight messengers between the living and dead. Some other countries believe owl dreams are a medium of wisdom being showered by the higher powers.

Owl Dream Meanings Across The Globe

Owl Dream Meanings Across The Globe

Let’s look at what owl dreams mean in different parts of the world.

Owl Dreams For Celtics

Celtic folk has for long considered owls to be warriors against deceivers. They have faith that owls cannot support any form of deception and that owls stay awake at night to guard the honor of humans.

Try and notice how Celtic clothing, household items, and bestiaries have placed the owl logo. They do this to acquire the blessings of the Celtic fertility goddess, who lives in the souls of owls in that part of the world.

Both these factors make the Celtics label the owl as a truly wise bird that has deservedly been gifted with sacred knowledge. Knowledge of the underworld – that allows them to communicate and transfer messages between realms.

Owl Dreams For Native Americans

Known for their crazy and probably factual belief systems in the past, Native Americans believe that owls have a secret adobe of information regarding the afterlife. Thus, when owls appear in their dreams, whatever is visualized is a sign of a message from the dreamer’s already-scripted afterlife.

Parents in olden times in Native American territories would play the owl card on their children. They thought that a hooting owl signified the time to carry a soul from their deathbed to the zone of the afterlife. Thus, the elders would scare the children by correlating the midnight hooting of owls to the vanishing of little ones in these tribal areas.

Even more startling, some Native Americans would worship owls. They believed that owls were their ancestors in disguise. Ancestors who wanted to communicate a message of realization, a warning, or a mere indication of a culturally degrading tribal taboo.

Isn’t it marvelous how contrasting opinions were in the same part of the world?

Owl Dreams For Christians

Olden biblical notes stated the symbolism of owls more than 5 times in their transcripts. Although now replaced with ostriches, these birds have carried immense sacred value.

Take some time out and refer to ancient scriptures speaking about Christianity. You will notice owl representations across drawings, tattoos, and carvings.

All you religion-ponderers who feel a spark of curiosity regarding owls and Christians head over here to unveil some striking intricacies between the two.

Various Types Of Owl Dreams

The interpretation of your owl dreams can best be deciphered by visualizing the presence of owls with scrutiny. Try and recollect questions such as how many owls were there, their colors, were they flying or sitting still, were they hooting, etc.

Remember, the representation of owl dreams on paper may be fascinating, but understanding them can be a painstaking task that involves high levels of mindfulness.

We suggest attempting to write a dream journal to properly correlate all your other dreams to the owl dreams you have. Expect to be shocked by the insights you’ll generate in a few months.

  1. Flying Owl Dreams: Flying owl dreams signify incoming stress within your family. This could unfold as an internal family conflict or a negative influence spreading detrimental thoughts amongst the family members.
  2. Dead Owl Dreams: Don’t be surprised to hear this. Dead owls should directly be understood as you approaching a period of despair due to death. Either you or a loved one could be the victim.
    In short, it represents the transformation of your alive self into an afterlife self (more simply put, death.)
  3. Hooting Owl Dreams: This is a cry that denotes the beginning of a new phase.
  4. Black Owl Dreams: Showcasing elegance in birds to a fine level, black owl dreams mean you are undergoing a spiritual awakening.
    When you see a black owl in your dreams, start to allow otherwise constrained thoughts to flow more freely, take those actions you’ve wanted to, and adapt to the enlightening feeling in your mind and body.
  1. Single & Multiple-Owl Dreams: When you see a single or many owls in a dream, consider it to be an involvement of other people who will make a difference to your life anytime soon.
    Clearly put, single owl dreams are a sign of increasing awareness of being mindful of the company you’re in. This can mean looking out for a spiritual breakthrough amongst your company or being vigilant of bad company that makes your inner growth stagnant.
    Whereas multiple owls in your dream are usually the presence of other people in your spiritual journey. Adapt to them, relate to them, imbibe their out-of-the-norm talks, and accept what spiritual knowledge they share with you, be it subconsciously or consciously.
  2. Generic Owl Dreams: If you ever see just a single brown owl sitting on a branch and doing nothing, eyes wide open, no sign of movements – start to dwell within yourself. These owl dream meanings ask for an attitude of self-reflection – most often for a change for the better.

What If I Dream Of An Injured Owl?

Whether you see an owl stuck in power lines, being attacked by foxes, being hit by a car, or a frightened owl fleeing the scene, there is only one thing that matters – the owl is a mirror image of yourself.

All these signs could denote the arrival of bad news, a physical or emotional injury to the dreamer, the arrival of worries, or the end of something very special to the dreamer.

Try and up your guard after injured owl dreams. Keep a check on your health, social circles, behavioral patterns, and the situations you would usually not find yourself in often.

What If I Dream Of An Owl Attacking Me?

Suppose an owl is attacking the dreamer. The dreamer finds themselves in more of a defending rather than counter-attacking position. In that case, there’s no reason to be afraid. Although it can have several meanings, it’s most commonly related to aggression stored deep within the dreamer.

Sometimes it could also try revealing the fact that one of your loved ones is angry with you, to a point beyond repair. Even worse, it could mean jealousy from people you know, people who can’t watch you grow and flourish in life.

Take these dreams as a warning sign to be attentive to possible fights with people you interact with or spot daily. All in all, dreams where an owl is attacking you indicate either you being a victim of someone’s anger or victimizing society’s parts with your inner anger.

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What If I Dream Of Owls Killing Each Other?

Dreams that entail owls killing each other are a direct representation of self-destruction on an intellectual note. When you see owls dying due to fighting with one and other, take it as a fight that’s happening within you, against you.

On a positive note, it can also mean achieving results in specific self-transformation goals you had set. These goals could either be letting go of a person or a habit or molding your perception into one of broad-mindedness.

It’s best to look at these dreams in a way that also accounts for your day-to-day growth on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level.

11 Facts About Owls That You Did Not Know

Manifestation is true. If you refuse to believe in these owl dream meanings and interpretations, try and link your dream to some factual information about owls. Keep reading to gain some rare knowledge on these mysterious yet magical hooting night-birds.

  1. Owls are rare birds that can twist their heads to almost 300 degrees around.
  2. You will never be able to hear two owls fighting. They fight as silently as they stalk.
  3. Try and spot an owl in the day; it’s almost impossible. This bird of prey is 99% of times spotted in the night.
  4. Owls gulp down the entire prey, irrespective of size. Once gulped, they gag and barf out the indigestible contents of their meal.
  5. They have ridiculously sharp and good-gripped claws that prove instrumental in hunting. This bodily trait makes them a great hunters of fish too.
  6. Observe an owl closely, and you’ll notice a flat face with huge, spherical-shaped eyes.
  7. Owls are farsighted night-birds. If you stand beside the branch of a tree that has an owl on it, chances are it won’t spot you and will keep looking into the distance.
  8. Their eyes aren’t eyeballs. Factually speaking, they fuel their vision to the point that establishes razor-sharp focus and enhanced depth perception. Thus, making them exceptional hunters of slow animals.
  9. A bunch of owls gathered together is called a parliament. This makes so much sense because they are considered wise birds. Next time you spot a parliament (of owls) in your dreams, expect a sense of wisdom to creep into your mindset the next morning. No jokes.
  10. Owls have a distinct feature on their face, a third eyelid. This moves in a sideways motion on either end to keep their eyes neat and lubricated.
  11. There are 200 owl species, and each species has a different symbolic representation.

Getting to the base of your owl dreams isn’t as easy as you thought anymore, right?

Now try and make sense out of your owl dreams. You’ll realize that immediate interpretations are never a wise call. And since your dealing with a category of especially wise night-birds, stay calm and come to a conclusion after careful thinking.

Verdict: Owl Dream Meanings

The meaning of such owl dreams can have a hundred different representations that are hard to think over. For example, hooting owl dreams can resemble the onset of a new beginning, you killing an owl in a dream can mean you need to be more self-aware. A beautiful, enticing owl means you’re being introduced to a new source of love.

Don’t let your owl dreams slide and build up dust. Delve into them, make an attempt to make sense out of them, and get a hold of what the universe is attempting to communicate with you.

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