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The Big List of Quotes About Mythology

Mythology is a type of literature that tells stories of gods, demi-gods, or heroes.
Mythology can be Greek, Roman, Norse, Chinese, or Egyptian, just to name a few.
If there is a quote about mythology, we will have it here in this big list of
mythology quotes.

Mythology Quotes

Myth is the natural and indispensable intermediate stage between unconscious and conscious cognition

Carl Jung (see more quotes by Carl Jung)

“Myths are public dreams; dreams are private myths.” – (see more quotes by Joseph Campbell)

Myth is much more important and true than history. History is just journalism and you know how reliable that is.

Joseph Campbell (see more quotes by Joseph Campbell)

A belief proves to me only the phenomenon of belief, not the content of the belief.

Carl Jung (see more quotes by Carl Jung)

Myth is the revelation of divine life in man

Carl Jung (see more quotes by Carl Jung)

Mythology is not a lie, mythology is poetry, it is metaphorical. It has been well said that mythology is the penultimate truth–penultimate because the ultimate cannot be put into words. It is beyond words. Beyond images, beyond that bounding rim of the Buddhist Wheel of Becoming. Mythology pitches the mind beyond that rim, to what can be known but not told.

Joseph Campbell (see more quotes by Joseph Campbell)

“The connection between psychology, mythology, and literature is as important as the
connection between psychology and biology and the hard sciences.” – Jordan

“I’ve come to the conclusion that mythology is really a form of archaeological
psychology. Mythology gives you a sense of what people believe, what they
fear.” – George Lucas

“Only a few individuals succeed in throwing off mythology in a time of a certain
intellectual supremacy–the mass never frees itself.” – Carl Jung

“I think people should read fairy tales because we’re hungry for a mythology that
will speak to our fears.” – Sandra Cisneros

“I believe in mythology. I guess I share Joseph Campbell’s notion that a culture
or society without mythology would die, and we’re close to that.” – Robert

“I always point out to my Passover guests that the Hebrews were not living in
isolation. They were at the crossroads of several great, elaborate cultures
with their own mythology and religion and art and architecture and cultural
belief. In fact, so many of the mythologies of the world describe the same
events, just from different points of view.” – Harold Ramis

“Beyond Greek mythology, history just didn’t have a strong resonation with me.”- Rza

“The thing about playing gods, whether you’re playing Thor and Loki or Greco Roman
gods or Indian gods or characters in any mythology, the reason that gods were
invented was that they were basically larger versions of ourselves.” – Tom

“I’m usually working on my own mythology, my own realm of created characters.
Stories in mythology inspire me, though I may not be conscious of it.” – Anne

“I think that we need mythology. We need a bedrock of story and legend in order to
live our lives coherently.” – Alan Moore

“The myth is the foundation of life; it is the timeless schema, the pious formula
into which life flows when it reproduces its traits out of the unconscious.
Certainly, when a writer has acquired the habit of regarding life as mythical
and typical there comes a curious heightening of his artistic temper, a new
refreshment to his perceiving and shaping powers, which otherwise occurs much
later in life; for while in the life of the human race the mythical is an early
and primitive stage, in the life of the individual it is a late and mature
one.” – Thomas Mann

“I’m like Loki in Nordic mythology: one day, I’ll be a woman and the next day a
snake.” – Yung Lean

“A myth or legend is simply not made up out of a vacuum. Nothing is–or can be.
Somehow there is a kernel of truth behind it, however distorted that might be.”
– Isaac Asimov

“In mythology, the Medusa can petrify people with a look – which is a good thing, I
think. But the Medusa is a unique symbol – something strong. It’s about going
all the way.” – Donatella Versace

“’Star Wars’ is mythology. It’s like Greek mythology or Shakespeare. It’s the story of
good versus evil over a very long span of time. The storytelling is universal
and timeless.” – Michael Franti

“But when he came to study those who had thrown off the old myths, he found them
even more ugly than those who had not. They did not know that beauty lies in
harmony, and that loveliness of life has no standard amidst an aimless cosmos
save only its harmony with the dreams and the feelings which have gone before
and blindly molded our little spheres out of the rest of chaos.” – H. P.

“I get a lot of inspiration from research in mythology and folklore. I find that,
you know, stories people told each other thousands of years ago are still
relevant now.” – Cassandra Clare

“Do you know what a skinwalker is? It’s a thing in Indian mythology. There are
certain people born with this gift, and they’re able to actually get inside you
and mess with your feelings and with your mind. And if a skinwalker chooses to
get a hold of you, there’s not much you can do.” – Robbie Robertson

“As a reader with next to no knowledge of classical mythology, I approached ‘The
Aeneid’ just as I would a contemporary poem or novel – and, despite my
ignorance, I was rewarded with a rich and affecting portrait of, among other
things, the memorably doomed love affair between Aeneas and Dido.” – Sally

“I guess darkness serves a purpose: to show us that there is redemption through
chaos. I believe in that. I think that’s the basis of Greek mythology.” –
Brendan Fraser

“People didn’t realize it, but they needed myths to survive, just as much now as when
their forebears were alive. Perhaps more. Mythology embodied the world’s
dreams, helped to make sense of the great human problems. Just as the dreams of
individuals exist to give subconscious support to their conscious lives, so do
myths serve as society’s dreams. They uncover the dark, hidden places where
mysteries dwell and can turn to a nightmare if left untended. They make sense
of injustice in archetypal terms. They give men and women a blueprint for how
they may respond to success or failure, tragedy, or joy.” – Charles De Lint

“Norse mythology is mystifying and fantastic and totally confusing, but you can draw a
lot of inspiration from it.” – Tessa Thompson

“True myth may serve for thousands of years as an inexhaustible source of
intellectual speculation, religious joy, ethical inquiry, and artistic renewal.
The real mystery is not destroyed by reason. The fake one is. You look at it
and it vanishes. You look at the Blond Hero — really look — and he turns into
a gerbil. But you look at Apollo, and he looks back at you. The poet Rilke
looked at a statue of Apollo about fifty years ago, and Apollo spoke to him.
“You must change your life,” he said. When true myth rises into
consciousness, that is always its message. You must change your life.” – Ursula
K. Le Guin

“I’m really interested in mythology and folklore. I’m interested in moralities, why
we’re here, faith… all of these bigger questions that I think we can place in
films that allow us to question and give us a safe place to feel. Those types
of questions can pop up in all sorts of different types of films – drama,
comedy, action movies.” – Brie Larson

“I have often had the fancy that there is some one Myth for every man, which, if
we but knew it, would make us understand all he did and thought.” – William
Butler Yeats

“The deeper I go into mythology, the more I find. I originally did five ‘Percy
Jackson’ books. I thought that would cover Greek mythology, and I couldn’t have
been more wrong. It’s ever-expanding.” – Rick Riordan

“Nepal is a beautiful country with a lot of holy places. I also like the country
because it’s close to the Himalayas. According to Hindu mythology, that’s the
abode of Lord Shiva.” – Kailash Kher

“A culture without mythology is not really a civilization.” – Vilayanur S.

“If you look at the great Westerns, and at Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology, they
all contain elements in common: a harsh landscape; demons or outlaws trying to
stop or kill the protagonist; and there are mythical legends at their core,
innate in all cultures.” – Simon Toyne

“I definitely read a lot of books on the psychology and mythology behind fairy
tales because I think that’s really fascinating, and there’s a lot to draw on
there.” – Meghan Ory


From authors to actors to scientists, mythology is a commonly shared interest with each of their quotes, providing a unique perspective on the topic. Whether Greek, Norse, Chinese, Indian, or Roman, mythology is enjoyed by many and has had an impact on many throughout history.

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