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8 Surprising Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Are you physically and emotionally drained? Try Lucid dreaming. Well, this advice might sound very unrealistic since lucid dreaming cannot be mastered immediately. Also, being aware and taking charge of what is happening in your dreamscape might seem like a bizarre idea. But the fact is that lucid dreaming definitely works.

Lucid dreaming is like a channel to release your pent-up emotions and can help a great deal in conditioning your conscious mind to be empowered. Your ability to run wild and experience a sense of complete freedom can have a great impact on your waking life.

8 Surprising Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Yes, inducing lucid dreams needs a fair amount of dedication and regular practice. However, it is not that difficult if you follow the recommended instructions, maintain focus and stay disciplined.

Eight Benefits of Lucid Dreaming You Probably Didn’t Know

Here are the EIGHT benefits of lucid dreaming. You will be amazed to know how your lucid dreams from your fantasy life can positively shape and transform your real life.

1. It Lets You Find the True Purpose of Life

You are more likely to experience lucid dreams or vivid dreams while you are on your ascension journey of attaining complete nirvana. The process of ascending higher toward an unknown supreme entity or power is to relinquish anything that disturbs your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

So, lucid dreaming is critical to achieving the flair to conquer your mind for a better mind-body-spirit connection. This is the ideal way to rediscover yourself and find the true meaning or the larger purpose of your life and your existence.

2. It Enhances Your Skills in Real Life

It Enhances Your Skills in Real Life

Are you trying to become a better version of yourself? Are you trying to learn a skill and ace it? Are you struggling to get better at your job? Lucid dreaming can help you. Lucid dreams can work like affirmations accentuating your positive thoughts. This way, they influence your subconscious mind to become mentally stronger in order to take on various challenges in your life.

Experts suggested that you can achieve finesse in any physical activity or skill with the help of lucid dreaming. This is because when you perform that activity in your lucid dream, although it is not real, it still triggers the same part of your brain as it would if you were doing that activity in your waking life. Therefore, lucid dreaming can also boost your motor skills.

3. It Helps You Face Your Insecurities and Fears

Lucid dreams are a great way to prevent you from escaping your fears and insecurities. It is a natural human tendency to keep running away from what makes us doubt ourselves. If you continue to find escape routes and avoid dealing with your bottled-up diffidence, you are exposing yourself to even more danger.

And chances are you might end up becoming an even more fragile person. The more you push these inhibitions away, the stronger they come back in your bad dreams to haunt you repeatedly. And every time they bounce back, they do so with increased intensity.

Your nightmares are an example of these insecurities taking over or troubling you. They make you feel uneasy or vulnerable, wherein you might feel like you are losing grip over your life. Lucid dreaming can help you figure out a way through this mess and guide you to effective solutions.

They give you the courage to face these apprehensive fears upfront. Telling your subconscious mind that they need to be overcome is a great way that works to gradually trick your conscious brain into finally burying them once and for all. That is how your ideal waking life should be, right? Free of unexplainable insecurities!

4. Lucid Dreaming is Liberating

Lucid Dreaming is Liberating

Lucid dreaming lets you choose and direct your dreams, wherein you have all the freedom to let your thoughts run wild without any barriers. There are absolutely no judgments, too, because no thought, whether good or bad, is weird in lucid dreaming – there are no barriers at all.

The sky is the limit when it comes to elaborating your dreamscapes, dream characters, scenarios, and even their final result. You get to pick and choose literally every little element of your lucid dream. You can add or subtract as much as you want to make that vivid dream an ideal one that ends up making you feel content and happy.

If you eventually manage to receive good vibes and satisfaction from your lucid dreams, it can help you with positive transformations in real life. If you are aware of the different techniques for lucid dreaming, you would know that you can even plan your dream plots and rehearse them before you actually go to sleep.

Maintaining a lucid dream journal to document your dream scenarios also lets you decide whether or not you have reached the ideal dream situation, achieved your goal, or is there still a long way to go. The journal helps you keep track of all your lucid dreams making sure you get better at it every time you try to induce them.

You can meet and talk to your heroes and idols in your dreams to inspire yourself, you could explore multiple dimensions of the universe, or you could meet your loved ones whom you have lost. There is no limit on these inner thoughts, and you would be surprised by how imaginative your mind can get. Such self-directed lucid dreams can profoundly change you as a person in real life.

5. It Helps You With Healing

Grief is not a straight line, so that makes emotional and mental healing a complicated process. Lucid dreaming helps you in healing better by giving you closure on the negative thoughts and emotions that you should let go of. To heal is to embrace reality and overcome grief.

Lucid dreaming helps you to develop the ability to process grief and deal with it in an effective way. Dream experts state that lucid dreaming is a great way to channel your negative energies and heal as you ascend higher to attain total spiritual awakening.

6. Lucid Dreaming Makes You More Creative

Lucid Dreaming Makes You More Creative

It is definitely not easy to induce lucid dreams. But once you have mastered the skill, it is supremely beneficial for enhancing your creativity. This is because, in lucid dreaming, the dreamscape is your canvas, and you are the artist painting different dream scenarios. Your lucid dreams let you weave a complete story mirroring your circumstances or your current state of mind.

They help you with directing or self-creating a desirable outcome or end to the story to perfection in order to achieve your life goals. This is nothing but admirable creativity.

Further building up on these stories and self narrating them to your subconscious mind makes you a seasoned creative individual. For example, an epiphany or a sudden discovery in your lucid dreams, often elusive in real life, can spark your creativity to a great extent.

7. It Helps You Become a Better Problem Solver

Lucid dreaming is key to achieving your goals by getting rid of your real-life obstacles. The idea is to imagine and contextualize them in your dreams. You can create your own story, conjure up the kind of dreamscape you want and even set up or direct different dream scenarios to reflect your life problems.

This way, since your dreams are entirely under your control, you can modify them according to the desired outcome that you expect. Isn’t this the ideal approach to resolving issues in your waking life? The only difference is that you are afraid of confronting your problems head-on in real life.

Another reason could be that you are lost in real life and do not know how to identify and get rid of these issues. Lucid dreaming helps you take your problem statement or the difficult situation to your vivid dream world and formulate appropriate responses to them. Eventually, your improved responses ups you to the ultimate solution. This approach makes you a better problem solver in real life over time.

8. It Calms You Down and Reduces Nightmares

It Calms You Down and Reduces Nightmares

If you are witnessing frequent bouts of nightmares resulting from PTSD or traumatic experiences in the past, dream experts and researchers have claimed that lucid dreaming can help bring down the intensity as well as the frequency of such nightmares. As mentioned in pointer number six, lucid dreams can be instrumental in healing you and helping you make peace with bad episodes that tend to trigger you.

As you induce lucid dreams with happier or better outcomes, your positive thoughts and a happy subconscious mind can suppress the bad dreams. Therefore, lesser nightmares in your REM sleep means better sleep quality. And you already know the upsides of getting a good night’s sleep in your waking life. A satisfying nightmare-free sleep of seven to eight hours reduces your stress levels, alleviates anxiety, prevents brain fog due to lack of sleep, and also improves concentration.


In conclusion, lucid dreaming is an incredibly effective technique to help you become a better individual in real life. But make sure you do it the right way, practice it enough, and consult a therapist if required for expert guidance and more impactful results.

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