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25 Unique Greek Mythology Inspired Names for Your Baby Boy

You are probably reading this article as you or someone from your family, or close friends have been recently blessed with a baby boy! So, congratulations!! And although we can’t attend the naming ceremony, we will help you find a suitable name for your boy.

Because why not!! The world-famous sports brand Nike also derives its name from Nike, the supreme Greek goddess of triumph and victory.

Unique Greek Mythology-Inspired Names For Baby Boy

Unique Greek Mythology Inspired Names For Baby boy

If you are a Greek mythology enthusiast and would love to keep it for your own kid or suggest someone else’s baby boy name, we have some celebrated recommendations for you. All these names are inspired by Greek mythology tales, culture, and the gods or deities.

1. Dionysus

He is the son of Zeus, who was the Olympian chief. Dionysus indicates ecstasy. In Greek mythology, he is also the wine and theater god symbolizing ritual madness.

The name Dionysus also signifies a carefree attitude and independence. It also glorifies the right to shun self-consciousness to do the right thing courageously.

2. Zeus


Zeus was the supreme god in ancient Greek mythology and held complete dominion over all the other gods and humans. He symbolized thunder and ruled over the weather too.

He is also popularly called the most formidable of all gods and had the ultimate punishing authority for evil-doers. Zeus also represents both strengths as well as neutral judgment hence signifying justice.

3. Apollo

Apollo was one of the primary Olympian gods symbolizing healing, sunshine, a ray of hope, and poetry. He was the god representing archery, truth, and music. Apollo also had a unique, innate prowess to see into the future.

4. Perseus


Perseus is a great hero in Greek mythology, well-known to save Andromeda from the clutches of Cetus, a deadly sea monster and also the killer of Medusa. Medusa was the evil Gorgon with poisonous snakes masquerading as her hair. And she was the one who cursed people looking at her to instantly turn stone-dead.

Perseus did the heroic act of beheading this wicked female and is also symbolized by Medusa’s severed head.

5. Ares

Hera and Zeus’s son was one of the twelve Olympian Greek gods who symbolized indomitable spirit, courage, and battle.

The name signifies a supreme fighter or warrior and also depicts extreme physical power.

6. Theseus


Theseus is the ancient ruler of Athens who took upon himself the responsibility of protecting his city and was an advocate of democracy. Athenians regarded him as a hero for slaying dead centaurs, and his tales or adventures also inspired several vase paintings in Greece.

7. Zephyr

Zephyr represented the west wind, that’s considered the most gentle and caused an early onset of pleasant summer and spring. He was one of the four gods in Greek mythology signifying seasons and winds, called the Anemoi.

8. Jason

Jason represents supreme healing or is rightly called the healer who also spearheaded the Argonauts, an adventure for hunting and obtaining the golden fleece from the Colchis king named Aeetes.

9. Alexander


Who does not know Alexander the Great! He was a famous Greek hero as well as a king who was the chief of the kingdom of Macedonia and is revered by the Greeks for his daunting conquests around the world. He is believed to be primarily responsible for altering the history of ancient Greece.

From courageously commanding his military to invade India, establishing over seventy cities, to fighting and winning world-famous battles and wars, he is considered one of the most successful Kings who had a mastery over clever military tactics.

10. Leander

Leander is rightly called the lion man for his will power meet his lover, the Aphrodite priestess, Hero, by swimming in the waters of the Dardanelles Strait existing between the modern-day Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara.

11. Damon

Damon represents loyalty for his genuine portrayal of love, courage, and self-sacrifice for the sake of true, unadulterated friendship and attachment towards his friend, Pythias.

The dedication and mutual allegiance in their friendship are well-known through a legend wherein Damon makes himself the hostage and requests the release of Pythias, saving Pythias from execution. However, Pythias also tries to return and scrambles to save his best friend impressing the king to grant freedom to both of them.

12. Myles

Myles is the ancient Greek king of Laconia. It also represents strength or power, as Myles also means Milo in the Greek language. He is celebrated for his pioneering work on the invention of the mill.

13. Hector

Hector is one of the most notable combatants of Troy and confidently led the fleet of fighters during the Trojan War.

He was well respected for being a supporter of peace and a courageous, self-established warrior who led the heroic battle and died a hero’s death.

14. Draco

The name Draco has multiple meanings. He depicts a serpent called Ladon, who was the primary protector of the golden apples grown in the garden of the Hesperides, a beautiful present that Hera received from Gaia.

In the contemporary context, Draco also forms one of the major constellations in the sky seen throughout the year in the northern hemisphere as it never goes under the horizon, ever.

It sits next to the other multiple constellations representing Hercules’s labors that represent several episodes of Hercules performing self-punishment.

15. Homer

In the present-day world, the name Homer is synonymous with one of the famous characters in a TV series called the Simpsons. However, with respect to ancient Greek mythology, he is one of the most revered literary figures in the world, with the works of the Illiad and the Odyssey under his belt. His works were primarily responsible for shaping and reforming the ideas in the western world.

16. Priam

Priam was the final king or ruler of Troy who succeeded Laomedon. He is well known for his display of exceptional courage and determination in bringing back his son Hector’s body by putting his own in danger amidst the army of Achilles. And also performed his burial as per the Trojan ritualistic practices.

Under the kingship of Priam, Troy not only witnessed wonderful prosperity but also underwent a huge transformation to become stronger on the trade, military, and defense fronts.  Priam was a great achiever.

17. Ulysses

Ulysses, also popularly known as Odysseus, was the ruler of Ithaca and also featured as the protagonist in the poem of Odyssey. He is Penelope’s husband, wherein Penelope stands for faithfulness and feminine integrity. Ulysses symbolizes artful nature or extreme craftiness inspired by his representation of Troy in the form of a wooden horse called the Trojan Horse. He built that to slyly invade Troy and emerge victorious in the Trojan war.

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18. Kimon

Kimon is also written and pronounced as Cimon who was a reputed fifth century BC Greek statesman belonging to Athens. His father was Miltiades, the younger who was also from Athens and was a popular chariot-racer and the winner of the battle of the Marathon.

His exemplary courage displayed in the  Battle of the river Eurymedon where he emerged victorious against the Persians, is worth raving about.

19. Stavros

The word Stavros in ancient Greek means the holy cross of Christ. The name signifies the qualities of being very diligent and extremely loyal.

20. Lazarus

According to the Bible, Lazarus is the friend of Jesus Christ who was brought back to life. It’s one of the unique Greek baby names, and it signifies conquering something as irreversible as death.

21. Vasilis

Vasilis is the Greek name for Basil. Therefore it rightly represents Basilica, a building with a specific structure signifying the Christian church.

22. Dimitri

Dimitri topped the list of the unique baby boy names in 2018. It stands for someone who is well known for his incredible devotion and commitment to Mother Earth.

Dimitri is also considered a wholehearted admirer of the Greek goddess Demeter. It also sometimes signifies a being born from Mother Earth.

23. Linus

Linus was a popular musician of Greek mythology. It stands for an oilseed called flax or linseed. He symbolizes worship and devotion toward nature.

24. Mateo

Mateo stands for the present received from God and someone who is massively dedicated to the worship of God.

25. Estevan

Estevan originates from an ancient Greek name, Stephanos. It stands for a wreath of flowers or a crown signifying respect and honor.


Put this list in your naming arsenal, and surely you will soon be coming up with the perfect name for your baby boy. However, do consider the country, and the culture you are surrounded by as your kid will grow up carrying this name forever. You don’t want your little boy to be bullied for his extraordinary or supremely unique name.

Due to the several cultural differences, what may sound nice in one culture may not necessarily sound good or have a positive connotation in the other cultures. They might even have different meanings in different languages across different countries. This could make things difficult for your son, so make sure you pick a name that has a beautiful meaning and sounds good to the ears and modern at the same time.

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