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Nyx: Ancient Greek Goddess of Night

Nyx is the very personification of night in Greek mythology. She is one deity that existed before gods like Zeus and Poseidon were born. Also, many gods considered Nyx to be one of the most powerful goddesses in Greek mythology.

But many know little about her power and relationships with other Greek gods and goddesses. Therefore, read along as we introduce and elaborate on the deity of nighttime.

Nyx’s Birth and Her Children

Nyx, the ancient Greek goddess of the night, was the daughter of Chaos. The primordial god was born near the beginning of time in Gaia. Additionally, ancient art and scriptures depict Nyx as a beautiful woman dressed in black, surrounded by mist.

According to many stories, Nyx is the mother of deities that control distinct elements of heaven and earth. For example, her children Aether and Hemera would bring light and daytime on earth.

Nyx was also the wife of Erebus, the god of the underworld. Together they had children named Eufrosine, Philotes, Eleos, Styx, and many more. However, like other goddesses, she created multiple descendants on her own.  

Her other sons were the Fates, three deities who had control over the treads that represented the lives of mortals. They were known as Momo, Apate, and Eris – gods of sarcasm, lies, and discord, respectively.

Nyx’s Appearance

The goddess of the night is portrayed in many distinct ways in Greek mythology. But she commonly appears in ancient art as a young woman with black hair, dressed in a black cloak made of stars and always surrounded by a dark, gloomy mist.

Above that, she often rides a chariot of black horses or dark bulls. What’s intimidating is that she rides it nighttime with her cloak painting the sky with stars. In some depictions, two of her children, Hypnos and Thanatos, accompany her during the ride.

In some depictions, Nyx flies across the sky with the help of her large and black-colored wings. But since Nyx is a primordial goddess – she doesn’t have a detailed characterization compared to other figures in Greek mythology.

In general, the goddess Nyx dresses in dark colors and often shades her face. But, she represents night and all things formless, so her appearance is relatively unknown. And she appears to several legends as mist, or night itself.

Nyx’s Powers

Since Nyx resonates with the aura of darkness, her powers are related to everything at nighttime. They include the elements of surprise, fear, death, the end, and so on.

However, she isn’t all doom and gloom! Nyx has mastery over light and showcases other powers like giving life, illuminating darkness and bringing fertility. The goddess’ powers are feared by many, including Zeus, the god of lightning.

Additionally, Nyx is known for her prophetic powers. In various books, she gave oracles to others from a cave, and many regarded her as a psychic.

Today, Nyx is associated with Hecate, the goddess of magic, witchcraft, and crossroads. Factually, many witches pray to both goddesses to try and comprehend the powers that work in the shadow of darkness.

Where Does Nyx Live?

Nyx lives in the depths of Tartarus, one of the darkest areas of the underworld. Other dark deities of Ancient Greece would also live in the same region of the underworld. Also, many suggest that the dark misty air around Tartus is Erebus, her husband.

Every night Nyx would emerge out of the cave with Erebus and block out the light emitted from Aether, which brings night and darkness into the world.

In the morning, Hemera would come out from Tartarus and blow away the darkness of the night. But fascinatingly, the mother and daughter can’t be seen together at the same time. In other words, as soon as the darkness fades away, Nyx would return to her abode.

After a while, gods like Apollo, Eos, and Helios would take over the roles of Aether and Hemera. But Nyx was never replaced, which showed how much respect she’s given in Greek mythology.

Is Nyx Good or Evil?

Nyx is quite different compared to other goddesses. While some are fully good or evil, Nyx can be helpful and harmful to humankind. Depending on the situation – she’s known to bring sleep or death to people. Yet, funnily enough, those who were mischievous and did some misdeeds were said to get along well with the goddess of night.

However, Nyx hasn’t done anything that could be considered more evil than Zeus or other ill-reputed Greek Gods. But, because of her mysterious and dark nature, she is portrayed in this manner. The best way to consider Nyx is like the nighttime – it may be terrifying to some, and on the contrary, satisfying to others in certain situations.

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Celebrating Nyx

Ancient Greece had many unique gods and goddesses, but they never fell short of celebrations.

The witches and wizards who sought powers for witch crafting worshipped Nyx.

Other people went to her to ask for blessings to help increase chances of fertility and more clarity to solve everyday issues. They used to make different offerings to please the goddess.

Some examples of these offerings were night-blooming flowers, red wine, selenite, moonstone, symbols of stars, black onyx, agate, and more.

Ritual for Nyx

Many also performed different rituals for Nyx, intending to satisfy and summon the goddess. For instance, people performed certain rituals when they felt lost or stuck in life with no light to guide them.

To perform a ritual like this, you had to start meditating with Nyx while enhancing the clarity in your thoughts.

These are a few steps used up-to-day when trying to meditate with Nyx:

  • Use light incense like Sandalwood or Rosemary, which creates an energizing aroma in the room.
  • Keep the room dark and quiet and perform the ritual at night, preferably under the new moon.
  • Close your eyes and focus on breathing.
  • Call for Nyx and start explaining your situation.

In a nutshell, this ritual brought inner peace and clarity regarding a person’s problems through the goddess of night.

Symbols of Nyx and Their Meanings 

Symbols of Nyx and Their Meanings 

Nyx is a goddess that prefers to live in darkness when the vibrant elements of nature are least evident. Therefore, many signs and prayers to the goddess share a similar theme. Here are some symbols that are directly related to the primordial goddess of the night:

Moon and Stars

The moon and stars are the most sacred symbols related to Nyx. It signifies her energy as a presence growing into the darkness. She is portrayed with these symbols in ancient painting, by her power ending the daytime and bringing the night on earth.



Many consider the owl as her sacred animal because it’s nocturnal. It signifies her ability to be the most powerful during night time.

There are other symbols, like black wings, fog, and dark clouds, depicted in the ancient paintings of the primordial goddess.

Nyx and Family Relations

Nyx was particularly close to her children as she would ask for their assistance and burden them with different types of tasks. For instance, she once asked her son Deceit to help her lie to one of the many men she loved by not telling anything about his father because she had an affair with him previously.

Otherwise, Nyx wasn’t particularly close to anyone outside of her family. Hades, the underworld ruler, was the only other god who used to have sparse conversations with her. Remember, she has an intimidating personality, and many gods, including Zeus, were scared of her.

Why Did Zeus Fear Nyx?

Nyx was amongst very few people whom Zeus feared. The main reason was that she was older and more powerful than the god of lightning.

Did You Know: Nyx is the only goddess Zeus fears.

It’s clear through a story where Hypnos worked with Hera to put her husband in a deep slumber. However, the god of sleep couldn’t contain the power and failed to complete the task. So Zeus – who was enraged, chased after him to take him down.

To save himself, Hypnos sought refuge in the cave where Nyx lived. And at last, Zeus immediately gave up because he was afraid to wake up and make the goddess of the night angry.

Signs that the Goddess Nyx is Calling to you

Many people perform extensive amounts of worship to deities like Nyx to please her. However, she also tends to reach out to others in subtle ways.

These indicators are usually hard to spot, so we’ve made a list of some of them:

1. A Strong Connection to the Night-Time

A Strong Connection to the Night-Time

Many people are scared of the dark, but that’s not the case for everyone. If you find peace or feel that the nighttime resonates with you, it could be the calling of the Greek goddess Nyx.

2. Appearance of Symbols like Moon and Stars 

If these symbols regularly pop up in your head, it signifies the Greek goddess attempting communication. But, if only the moon appears to you, it could be the calling of other moon deities like the goddess Selene, as Nyx represents night as a whole and not only the moon.

3. Fascination behind Darkness and Nyx

Fascination behind Darkness and Nyx

Those that are lately feeling curious to learn and research darkness, death, or the goddess herself, might find out that Nyx is around them. First, however, look for other signs as we tend to be interested in deities with whom we share similarities instead of the ones near us.

4. Recalling and Uncovering Revelations in the Unconscious Mind

If you’ve been diving deeper into your locked memories of the unconscious mind lately, then Nyx might be around you. It’s because she loves to teach her beloved ones how to deal with undiscovered thoughts, beliefs, and trauma.

However, this can be a painful process for particular people, so make sure you’re always willing to work with the goddess of night.

5. Having Dreams about the Goddess Nyx

For those perceiving Nyx or night in general during their sleep, it’s a sign she’s reaching out to you. It’s important to note that she also takes the forms of night and dark mist, so consider anything that seems obscure in your dream.

As you can see, Nyx is always willing to work with humans despite being the goddess of night. But, like any deity, she is quite strict and requires absolute honesty. In other words, you should know what you’re getting into if you’re getting signs from the Greek goddess.

Best Ways to Connect with Nyx

Nyx is a wonderful goddess to call upon if you’re ready to connect to the deepest part of your mind. The goddess can feel gentle while you’re working with her. To do this, here are some ways you can connect with the goddess of the night:

1. Spend Some Time Outside at Night

Spend Some Time Outside at Night

The best way to connect with Nyx is to go outside for a walk during nighttime. Appreciate the beauty of the moon and stars as you try to be one with the goddess.

2. Perform Moon Rituals

Performing a new moon or a full moon ritual dedicated to Nyx can help you get closer to her. It’ll help you feel refreshed and uplifted, and the goddess will manifest your wishes soon.  

3. Use Moon Water

Traditionally, many witches used moon water to connect with Nyx. It’s an incredible magical tool that can help create a strong connection with the night and the moon.

4. Ask Her for Help during Fertility

If you’re struggling with fertility problems, Nyx is ever-ready to help you out. Asking the goddess to send her energy can bring her closer to you and help you boost your fertility.

Some Interesting Facts about Nyx

Not many people worship Greek gods today. But, the interest in the subject has stood the test of time. Therefore, here are some interesting facts to learn more about the goddess of night.

  • There weren’t any temples dedicated to Nyx, but few cults used to worship her using statues. For example, the ‘Night’ statue at the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.
  • In some poems attributed to Orpheus, Nyx is depicted as the first principle emerging out of all creations instead of Chaos.
  • In Greek mythology, Nyx gave oracles to others in a cave, also known as Adyton.
  • Nyx can control the movement and rotation of planets, enabling her to change night and day’s flow.
  • The International Astronomical Union renamed one of Pluto’s recently discovered moons as Nix in honor of Nyx.
  • Greek Mythology is still quite popular in today’s culture. For instance, Nyx is an NPC in the popular video game Hades.
  • She was also featured in Rick Riordan’s ‘Heroes of Olympus.’ She was riding her chariot and interacting with Percy Jackson and Annabeth in Tartarus.


Nyx continues to ride her chariot through the sky as the night beckons. Even though she isn’t mentioned often in Greek mythology, she remains one of the most powerful goddesses feared by many.

Keep in mind; she resembles night through her contrastingly beautiful yet terrifying nature.

Meanwhile, this concludes everything we have to say about the primordial goddess. But we’ve got more in store for mythology enthusiasts. So, fulfill your hunger for mythological stories by deep-diving into the tales of the goddess of the hunt.

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