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13 Dream Journal Apps to Check Out

Dreams are, for some people, one of the fascinating aspects of human life. Individuals feel that sometimes dreams can provide us with a glimpse into our psyche, revealing the themes and challenges that we are grappling with within our daily life.

Many of our most intense dreams happen during REM sleep, a point of slumber where we’re on the verge of waking up. As a result, these detailed storylines are generally the first to come to memory when we wake up.

Therefore, we can typically recall it with the same vivid clarity as if it were a real recollection. However, for people who lucid dream, the narrative of a dream may not vanish as the day progresses.

Understanding similarities in your dreams and inner thoughts will help you manage them more easily since you will better understand yourself. A dream journal can help you on this transformational journey.

In today’s world, our phones or devices are with us at all times. This can make using a dream journal app reasonably convenient. More importantly, you won’t have to carry an extra journal if you are taking a trip or have to stress about accidentally leaving your dream journal behind.

The best part? Your dreamy experiences are blessed with complete privacy!

Maintaining a dream journal can help you be more imaginative. Not only can a dream itself stimulate inspiration, but so can the experience of talking about and investigating them.

In your everyday life, you’ll grow to be more open-minded and curious, which will help you come up with more inventive responses to the difficulties and circumstances you confront on a daily basis.

Dream Journal Apps to Check Out

Dream Journal Apps to Check Out

Here we will explore 13 dream journal apps whose distinctive features can make journaling a pleasant experience for any amateur or avid dream journalist.

1. Somnio: Dream Journal

Somnio is a full-featured, easy-to-use dream journal app that allows you to safely record all of your dreams inside the cloud. With just a tap, you can begin recording your dreams which will then organize themselves in a timeline.

The inbuilt calendar gives you easy access if you want to pull up any dream from a specific date. Additionally, you can also sort your dreams by adding hashtags, which you can later search up for observing patterns.

You can also organize your dreams among various categories and easily export them to other apps. Moreover, Somnio keeps all your devices synced so your dreams can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Its sleek, night-friendly UI does not put stress on your eyes in dim light or when you have just woken from a mind-boggling dream.

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2. Freud: Dream Journal and Analyzer

Freud is a safe and secure dream journaling app that allows you to record and analyze your dreams as well as to detect unconscious sentiments and motifs. Through a psychoanalytic method of creative linkages, the analyst evaluates the symbols that appeared while you were dreaming.

This app is named after the founder of psychoanalysis – Sigmond Freud. He was the first to publicize the relevance of dreams for the human mind, claiming that they are the wisest path to one’s subconscious.

Above all, Freud is not a conventional interpreter, meaning it does not have a set of predetermined analyses. A typical interpreter would establish the same message if two people dreamt about the same subject.

However, with Freud, each person will be able to comprehend the importance of symbolic representations in their dreams.

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3. Dreams: Your Dream Journal (IOS)

Dreams: Your Dream Journal (IOS)

Dreams is an app that allows you to keep track of your sleep habits and dreams, as well as fluctuating dream occurrences and how well you recall them. This app allows you to see essential data and statistics regarding your sleep quality and dreams.

Moreover, it helps identify reoccurring symbols in your dreams, such as events, places, feelings, people, or items. This will assist you in recognizing repeated symbols, allowing you to comprehend a variety of aspects of your dreams.

In addition to that, in Dreams, you have the flexibility of uploading or sketching an entry with your fingertips or an apple pencil. It also keeps your journal in sync across all of your devices. To top it up, you can also use a touchID or passcode to shield your dreams from prying eyes behind a security wall.

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4. Awoken: Lucid Dreaming Tool

Do you want to master Lucid Dreaming and gain a deeper understanding of your dreams? Awoken is the tool that will make this a possibility!

In matters of security, it’s a dream journal app that provides pin protection as a safety feature. You can even set a reminder to begin remembering your dreams each morning so you don’t miss out on journaling.

Firstly, Awoken keeps an accessible collection of your diary entries and, if necessary, protects your dreams. Secondly, it provides reality checking reminders to help you assess your environment and figure out its correlatability to your dreams.

This app also provides you the cloud backup you’ve always wanted, and if you desire, you can also create an additional cloud account to back up a bunch of older dreams.

What’s more, it organizes a list of the most prevalent words and topics from your journal, which can be examined to help you better understand your dreams.

Beyond that, it provides a speech-to-text feature for when you are awake enough to start recording your subconscious experience but not enough to want to type.

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5. Dream Dictionary: Dream Reading (IOS)

Dream reading is an A-Z dictionary of dream symbols and their meanings. This contributes to solving your dream puzzles. After using the app for a significant amount of time, expect an improvement in creativity, decision-making skills, and a better grasp of your purpose of everyday efforts.

Another beautiful feature is that by searching up relative symbols, you can see countless situations and detailed interpretations of what they mean.

From a simple one-worded symbol to an extensive dream breakdown, this app has it all.

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6. Dream Dictionary & Dream Journal: Dreamcatcher

Dream Dictionary & Dream Journal Dreamcatcher

Dream Dictionary & Dream Journal is a dream book and dream analysis tool that allows you to record and decipher the meaning of your dreams. Every day, whether you have lucid dreams, wild dreams, nightmares, or pleasant dreams, simply open this digital dream notebook to record and track the significance of your dreams.

Suppose you want to collaborate on maintaining this habit. In this case, Dream Dictionary even permits you to share your entries with your friends and family and track a groups’ dreams based on pre-decided parameters.

Furthermore, it allows you to organize your entries based on tags, moods, sleep quality, clarity, and dates. Dreamcatcher also keeps track of your sleep habits and dream symbols, which it takes into account while studying your dreams.

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7. Dream Journal Ultimate: Track and Analyze Dreams

Dream Journal Ultimate is the world’s largest dream database. There are no limitations to how many dreams you can enter. You can keep any dream you record as private or post it on the Dream Wall, a dream-based social network where you can discuss your dreams and receive feedback from other users.

Feel free to share as many or as few as you desire. Even enjoy the perks of interactions by liking and commenting on other members’ dreams. Be assured, reading comments left on your public dreams is a revealing experience and usually boosts perspective shifts. The dream wall itself has a built-in dreamers social network!

Dream Journal Ultimate comes with a straightforward yet effective dream journal. Apart from the mandatory tracking feature, you can also use a pin to maintain the privacy of your sleep time experiences.

Moreover, you can easily enter new dreams from your home screen without needing to input a pin. This drastically reduces the chance of letting those fresh dream memories fade away.

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8. Capture: Your Dream Journal (IOS)

Capture, an astonishing dream journal app, not only works as a platform to write and explore your dreams but also offers access to lucid dreaming tools and data.

All you have to do is write down your dreams and include extra details for evaluation, such as the people you saw, the places you went, and the motifs you encountered.

The advanced tools in Capture are valuable in increasing the likelihood of having lucid dreams. This will assist and guide you on your way to lucidity, from reality checks to music dream induction!

You can also lookup hundreds of interpretations for the symbols and elements in your dreams while keeping an eye on your statistics to understand more about the recurring patterns and their relatability to your personality.

Moreover, you have the option of adding up to 5 images and downloading your dream analysis as PDFs on your device.

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9. Dream Catcher: Ultimate Dream Journal & Lucid Tool

Dream Catcher Ultimate Dream Journal & Lucid Tool

Dream Catcher is a dream journaling app that allows you to quickly record your dreams. You can include as much detail as you like and tag your dreams with the emotions you experienced.

Your dream patterns will get more precise as you create numerous dream logs. Because of its tracking feature, patterns are revealed as your dream database increases, and soon you can analyze your reactions.

Dreamcatcher provides you with an unlimited amount of room to describe your dream in detail, as well as the opportunity to tag relevant dream themes.

Besides that, it also analyses your dreams depending on the information you provide, using parameters such as emotions, tags, lucidity, and nightmare components.

You can use Google to keep your dreams private and protected in the cloud across as many devices as you prefer, and they will all remain synced.

The passcode or fingerprint lock feature in the app acts as an extra degree of security to your entries.

10. Diarly (IOS)

Keep track of your dream routines with this feature-rich yet hassle-free dream journal. This app’s simplicity keeps other distractions at bay, allowing you to concentrate on your log entry.

Its unique features include endless customization, with automatic light and dark themes, lots of fonts, formatting options, and powerful markdown-based editing that allows you to tailor your journaling experience to your preferences.

For those who don’t know how to start a dream journal, the app delivers that can make you religiously journal every day, with automatic weather settings, location detection, events from the calendar, and more.

Also, targets, streaks, and consistent reminders for specific dream journaling nuances keep you motivated to abide by the routine every day.

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11. Lucid: Dream Journal

The Lucid app is an excellent tool to use for your lucid dreaming adventure. It provides you with detailed how-to guides on lucid dreaming and helps you through the process as well.

Many fascinating features are available in this dream journal app, including voice memos, calendar views, and extensive statistics.

More importantly, Lucid provides you with advanced reality check reminders to test your mental presence while you dream. Looking at this same feature through a different scope helps give perspective while correlating a similar situational setting in reality as that of what happened in your dreams.

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12. Dreambook: Dream Journal, Interpreter and Tracker

Dreambook is nothing other than a database dedicated to your dreams. Save your dreams, track them, and evaluate them without thinking about limitations!

This app is a background analyzer as well as a journal. Furthermore, you will be able to access a new feature with each new version of the application. This drip-feeding strategy will keep you enticed!

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13. Lucidity: Lucid Dream Journal

For those who wish to learn how to lucid dream, this is the best bet! Lucidity is a lucid dreaming software that includes features like a dream journal, morning and evening reminders, and all-day awareness notifications to assist you with a lucid dream.

Additionally, it is a tool that can help you regulate your dreams by reminding you to conduct reality checks and study your dream environment. With android’s latest navigation and design rules, it provides you with an appealing UI to enjoy writing and reading your dreams.

Lucidity provides you with colorful graphs and diagrams as an analysis of finding out patterns and similarities. Even better, you can also draw or voice record your entries if you are unable to type your dreams.

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Isn’t it thrilling to try and decode what your subconscious mind wants to show or teach you? With a full journal of your dreams to explore, the adventure, excitement, and self-discovery may not have to stop if you don’t want them to.

Dream journal apps make journaling way handy and stress-free, and it is also an efficient way to note down your dreams because once you wake up, time is of the essence.

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