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Dream about Witch – Meaning and Interpretation in Different Mythologies

A witch is usually considered to be a woman who has magical powers. Mostly the powers she possesses are evil in nature. By using these powers, a witch is capable of cursing anyone. She can easily cast enchantments and is considered a vile figure that is to be feared or avoided.

Dream about Witch - Meaning and Interpretation in Different Mythologies

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Witch in General?

There could be different connotations of dreaming about a witch in general. However, depending upon the series of events your subconscious mind has captured, you could dream about witches. There are varying layers of meaning to dreaming about witches in general.

1. To See a Witch

To See a Witch

This depends on what one’s assumption of a witch is. Witches are mostly considered to be evil beings who cast curses and incantations. So, if one sees a witch in a dream, it might indicate trouble at home or work. It might specifically point towards individuals who might be trying to hamper your progress in some way.

If the Witch or the Shaman in your dream seems to be good and you seem to be happy when you see or meet them. It could mean that it could be a period of prosperity or that you have someone who is watching your back at all times.

2. Dream of One’s Friend or Someone Close Being a Witch

Dream of One's Friend or Someone Close Being a Witch

Suppose when one sees their friend or someone close to them in their dreams and interprets them or envisions them as a Witch. In that case, it could denote that you visualize them subconsciously as people who are trying to use you or twist you to work or behave as it suits them.

It implies that certain controlling figures in your life are shackling you, and they appear to you as somewhat similar to a witch.

3. Dream of You, Yourself Being the Witch

Dream of You, Yourself Being the Witch

If you dream that you are the Witch, there is a possibility that you have a manipulative nature and are ready to take advantage of others to suit your own needs while causing damage to the people around you. These are circumstances where one needs to introspect and accept mistakes.

But suppose you feel whatever course of action you took during the dream was right. In that case, it could indicate that you understand that there is a need or desire from within the subconscious to change the current way of life, and if it leads to something positive, it can be embraced after introspection.

4. Dream of Having a Conversation With a Witch

The interpretation of this dream depends on the kind of conversation that one will have. Therefore, it is important to remember at least bits and pieces of this conversation to understand why you had this dream.

Usually, this would be a circumstance that would denote that there is a presence or individual or maybe a piece of baggage you want to get away from in life or maybe even get rid of. If that is the circumstance, it is best to avoid people you are not comfortable with or are annoyed with, as it can result in unnecessary friction and fights.

If the conversation with the Witch you have is something that you deem positive, it would indicate your desire to change things around in life and embrace the opportunity to do so. Therefore, it should be taken in a positive manner, and one should work hard after that to bring about that change in life for the better.

5. Dream of a Witch Casting or Chanting Words or Spells

Dream of a Witch Casting or Chanting Words or Spells

This would denote that you are wary. In everyday life, after all the conversations and observations the brain would make in the course of the day, it is very difficult for the brain to analyze the entire information which is gathered. Subconsciously, though, the brain picks up vital pieces of information.

Someone chanting spells definitely is someone who wants to cause you pain and loss. This is not miraculous information your brain has come up with in its subconscious. It was already known to you.

This dream might appear because you see something in someone you do not fully comprehend. This could denote that the brain is warning you about impending loss and that you should be wary of someone trying to fool you or hurt you.

6. Dream of Chasing a Witch or Being Chased by a Witch

Dream of Chasing a Witch or Being Chased by a Witch

If one is being chased by a witch, it could denote the term witch hunt. This mostly co-relates to your work life which points to the fact that there will be a lot of self-centered people approaching you to get things done. And they will go as far as threatening you with consequences if the work is not done. This is usually suggestive of very stressful work life or family life that is breaking apart.

You chasing the Witch, though, is more suggestive of you being very competitive in your work environment. And you are willing to go through every possible hardship to compete and excel in your work environment.

7. Dream of Killing a Witch or Being Killed by a Witch

Dream of Killing a Witch or Being Killed by a Witch

Again something similar to witch-hunting, where this denotes a very stressful environment around you and denotes violence.

Suppose you are the one who is killing a witch. In that case, it might point to the fact that you might have had enough of taking whatever malice a person or a certain set of people are generating towards you. And finally, wish to confront them or take action against them to safeguard your own interests in life.

Being killed by the Witch in the dream might suggest that you are afraid you are fighting a losing battle and might have been driven into a corner. This might suggest you are reaching the limits of your mental and physical durability against whatever is troubling you. And it is suggested that if that is the case, one should seek help from people they trust.

Witches are a common presence in many mythologies, religions, and folklores. Many of these mythologies and religions have their own interpretations and reasoning for their presence in one’s subconscious state of mind.

8. Witch Dreams – Arabic Mythology/Faith

In many Arabic interpretations, witches are considered to be vile and evil. They symbolize devilish temptation, unfairness, tricky, untrustworthy, and cruelty. Therefore, if one dreams of the Witch in their sleep, especially before waking up, it is something which might denote that the dreamer might commit some sin.

The Arabic word Sehr (Sorcery) is a homonym for the word Sahar which is considered to be the last part of the dream before the break of dawn. Hence dreaming of a sequence such as this before waking up might denote that the dreamer might get involved with some sort of black magic and commit a sin for which they will have to implore the mercy of the almighty.

It is also considered that the dream during the course of the night is when it has the highest possibility of coming true. So if a person dreams of a witch during the night, they will have to repent the fact that they have disobeyed God’s Commandments and that they should return to the right path before they can cause more displeasure to the almighty and to those who respect him.

9. Dream and Interpretation of the Witch in Christianity

Christianity interprets that the people who do not want you to prosper or reach ahead in life are considered to be witches, according to certain records of the Bible. The witches are creatures similar to demons and are those who will destroy one’s faith by offering you miraculous but evil-natured things in return. Naturally, as a human, one is tempted to take their offer, but if one strays from the path of God, then there is no salvation for them.

In the dark ages, aka the middle ages of Europe, Witches were considered to be evil and dangerous beings. The famous Witch hunts of the middle ages are proof of fanaticism. This had set into the populace at the time. There were many misconceptions about women being witches. And due to the high disease prevalence and death rate during those times, many of these unfortunate circumstances would be blamed on the witches.

People who dreamt of witches during those times considered it an ill omen that would befall their family. It might mean death, disease, or pestilence, which could affect the family. In some cases, these dreams would be reported to the local church. The church would then investigate the source of the dream. They would try and identify any person who could be a suspect of cursing the family or the individual.

One of the most common interpretations of a witch in the dream is that of a Night hag. This interpretation is common in many countries like Turkey, Canada, Fiji, and Scandinavia.

The Witch is considered an evil presence in the folklore of these countries, and dreaming about the Witch is considered an ill omen.

In many of these folklores, the dreaming of the Witch, who is depicted as a ragged old hag, is a sign of bad things to come. The phenomenon of sleep paralysis, which happens to the body, is attributed to the evil-doing of the Witch in these folklores.

The witch dream is suggestive of something which is strangulating the dreamer. It feels like literally drawing the breath away from their lungs. It is interpreted by many as the pressure of work and home becoming so unbearable that the person is being crushed by it.

If that is the case, it is suggested to rethink one’s approach to life. And consider eliminating unwanted influences from one’s daily routine. This way, you can simplify life and approach it in a more positive and balanced manner.


All in all, witch dreams are considered negative in almost every folklore, mythology, religion, or even Psychoanalysis. They are also known to have a negative impact on the subconscious mind. Therefore, it is suggestive that the person who is dreaming has an overall pessimistic notion of life. Or he is being forced to be defeatist due to the circumstances surrounding them.

More often than not, dreaming about a witch is considered a sign of worse things to come.

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