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Dream About Train: Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams are complicated entities. While some believe that dreams predict the future, others believe that they help us make crucial decisions in life.

According to certain individuals, dreams help us in getting rid of unnecessary information and push us to be cautious about dangerous situations.

Have you ever found yourself dreaming about trying to catch a train? Or perhaps waiting for a train to arrive? You could dismiss these dreams as nothing important, but think again, as they could be your mind’s way of conveying something vital to you.

Dream About Train: Meaning and Interpretation

In this article, we will be discussing the symbolism associated with trains in dreams and the interpretations that different types of train dreams can have.

Dream About Train: Symbolism

Before we get into the various dream scenarios, let’s explore the nuanced symbolism attached to train dreams, shall we? The broader meanings of dreams about trains could include:



Trains often become the symbol of stability due to their consistent presence in one’s life. Similarly, a dream about train scenarios can be linked to the stability you have in your life and how it helps you on a daily basis.

Loss of Opportunities

Much like how missing a train in real life means missing the chance to board it at a particular time, missing a train in your dream could mean that you won’t be able to fulfill your dreams as per the timeline you have designated for yourself.

Shouldering Responsibilities

Shouldering Responsibilities

Dreams involving trains could be connected to the responsibilities you’re supposed to take on in life. While it could be unnerving to think about them, you will eventually learn to bear the weight of the responsibilities with ease.


We all wish to have control over our life situations, and train dreams can denote this sense of control in different ways. While some could show that your control over your life’s circumstances is strong, others could denote a loss of control.

Need for Change

Need for Change

A strong desire for change is often the reason a person dreams about trains. It shows how much the individual wishes to change the present scenario, welcome new opportunities, and bring about a positive impact in their life.

Making Decisions

If you’re in a position in life where you’re trying to choose between different options to pick the one that will be best suited for you, then you could end up dreaming about trains. It also shows that you need to be careful about the overall direction you’re taking in life.

Establishing Connections

A dream about train situations can show how deeply a person craves an emotional connection with other people. It could be your subconscious showing your desire to connect with your partner.

On the other hand, it can also mean that the next decision you take could connect itself to the other crucial aspects of your life.

Meanings of Dreams About Trains

Meanings of Dreams About Trains

Here are the eclectic sorts of train dreams and what they can possibly mean:

1. Dream About Traveling on a Train

Do you spend a lot of time brooding over or worrying about things that aren’t worth it? If that’s the case, then the dream of traveling by train is your sign to stop fretting over unnecessary situations.

You should consider if the path you’re on is even worth it and whether it’s taking you somewhere or not.

2. Dream About Seeing a Train

Dream About Seeing a Train

If you dream about just seeing a train, it is a sign that you need to be more proactive since you’re currently following whatever others are asking you to do. Merely complying with the wishes of others won’t get you anywhere in life.

You need to have certain standards and not bend down to anyone’s wishes. The dream is a sign of encouragement to take control of your life.

3. Dream About a Train Going Through a Tunnel

A train going through a tunnel makes everything dark for a bit, which is why having this dream means that there is something you’re afraid of. Perhaps there is an obstacle that you fear will change your life in a bad way.

However, much like how there is light at the end of the tunnel, facing a difficult situation can bring about light in your life.

4. Dream About a Moving Train

Dream About a Moving Train

A moving train in your dream means that great developments are about to see the light of day in your life. However, you should also remember not to be complacent about them.

No matter what accomplishments take place, you should continue to work hard instead of becoming laid back about your success.

5. Dream About a Train That Stops

When a person dreams about a train coming to a halt, it means that all the hard work they have been putting in will soon come to fruition. However, this result depends on their faith and efforts.

If you continue to work hard, then glory shall always follow in your footsteps, which is why you should never become pompous about your success.

6. Dream About a Freight Train

Dream About a Freight Train

There are some people who are often drawn to negative energy, which is why they end up associating with people who are full of jealousy, hatred, and other evil emotions.

The dream of a freight train means that you must disassociate yourself from such individuals and rather be in the company of positive people.

7. Dream About Two Trains Colliding

A dream in which you see two trains colliding could be related to the conflict you’re facing in your life. This could either be connected to a professional conflict that is causing you great distress or perhaps personal conflicts that are affecting your mental health gravely.

8. Dream About a Broken Train

Dream About a Broken Train

In case you see a broken train in your dream, you should immediately become cautious. This dream can mean that something bad is about to happen and that you must prepare yourself for the impact.

Review the perspective you have towards people and life in general, as it could remedy the situation. 

9. Dream About Missing a Train

When people are laid back about their goals, they could end up dreaming about missing a train. This dream is a way for your mind to ask you to buckle up and become more proactive about your life before the golden opportunities slip away.

Missed chances don’t come around twice, which is why you shouldn’t let go of the chances you encounter at the moment. 

10. Dream About Waiting for a Train

Dream About Waiting for a Train

We often wait for new people to come into our lives or for thrilling chapters to begin. If that is the phase you find yourself in, then you could have a dream wherein you are waiting for a train.

However, this dream also shows that you must take the necessary steps from your end to make things happen instead of just waiting idly.

11. Dream About a Train Station

Dreaming about a train station can mean that you have been working very hard and that you should most certainly take a break and spend some quality time with the ones you love.

It means that a new beginning is about to occur or that you are about to leave for an exciting trip.

12. Dream About Train Tracks

Dream About Train Tracks

Dreaming about a train track means that there is something you have been avoiding because you fear it will lead to failure. Perhaps there is a degree you want to pursue or a job you have wanted since forever.

While it could be daunting to go after such situations, the dream is an encouraging factor to go ahead and take chances because you might just succeed. Such a dream can also mean that there is a problem you have been avoiding and that you should deal with it straight away.

13. Dream About a Train Leaving Without You

When you dream about a train leaving without you, it is a signal to stop pursuing something you’re going after at the moment, as it is probably not meant for you. The broader meaning of this dream is that you should never imitate what others are doing, as you have a path of your own.

Attempting to do something out of peer pressure or because you fear you’re missing out on something will never do you good. Instead, forge your own path and follow it diligently.

14. Dream About Driving a Train

Dream About Driving a Train

The dream of driving a train is a positive omen. It shows that you have complete control over your life at the moment and that you are aware of the direction your life is taking. However, it can often also mean that someone else is controlling your life or forcing you to act on their terms.

15. Dream About Getting Off a Train

A dream where you see yourself getting off a train is an indication that you have achieved the goal you had your eyes on. If there is a particular target you have been chasing for quite a while, then this dream shows that you have either achieved it or are very close to achieving it.

However, if you dream about getting off a train before it reaches its destination, then it shows you want to stop following your current path.

16. Dream About Being on the Wrong Train

Dream About Being on the Wrong Train

Being on the wrong train can be quite a hassle in real life. Similarly, if you dream about being on the wrong train, it is your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that you’re on the wrong path in life.

If you have this dream, then it’s time to reassess the road you are journeying on. It could also be the right time to stop chasing the wrong ideas or goals and make some tough decisions.

17. Dream About an Empty Train

There are often times when we feel lonely or when we experience sadness because we believe there is no one to support us. During such situations, it can be common to dream about an empty train.

Such a dream can mean that you are about to have conflicts with or in your family, or perhaps you might experience isolation from your close friends.

18. Dream About a Train Passing By

Dream About a Train Passing By

Dreaming of a train passing by should make you happy as it signifies that something positive is about to happen in your life soon. While this could come in the form of spiritual development, it can also mean that you will get the chance to fulfill your goals.

People who have such dreams might also experience an upgrade in their social standing.

19. Dream About a Train Getting Delayed

If you find yourself rethinking a particular choice or decision, then you could dream about a train getting delayed. It entails that you must analyze your decisions carefully, as they could have major consequences. Therefore, give it a good amount of thought before making a final decision.

20. Dream About Trying to Catch a Train

Dream About Trying to Catch a Train

When you dream about trying to catch a train, it’s a sign that you must face the current difficulties in your life before you can move ahead. It can also mean that fresh improvements are on their way that could fill your life with happiness.

The dream can signify potential development and growth for you and also point out your own strength.

21. Dream About Observing Someone on a Train

Observing another individual on a train might be a way of viewing your own sexuality. It is an indication of how passionate you are and that it’s time to accept your passionate personality without feeling ashamed.

Such dreams can also indicate a person’s sexual preferences.

22. Dream About a Train Filled with Baggage

Dream About a Train Filled with Baggage

Baggage often means having to carry something, even if it feels heavy. In the same way, dreaming about a train that is full of baggage means that you might have to take on the responsibility of your friends and family sometime soon.

Chances are that your loved ones are going through a rough time, and you will have to help them out in the near future.

23. Dream About Stepping Inside a Train

Getting inside a train often means going somewhere new, and dreaming about stepping inside a train can mean that changes are about to greet you soon. While most of these changes will be good and positive, time will show you the impact these changes have on your current lifestyle.


What does it mean if I dream about a fast train?

When you dream about a fast train, it means that you will have to go against your own beliefs to achieve your goals.

What does it signify to dream about being on a train with someone?

If you dream about being on a train with someone, it means that new possibilities are about to knock on your doorstep soon.

What is the significance of dreaming about a train that isn’t running on a track?

If you dream about a train that isn’t running on a track, it means that you don’t have proper guidance in your life right now.


The mind is an extremely interesting and complex organ. Nothing it does is ever without reason, and the same goes for the dreams it conjures for us human beings.

This is why if you ever find yourself having a recurring dream, it’s possibly time to dig deeper into it. For the ones who have been dreaming about trains, go through the scenarios listed above and find out what your dream is trying to tell you.

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