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The Biblical Meaning of Snakes in Dreams

Dream interpretations are fascinating and personal to the dreamer. They offer insight into life by strengthening the connection to the subconscious. Being unique to every individual, dreams can be concluded in multiple ways if given the time and devotion. And in the case of snake dreams? Whoof! You’ll be blown away by the commonly known interpretations.

Another exciting aspect that we encounter in our daily life is the species of snakes. Strong, vibrant, and life-threatening if provoked, these creatures have varying symbolisms even in dreams.

Discerning the meanings, your dreams whispered while you were asleep is no easy task, even more, if that dream included a tiny colorful snake. But fret not because we will read about all the possible biblical meanings of snakes in dreams.

Read ahead to decipher how deep your dreams dive when it comes to advice and warning signs applicable to real life, and decode the varying spectrums dreams related to snakes can have.

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Biblical Meaning Of Snakes In Dreams

Dreaming of snakes is very often an indicator of negative energies and holds an ominous significance. But in addition to chaos, evil, and the underworld, they also represent fertility, healing, and life.

Snakes are an important symbolic part of the Bible, and if you are afraid of snakes in real life, a snake dream can be of extreme value for you.

In a way, you can say they are the material formation of all the bottled-up emotions accumulated over time. These emotions can range anywhere from fear, anxiety, temptation, and sometimes even anger.

The Old and The New Testaments of the Bible establish snakes as a crucial deciding factor in dream interpretations. Therefore, it wouldn’t harm to know some intricacies of their biblical references.

Here are some biblical themes associated with snakes:

#1. Temptation And Deception

The most well-known biblical snake is the serpent that tempted Eve. The story of Genesis and The New Testaments affirm the temptation of Eve eating the forbidden fruit to be caused by a serpent. It resulted in the origin of the first sin or at least the first sin in human history.

Hence, snakes have been related to temptation ever since. They are likely a sign of a test held against your faith in God. By being the symbolic representation of temptation, snakes have negative connotations attached to them, such as the desire to sin.

Thus if you dream of snakes, it could be due to a fight that’s happening in your practical life, and some possible scenarios of that are:

  •  Questioning beliefs because of hard times in personal life from illness or poverty.
  • Wariness because of a deceitful person in life. They may be trying to tempt you to do something sinful or aiming at taking advantage of you.
  •  Standing at crossroads, making a decision that will make you face new realities. Similar to how Adam and Eve faced a new reality after being banished from the Garden of Eden.
  • Experiencing feelings of embarrassment and shame. This event can be related to how Adam and Eve felt in their nakedness after they tasted the fruit from the tree of knowledge.

Wanting to avoid being drawn into social or political issues if they aren’t directly concerned with you.

#2. The Devil’s Representation

Snakes are associated with the devil in numerous mythologies, mainly because in the story of Genesis, Satan disguised as a snake led to the downfall of Adam and Eve. Several religious and spiritual interpreters acknowledge dreams with snakes as signs of evil forces disturbing your aura.

Specifically, the fear of the unknown, the unpredictability of the situation can be the primary cause of a detrimental disturbance or revelation about something you didn’t know you feared.

By upsetting your emotional balance, these evil forces intervene in your life. The scripture Ephesians 6:12, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the power of this dark world,” clearly shows the inner struggle you may undergo when fighting the evil forces that are trying to overpower you.

In the New Testament, John the Baptist named the Pharisees and Sadducees “brood of vipers,” with Jesus teaching its twelve apostles to be wise as serpents.

#3. Challenging Life

As a symbol of trials and tests of life, the biblical meaning of snakes in dreams does not bear good news quite often. It can be an abstract depiction of the series of exams you will have to experience throughout life.

But it can also represent the problems one may face within their relationships with family members or the relation of their faith in God.

Even more, the negative energy influx may not allow your abilities to function to their maximum potential and lead to increasing hurdles.

Since snakes are venomous reptiles in real life, dreamers also see them as warning signals for a problem or a hazardous situation that may be approaching.

#4. Positive Snake Imagery

While the serpent of Genesis is the most famous one, it isn’t the only snake that appears in the Old Testament.

Some other biblical meanings of seeing snakes in your dreams that indicate positive aftermath are:

  • In Moses’ staff and Exodus 4:1-5, Moses asks God how the people of Israel can recognize God and believe they are undeniable without any proof.
  • After God revealed himself to Moses, they asked him to cast his shepherd’s crook down, and it became a snake. Thus, Moses ran away in fear, and God called him back later.
  • By asking to pick his rod up again, God changed it back to normal.
  • People got protection from the bites of the ‘seraphim’ and the ‘burning ones’ when Moses mounted a bronze serpent on a pole, converting it into an amulet in the wilderness.

Although, in the later stages, when this amulet became an idol in 2 Kings 18:4, King Hezekiah ordered its tear down.

Hence, snakes do not represent bad things alone. They can symbolize that God is real when your beliefs may be faltering due to a harsh situation in real life, giving you the needed motivation to keep trying.

By helping you reach the realization that your faith should be focused on God and not on idols or symbols of Christ, snake dreams can help re-center faith and provide a structure to your spiritual growth.

#5. Biblical Meaning Of A Two-Headed Snake

Dreams are a home to fantasy and possibilities that are a far cry from reality. One such fantasy you can envision is a two-headed snake. This type of snake can have a head at each end or both at one end; the dream meaning doesn’t change much.

Likewise to its description, the two-headed snake is the personification of conflict. As the two heads pull in opposite directions, you are unsure which path to pursue or which opinion to settle on.

The deceitful nature of the snake shines here, too, as the conflict could be about trusting a person. You may feel like you are being lied to, and indecision can cloud over your thoughts.

When faced with the choice to settle on a decision, doubts and confusion can flood your mind. The decision-making task could range anywhere from deciding on your future college to changing a current job.

Hearing arguments from contrasting sides can add fuel to the fire, making the unsure feeling swell.

#6. When The Snake Eats Itself

Having age-old origins, the snake eating its tail dream dates back to ancient Greek and Egyptian iconography and Christianity.

From Tutankhamun’s tomb to medieval alchemical books, it has depictions in several places. Norse mythology also has its traces in the form of the serpent Jormungandr, who circled the world.

Ouroboros, a ring with a bitten head or swallowed tail, is the term for the symbol of a two-headed snake, and it means rebirth.

But it can also symbolize independence, infinity, and wholeness. Few meanings of the snake eating itself dream can be:

  • As the concept of rebirth comes into play, it shows a cycle of eating itself, killing itself, and giving birth to itself continuously without external assistance. This feature of the Ouroboros of being in a constant state of rebirth throws light on the need to become self-reliant.
  • Additionally, it can also mean a lack of enough independence by either the family or your partner.
  • Since the Ouroboros is immortal and remains eternal and undying, dreaming of a two-headed snake can mean you harbor a fear of death, maybe for yourself or a loved one. It reveals the wish to become someone else, someone whose lifespan is lengthier and healthier.
  • Due to its eternal nature, this dream can also apprise a constant problem that plagues your days repeatedly. Instead of reaching an end and the issue getting resolved, it keeps returning in new ways.

#7. Snake Entering Houses

Dreams are unique to the dreamer, and the meaning of this dream can vary from person to person. If you are conflicted about someone lying to you, this deceitful snake can appear in your dreams.

On the other hand, the general symbolism this dream carries is of the dreamer disliking forceful people. Remember, this is relevant if you prefer to have your space and appreciate the alone-time you get to spend.

Spiritually, a snake entering your house can hint at someone who is putting you in a tough spot and making you question your faith in God.

Specific Meanings Of Snake Dreams

Apart from the broad range of themes covered above, there are plenty of dreams about snakes with minute details and actions unfolding in them.

Dream interpretations are all about minuscule evaluations, and when trying to decode a dream about snakes, the size, color, and the state in which the snake appeared matters.

Hence, here are some of the common snake dreams you may encounter:

#1.Big snake

Massive snakes are a warning flag for potential danger shortly. The peril could be at your workplace or a dwindling financial situation. It is not limited to material things and can mean faulty communication with colleagues or family members.

#2. Small snake

Especially providing more clarity, this dream acts as a sign of financial problems in the future. With hints at an expected betrayal, this dream alerts you not to trust your friends with secrets as a close person will deceive you during this period.

#3. Killing a snake

While the dream may sound gruesome, especially if you like snakes in real life, this dream is a good sign. Suggesting a period of success, both in work and privately, this dream implies a chance of victory over enemies.

You might be facing conflict for a prolonged stretch and if you had this dream, be rest assured because the hard work will bear fruits soon.

#4. Bite of a dead snake

A chief symbol of disappointment and betrayal, if you dreamt about a dead snake biting you, it could be pointing towards discontent for a friend or family member or a trusted ally. The setbacks could vary from forgivable mistakes to grave backstabs.

#5. Dead snake

Death may not have a positive outlook, but dead snakes in dreams certainly do. This snake dream offers a period of no complications, calling for a celebration, and increases productivity in future endeavors. When you dream this, feel free to enjoy a few moments of rest and recuperate.

#6. Snakes falling on you

If the dream showed you a vision of snakes falling on you, it represents inner conflicts and unresolved emotional issues. The struggles can be tenacious. But since you have been avoiding them, the dream portrays them as the cause of failure to move forward and achieve progress.

Leaving behind the past or confronting your feelings by dream journaling can be ways to advance from your current position.

#7. Snake coiling around you

Fighting negative energies and constantly charging forward is a draining task. If you dreamt about a snake coiling around your neck or any other body part, it’s an implication of weakness. The never-ending push and pull with obstacles can drain your energy and result in low self-esteem and self-confidence.

You may feel your peers are better at their job. Perceptions like that can hinder your growth and willpower from trying new things. What’s more, this dream can also symbolize a possessive emotional partner and your feelings of suffocation in the relationship.

#8. Walking through snakes

By depicting fears, when you walk through snakes in the dream world, it is equivalent to walking on fears related to death. The reasons for having such a vision are plenty, namely, poor health in recent times or someone close to you suffering from health issues.

In itself, the dream does not imply that you will face health problems in the future, but the meaning gravitates more towards your mental state. You may be thinking unreasonably, and taking a rest or reaching out for help, or communicating with your partner/family can be beneficial.

#9. Snakes And Colors

Dreaming is not limited to monotone shades, and when dreaming about snakes, their color could be versatile.

While you may not pay much attention to colors in dreams, they play a vital role when concluding meanings.

Thus, some prevailing colors of snakes and their meanings are:

  • A black snake: A black snake is a direct symbol of death. If you dream about a black snake, someone close to you is in immediate danger, and therefore taking care of your loved ones is advised.
  • White snake: White snake also represents health problems within the family, but it is less imminent than a black snake as the difficulties will not be life-threatening.
  • Gray snake: Gray snake means someone will betray you soon. Do not trust others easily and tread around carefully during this period.
  • Red snake: Red snake just like its vibrant color, encourages you to be more aggressive and straightforward in your approach, mainly because of the incoming onset of situations in life. By being a diplomat in harsh situations, you can achieve your goals quicker.


To help the dreamers uncover the mysteries of the dream world, we explained the biblical meaning of dreams about snakes. We also talked about some of the most common dream types any dreamer can encounter when a snake appears in their dream.

Snakes are related to a plethora of adverse energies. But never forget, they can also mark the beginning of a prosperous and happy period in life.

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